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Double standards

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Cultural Marxism, here to stay, is on full display in Indiana. "Freedom of association" is an antiquated phrase, devoid of meaning in the contemporary West. Take issue with prevailing social mores and, worse still, have the gall to openly declare as much? Prepare to become persona non grata. There are a host of quasi-religious precepts... Read More
See if you are able to detect something sinister about the following typical write-up of an up-and-coming community organizer and activist: I couldn't, but based on the tone of the entire article, I feel like there must be something terrible lurking here. And then there is this, which will surely blow your mind. It certainly... Read More
The implied guiltiness of mainstream celebrity conservatives like Sarah Palin for their 'incendiary' political rhetoric (ie, use of the verb "reload") in the Arizona shooting exposes a glaring double standard. I realize pointing out media double standards is about as novel and exciting as pointing out leftist SWPL bias on NPR, but this particular instance... Read More
The WSJ op/ed board has made a startling about-face in its treatment of Congressional immigration legislation (free here):They must be censuring Diane Feinstein for surreptitiously trying (she failed) to attach AgJOBS provisions to a war funding bill last month.Oh, whoops, that's from the board's treatment of the Lisbon Treaty vote in Ireland. I guess consistency... Read More