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Have an opinion, no matter how uniformed: Since even Republicans think quantity has a quality of its own, it goes without saying that felons should be able to vote. Non-citizens, too. And kids. Not just teenagers, but eight year-olds as well. They're sure to vote for more candy and more Minecraft: An interesting hypothetical poll... Read More
Please provide links to videos, stories, and data on instances of American democracy dying in darkness in 2020 in the comments. We'd like to curate as exhaustive a post on *ahem* irregularities as possible in a forthcoming release. This is a non-partisan request. Post them irrespective of which candidate or party they appear to benefit.... Read More
WaPo's motto: Democracy Dies in Darkness. From R-I, the percentages of respondents who say they are either "not very confident" or "not at all confident" about elections in the US being "accurate and legitimate": Credit where credit is due! Not unrelatedly: The contemporary US is an empire. It is not a republic and it is... Read More