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Find them on Facebook and Twitter!--as if these two are the Coke and the Pepsi of the social networking world. More like the Coke and the 7UP, actually. Google trends on searches for the terms "facebook" and "twitter", respectively, with "youtube" added in for additional perspective: Over half of all US adults have Facebook accounts.... Read More
As ridiculed as the slippery slope argument against same-sex marriage (polygamous/incestuous/bestial marriages will be next) has been by its proponents, there aren't many serious reasons to maintain that the definition of legal marriage will then, having expanded to include those of the same sex, stay put forever after. And so the institution will reclinate back... Read More
++Addition++OneSTDV responds, pointing out that "pride" is not a semantically ideal descriptor for what might be better characterized as gay self-assertion. Gay pride parades are not billed as a celebration of the artistic commitments of gays (thanks for reducing putative supermodels to emaciates objectively less attractive than many of the next door girls I know!),... Read More
A few months ago, Inductivist showed that blacks rate themselves as more intelligent than other racial groups do. This presents a problem for the cultural explanation that underachieving stereotyping and low self-esteem depress black performance. If anything, blacks need a more sobering culture that checks their relative cognitive hubris.He also notices an interesting interplay:He arrives... Read More