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Election 2008

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Bernie Sanders, former track athlete, could not quite clear his low bar. On the eve of Super Tuesday we wrote: Unlikely indeed. Elizabeth Warren is allegedly in talks with Sanders about how to combine their progressive energies to take on the establishment's centrism. Sounds like a face-saving ploy to me. With Bloomberg out, Warren staying... Read More
After it was all said and done, the partisan swapping of working-class whites for college-educated whites was the only remarkable electoral demographic realignment revealed in the 2016 presidential election. A couple of years into Trump's first term, another realignment appears to be occurring, and it is occurring among all non-Hispanics. That seminal realignment is occurring... Read More
Why it ended up in the queue has been lost in the sauce, but I'd made a note to look at how Hispanics have voted in US presidential elections by whether they racially identified as white or as some variety of non-white. Here it is. Predictably, white Hispanics are more Republican than non-white Hispanics are:... Read More
Agnostic: Perspicacity or delusion? The latter, I'll argue. Agnostic again: How long will restrictionists have to wait for Democrats to make even the most non-committal, mild gesture in the direction of immigration restriction? Rhetorical, of course. The only plausible answer is "indefinitely". There's no talk of it whatsoever among any Democrats, anywhere. The Bernie Sanders... Read More
Steve Sailer has been pointing out since at least the 2004 presidential election that the marriage gap is a bigger deal than the much more media salient gender gap. The GSS reveals that Steve's perspicacity has been descriptive extending much farther back than that, since at least 1968. Parenthetically, this is often the case with... Read More
It's commonly reported that the turnout for US midterm elections differs from presidential elections. I've always assumed this to be the case without thinking about it in anything more than a general sense. Because any type of restraint on voter participation--whether it is a legal restriction like being incarcerated at voting time or just one... Read More
The Big 5 personality traits are intriguing, but aggregate measures are often unsatisfactory. I've previously posted on the counterintuitive inverse relationship between credit scores and conscientiousness at the state level as an illustration of this. Continuing that approach, the correlations with voting and estimated IQ for each of the five factors, as measured by Jason... Read More
On Friday morning, local radio host Chris Stigall had on Arizona Senator John McCain. During the interview, Stigall asked McCain about immigration, to which the Senator responded with his newly-professed support for tougher border and interior enforcement without (immediate) legalization.Stigall then set McCain up perfectly on the Senator's 'strongest' issue, asking if he was heartened,... Read More