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East Asia

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The inestimable Sid: How worried are the Chinese about African fertility? The Han don't suffer from the same self-destructive universalistic, egalitarian impulses that Northwestern Europeans (WEIRDOs) do. China's a big country. They'll keep the dumb Africans outside the walls and everything will be fine. Illegal invasion from Africa into China is nearly impossible. The infiltrators... Read More
An understandably exacerbated Dan: My sentiments being in general agreement with Dan's, it must be pointed out that sanctions--at least against the new axis of evil--are populist! From Reuters-Ipsos polling, the percentages of Americans, by partisan affiliation, who support and who oppose sanctions on North Korea, Russia, and Iran. The balance of respondents said they... Read More
++Addition++The Wordsum distributions for Portuguese-Americans and non-Hispanic whites follow respectively. The P-A average is a slightly more than .4 standard deviations below n-H whites, suggesting an average IQ of around 93 or 94. So if those in Hawaii tend toward the lower end of the SES scale, as Jason asserts, 90 seems to fit as... Read More
++Addition++Please see the comments section for Jason Malloy's potentially devastating rebuttal to my conclusions, by way of pointing out that happiness among those with children comes primarily from marriage and not from having kids, and BGC's contention that survey data on self-described happiness is of no real value.---Crucial to Dr. Bruce G. Charlton's take on... Read More
In a voice vote, the House of Representatives passed a resolution last Sunday calling on Japan to apologize for its use of Chinese comfort women during WWII: Why in the world would we pass this? The LDP is Japan's pro-American party. It just got walloped in the Upper House, losing 28 of 242 seats. Now,... Read More