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Reflecting on the 2012 presidential election, Half Sigma writes:The Edison exit polls, paid for and reported on by the major media, didn't query voters on abortion at the state level, but Reuters has the information. The following shows the public split on the legality of abortion in the nine tightest swing states as well as... Read More
After at least $170 billion in government money to prop up a financial and insurance conglomerate so big that the implosion of the global economic network was assured to follow its downfall, Congress votes to slash performance compensation for AIG employees by 85%.So when the well-being of the company's shareholders and customers rested on their... Read More
Barnes and Noble, illustrative of the new wider trend in the markets at large, announced expected earnings for 2007 to be more than 25% below Wall Street expectations. The bookseller, regionally out of the ZGD stronghold of Ann Arbor, witnessed firsthand how providing an encriching, educational environment doesn't necesarily turn East St. Louis into, well,... Read More