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  August 7th, six days from now. Tap your social networks. Make it easy for them.
John McCain is more popular among Democrats than he is among Republicans (contemporary binary poll, N = 12,644): The 800-pound black pill in the graph is that these figures are above 50% across the board. McCain, like Hillary Clinton, combines the worst aspects of left-wing progressivism and right-wing progressivism together into a (hopefully moribund) bituminous... Read More
In case Principled Conservatism's capitulation on same-sex marriage wasn't convincing enough, the following graph shows support for marijuana legalization, by political orientation, over time (three-year rolling average; N = 32,371): Conservatives are as supportive of legalization today as liberals were during Bill Clinton's second term. The Respectable Right couldn't even conserve women's restrooms. Standing athwart... Read More
Trump lost the outer Swamp* 31.8%-68.2 to Clinton (in a two-way race). Gillespie lost the outer Swamp by a nearly identical 31.9%-68.1% to Northam. The outer Swamp represents nearly one-third of the state's total electorate. Trump won the rest of the state by 6.6 points, 53.3%-46.7%. Gillespie won it by a narrower 2.4 points, 51.2%-48.8%.... Read More
The following graph shows the percentage of the American electorate that was foreign-born in each presidential election going back to 1992. Quantity has a quality of its own: If Pelosi's pals have their way, the percentage will rocket into the double-digits. We can't make up the margin on volume and we can't make up the... Read More
More evidence supporting Ben Shapiro's assertion that skin color doesn't matter--it's ideology that does! Opinions of O.J. Simpson (n = 2,988): That black support for Simpson is more than three greater than white support for him has nothing to do with skin color per se. It's the consequence of an unfortunate belief--ideology, if you will--in... Read More
Here's Ben Shapiro's silly assertion again: In obliterating it as decisively as possible, the insinuation of data cherry-picking was made. That's fair enough. Since Shapiro's statement struck me as so self-evidently false, the intention was to quickly show it as such. We won't have access to the 2016 presidential election results until the Spring of... Read More
When it comes to Israel the US, Ben Shapiro is color-blind. He explains: "Color doesn't matter. Ideology does." Hmm, let's evaluate that. How pro-life blacks and whites voted in 2012: Oops. Let's try among blacks and whites opposed to same-sex marriage: Well darn. How about blacks and whites opposed to income redistribution: Ben's not licked... Read More
It's time for a new Anti-Imperialist League that is as ideologically and politically diverse as the one that opposed America's experiment in the Philippines over a century ago. It included bedfellows as strange as railroad magnate Andrew Carnegie and labor leader Samuel Gompers. There is a bipartisan Establishment effort to reignite the cold war with... Read More
A SurveyUSA poll has Trump up by seven in the tar heel state. The poll contains a few potentially huge indicators of a Trump winning the presidency if they scale nationally.- Among blacks, Hillary's lead is only 84%-14%, and 72% of Trump's blacks supporters say they are voting for him "enthusiastically"; 65% of Hillary's blacks... Read More
Pence is from the cuck corridor. German Midwestern niceness doesn't mesh well with Trump's unapologetic pugilistic virility. Pence endorsed Cruz in the primaries, too, so this is a sort of olive branch to those supporters. Pence is a cookie cutter Conservative, Inc pol. He complements Trump's weaknesses among traditional Republicans.Gingrich is all style and no... Read More
Mara Liasson, who has spent most of the last year smugly missing the mark, hit the bullseye yesterday in an article with the descriptive title "Trump Just Gave The Speech Republicans Have Been Waiting 20 Years To Hear". I couldn't agree more. This is Pat Buchanan with even more moxie, with independent wealth, and without... Read More
National Review reports that David French isn't running for president. Rich Lowry somberly remarks that French's decision was faced with integrity and patriotism. Bill Kristol is encouraging French to pass the torch to someone like Lindsey Graham or Carly Fiorina. Yawn. Here's French's most (in)famous tweet: Conservative Pundit (@DemsRRealRacist), prior to his character boarding the... Read More
; or why the left fears and loathes Trump but isn't threatened by Ted:
Gavin Bledsoe via Twitter: Sigh. Here we go again. Results from tonight (with 99% of votes in), first among college graduates: And then among those earning at least six-figures: And from Reuters-Ipsos' most recent national daily tracking poll among Republican college graduates earning at least $100,000 per year:
Using official results and exit polling data for the nine states* that held their primaries yesterday, the distribution of self-identified ideologically moderate voters among the top three GOP candidates: Moderates made up one-in-five (19.7%) voters across these nine states. Compare this to candidate shares of total votes received among the four still in the race... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos recently added a daily tracking poll querying participants on who they'd pick in a three-way race between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Among Republicans, the results shake out like this: And among independents/third-party members: As a Trumpian, I was initially apprehensive about too much of the field dropping out after the first few states had... Read More
Jack Cashill, a fantastic investigative journalist who has turned up a lot of big stories that would've otherwise gone unnoticed, is my favorite cuckservative. But a cuckservative he is: Because liberals are the real racists. One upshot of this trend is that a higher percentage of white Americans will be able to run for office... Read More