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By selected demographics, the following graph compares whether the disease or the putative cure is perceived to be the greater threat. The figures are arrived at by taking the percentages identifying Covid-19 as a greater risk than adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines and subtracting from it the percentages identifying the cure as a bigger... Read More
It's nothing, stop being racist against the Chinese. Hug them instead. Wash your hands and sanitize inorganic surfaces to stop the spread. Don't wear masks, they don't help. The virus is far more deadly than the flu. Not many people have it yet, but it spreads fast so if many get it, millions will die.... Read More
The subsequent graph shows percentages, by selected demographics, who view governmental stay-at-home orders to be violations of Americans' constitutional rights. "Not sure" responses are excluded, so residual values represent those who see no civil rights violations in the orders: It may be deemed necessary, but good luck getting it to square with the first amendment.... Read More
Confirmed coronavirus cases per 100,000 people as of March 31, 2020: State Cases/100k New York 389.7 New Jersey 210.5 Louisiana 112.7 Massachusetts 95.2 Michigan 76.4 Connecticut 72.1 District of Columbia 70.1 Washington 68.1 Illinois 47.0 Rhode Island 46.1 Colorado 45.6 Vermont 41.0 Pennsylvania 38.8 Nevada 36.1 Georgia 35.3 Delaware 32.8 Indiana 32.1 Mississippi 31.5 Florida... Read More
The correlation between state per capita residents of Chinese descent and the per capita coronavirus caseload excluding people who have been repatriated from Wuhan or from the Princess Diamond cruise ship is a modest .40 with Hawaii--a natural quarantine--excluded and just .09 with the Aloha state included. The former is a modest but statistically significant... Read More
That's what 1-in-7 American adults think it is: Unfortunately more detailed cross tabs are unavailable, but there is a clear divide on the left between white liberals and non-whites. The former realize the severity of the virus. Those who were virtue-signalling that concern about a potential pandemic was racist a month ago are not doing... Read More