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One of the worst boomercon takes during the runup to the 2020 presidential election was that Joe Biden was the antifa and BLM candidate. It may have been an electorally useful tactic--though not useful enough--but in terms of truth value, there isn't much. To assume they have a candidate is to fundamentally misunderstand what those... Read More
Some 11% of poll respondents say they have had "a close friend" die from COVID-19. With the formal count at 173,000 deaths nationwide, this implies the average American has 218 close friends. Impressive! Dunbar's number BTFO. Wha? No, no, I'm not a loser, I didn't say just the other day that I had three close... Read More
Hey, hey, I don't give a good damn, I'm just pointing it out, bigot! I do facts, not feelings, okay? You got that, you garbage human beings?! I'm done talking now. Can't you see I'm with my family?
Thin gruel, but 2018 is the first time the survey has ever asked about pets and since I took a look I may as well share the results: Dog owners are about 35% more likely to be conservative than to be liberal, while cat owners are marginally more likely to be liberal than to be... Read More
Heartiste on rootlessness and ideological identification: Something is better than nothing. In this case, the something leaves plenty to be desired--but hey, it's something. The GSS asks respondents where they lived at age 16 in addition to tracking where they live at the time of survey participation. In both cases it is only by Census... Read More
Heartiste on Kanye West running off the plantation: Kanye has a huge following. Whether it presages a lasting shift in the sentiments of black men or is just a momentary blip, the initial movement is hard to ignore. For the week ending April 22nd, Trump's Reuters-Ipsos polling approval (with "mixed feelings" discounted) among black men... Read More
Steve Sailer on tunnels of oppression: I wasn't alone in noticing a similar pattern in market brands on display at commercial breaks during the Super Bowl: With one exception mentioned below, the anti-white messaging from these giants was devoi
They're thinking about it: So Vox Day is justified in doing the same: The GSS has (at least) five questions that potentially provide some insight into why Jews appear to be heavily overrepresented among the sexually overambitious. The questions don't get into the sort of criminal harassment and abuse that some of the "predators" are... Read More
++Addition++Heartiste has a lot to add. --- In response to GSS data showing that criminals get more tail than those who follow the law do, Jig Bohnson wonders if it is merely a consequence of people at the bottom of society in general both rutting more and ending up in the slammer more: The question... Read More
Junior, who wields the social media rapier exceptionally well, captures why Gen Z is going to be quite problematic for the cultural commissars indeed: A theme revisited frequently here is that being on the left in The Current Year means spending all your time and energy coming up with different ways to say "that is... Read More
In this week's installment of the Power Hour, the blog's sole proprietor does a segment touching on church attendance in the West, noting that outside of a couple peripheral Catholic countries like Poland and Ireland, active Christianity is dead in Europe. Moribundity is beckoning in the US, too, though we're a generation or so behind... Read More
The percentage of GSS respondents who have ever "expressed political views on the internet", by political orientation (n = 1,203, the question was posed for the first time in 2014): Orientation %Expressed Liberal 32.4 Moderate 18.0 Conservative 20.6 This isn't just the result of people tending to become more conservative as they get older and... Read More
It's been impossible not to notice the visceral negative reactions among leftists on social media sites and the like to the recent Rolling Stone cover showing the younger tax-eating terrorist from crapistan who helped set off bombs in Boston. We're talking about marathons in Massachusetts, not skeet shooting in Chattanooga--SWPLs were really upset by the... Read More
Given the utter lack of national media attention devoted to this story out of Phoenix, I'm not surprised to only be reading about it in the Steveosphere a week after it happened: As Blode explains, this case is quite similar to the Trayvon Martin one, except that in the Taco Bell tussle, the victim--a mentally-disabled... Read More
Agnostic has a post up where he ridicules the taboo against spoilers as a sign of deterioration in entertainment, an increasing vapidity among those who take it in, or both. It strikes me as a sensible response to a changing media landscape, as I tried to flesh out in the comments, which are reprinted here:I... Read More
The forces of feminization and multiculturalism are said to have deballed white men. We are now popularly portrayed now as lumbering buffoons, far removed from the more traditional images of hard-working, self reliant pillars of modern civilization. But we're still the ones who earn the money that fuels the the consumer economy, and marketers target... Read More
OneSTDV points to an incident in the stands during the US Open last Thursday. Here are the two relevant videos: OneSTDV's take on the thing: That's not my perception of what went down. He insinuates that this is illustrative of how American men have become increasingly 'beta' over time, but I wonder at what point... Read More
++Addition++In the comments, n/a writes the following: --- Agnostic had a great post a couple of months back on Google search suggestions filling out what has been entered up to that point. He looked at variations of "why are guys/girls ..." Rather than rehash it here, give it a read if you haven't yet done... Read More
I recently got into a dispute with a friend over whether or not Skyler was primarily a boy's or a girl's name. Based on my own experience, I told her that the reason she thought of it as a girl's name was purely anecdotal; I, on the other hand, was not so subjective (of course!).Of... Read More
- I'm not aware of any reason to suspect Armando Galarraga is not a naturally gracious and understanding athlete, but what I do suspect is that on the long road of sports history, umpire Jim Joyce's blown call will accentuate Galarraga's profile, not diminish it. Twenty pitchers have thrown perfect games, and over the last... Read More
Last December, the Pew Hispanic Center released a report entitled "Between Two Worlds: How Young Latinos* Come of Age in America". For those with an interest in the future socio-cultural environment of the US, there is plenty to think about. Following are a few words on some of those things.Steve Sailer has observed that subsequent... Read More
In today's NPR morning news cycle, Elena Kagan's nomination was described as heralding the first instance in US' history of three women simultaneously sitting on the bench of the Supreme Court.Seriously.It. Will. Never. End.
Half Sigma has previously discussed blogger Peter's working theory on how some activities invariably come to be classified as nerdy while others do not. Concisely put, non-athletic activities not traditionally regarded as masculine that are primarily participated in by men are nerdy.That strikes me as a pretty good description, but as I'll get to below,... Read More
Fat Knowledge previously posted on a site gauging the "walk score" of several cities. The formula is actually pretty complex, but in short, the closer things you'd usually drive to are to one another, the higher the walkability. My first thought was that this might be a chichi way of ranking cities based on population... Read More
In several recent posts, I've used the GSS' data on Wordsum scores to estimate IQ for various things. Steve Sailer admonishes me to be cautious in relying on the quick vocabularly test as an accurate measure of intelligence:The only thing I can think to do is to separat
The NMSU study reporting that bad boys get more girls has been a post subject at several sites I regularly visit. The unfounded conclusion some have reached is that women find bad boys more attractive than good guys. Maybe, but this study doesn't prove it. There are several reasons to be skeptical:- What is the... Read More
Steve Sailer posted part of a neat (unweighted) table on the Democratic demographics of Super Tuesday's vote. With virtually all of the votes now tallied, we can get at the nationwide (well, of the states that have gone thus far, anyway) numbers by major demographic characteristics for the two Democratic frontrunners.The numbers aren't flawless. Most... Read More
++Addition++Always eager to do my part (and have plenary indulgences, er, credits, granted on my behalf, if you happen to be reading, Mr. Vice President!), I've 'created' a green fitness machine. The control panel on my treadmill just died. It appears to be something electrical. I decided to use it anyway, moving the tread with... Read More
To clear up any potential confusion, in playing around with movie releases from 2005, unless otherwise noted I've been using total box office receipts rather than absolute profitability in judging a movie's success, as that is what the media care about. It is the metric used in determining a film's popularity. Although an adjustment for... Read More
The 'provocative' Folsom Street Fair official poster brings to mind the question of why leading figures of the 'gay rights' movement so consistently confirm putatively negative stereotypes about the gay lifestyle (the event isn't explicitly gay-oriented, but gay men comprise the bulk of those participating). Imagine if a group of La Raza council members publicly... Read More
After reading Al Fin's post on the rising neoteny of Western youth and Agnostic's post on "Category X-ers", I feel a bit ashamed to banter at length about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, TMNT. But with a limitless number of entertainment and information sources available today, the number of national sensations continues to... Read More
++Addition++Steve Sailer weighs in.---As a follow-up to a post on movie box office performance, I grouped films from 2005 by their respective genres to see if criticism became more useful this way. Or at least I tried to group them by genre. Nearly every movie is billed as belonging to multiple genres. How do you... Read More
Humans are social creatures. Our desire to fit in has obvious evolutionary and sociological advantages. That can be for better or worse. Jumping off a cliff, not so good. Respecting yourself because of Alicia Silverstone's portrayed self-respect, better. Our girth may be similarly open to peer influence: The cause-or-effect question is relevant here. Tubsters are... Read More
Black people are losing the civil war. Three little-known realities of the black urban core: - Civilized blacks want to get the hell out. By civilized, I mean what you think I mean. I'm being unapologetically ethnocentric. People you can communicate with, who are willing to communicate with you without a ridiculously exaggerated sense of... Read More
The Live Earth marathon that is currently taking place has been a target for radio personalities on the right, especially among neoconservatives like Mark Levin and Rusty Humphries (if they're to be considered right-leaning). Why be bothered by the concert series? The event has some big corporate sponsors like Pepsi and Philips. The greening of... Read More
Time never cares just what we do/it just sits on a star and gazes down... And shores up the reputations of American Presidents. Parapundit's Randall Parker posted recently on Bush's honored status as runner-up for the most disapproved of President in US history. It's hard to argue with that. In his defense, though, time tends... Read More
About a month ago, Fat Knowledge posted on a study investigating how big hits in entertainment are determined. In a nutshell, the authors conclude that early buzz begets more buzz--the cumulative-advantage theory in action. The study separated participants into different "worlds" without overlap. All songs in each world started with zero downloads, but once downloading... Read More
In a recent post dealing with the online popularity of Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, Randall Parker remarked:That certainly struck me as plausible. People who are largely oblivious to politics still tend to have a general idea of what separates those who call themselves "liberals" from those who call themselves "conservatives". But... Read More
Watching an episode from the Simpsons-esque OJ Simpson spoof series, fittingly entitled the OJ Simpsons, with my younger brother, his probing questions brought the murder trial up. Reminiscing on the day the verdict was announced in my elementary school cafeteria, I could answer little.Digging around a little, we were struck by the incompetence of the... Read More
Honest left-leaning sources are invaluable in that they are less susceptible to relentless media marginalization or destruction campaigns. The Pew Research Center is one such source. Last week it released the findings of a survey on public knowledge of current affairs.Fat Knowledge touts the finding that viewers of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report... Read More
Watching pundits and partisans spin the Virginia Tech incident in forty different ways has been exhausting.Generally, it's a political draw. The left 'wanted' (once the atrocity was known but the shooter's identity still concealed) a white kid who'd been brought up in a pro-NRA household. The right wanted a Middle Eastern exchange student. A South... Read More
The Imus story highlights a murkiness that dwells in the back of my mind whenever omertas on speech involving unassailables, especially blacks and Jews, comes into play. Al Sharpton hosted Imus, giving the aging eccentric the opportunity to boast an apology and allowing Sharpton to do what Sharpton does.I want to know why Sharpton's unctuous... Read More
The top two Presidential campaign fundraisers for the first quarter of 2007:Hillary Clinton: $26 millionBarack Obama: $25 millionCursed nation, oppressively keeping the doors of opportunity closed to women and minorities. Well, at least the political arena is based exclusively on merit, unlike the entrenched subjectivity, celebrity, and furtive personal and social agendas that go into... Read More
The WSJ/NBC poll referenced in the previous post contains another bit of interesting information. The pollsters probed for potential novel attributes of Bush's successor that gave the survey participants concern.Despite all the hoopla that's being made over a prospective black President, the American public is quite comfortable with the idea. It's the well-behaved, innocuous followers... Read More
The Good Book is going to get a good look down in Georgia: I'm stultified by the controversy surrounding this move by the Georgia Board of Education. The Bible is the best-selling book in the world, with a 600% lead on the runner-up. It is nearly impossible to understand the last two millenia of human... Read More
An Asian pundit has learned that the license to say anything is only extended to certain minority groups that target certain other groups, ethnic or otherwise. Blacks are off limits. Even if you're Asian. When black Doctor and Professor Kamau Kambon called for the extermination of whites, his genocidal predilections didn't make it to the... Read More