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Lowe on how the overclass has weaponized wokeism to the detriment of just about everybody else: Some do realize it. But there is little they can do with that realization. They are arguably even more susceptible to Wokeist attacks than those on the right are. There are only so many Dave
Forget fraud, Indiana Jack points out the potential ramifications of many incorrectly completed mail-in ballots being disqualified. This presumably at a higher rate than in-person voting which enjoys a comparative lack of distractions, an automated ballot review, and poll workers to assist voters:
Twinkie on how that which has so much influence its influence cannot be pointed out is probably the most influential of all: If Trump were a tyrannical dictator, nobody would be able to get away with calling him one. If so-called white privilege was beneficial, non-whites would be trying to pass as white to cash... Read More
Nebulafox on a crucial distinction between Occident and Orient: The West wasn't afraid of physics so the 20th century was the Western century. The West is afraid of genetics, though, and the Chinese are not, so we have another reason to believe the 21st will be the Chinese century. On the other hand, I suspect... Read More
The 21st will be the Chinese century. Nebulafox on a few reasons why: In the case of China, the true believer democracy-enthusiasts simply do not have the power to override the deep financial dealings that our bipartisan elites (this is far from limited to the wokesters, just look at McConnell’s wife) have with the Chinese... Read More
Elmer's Washable School Glue provides profundity on the problem of abortion: Athletic and Whitesplosive sees the seemingly sudden collapse of the Soviet Union as analogously relevant to the state of the American Union, the context being in response to the assertion that political dissolution cannot happen here because the nation's power centers won't allow it... Read More
Sharing the COTW consulship, dfordoom raises an objection familiar to proponents of American political dissolution: I’m unsure of how political dissolution leads to "Whitestan" (or Whiteland, to hew closer to its cultural antecedents and has already been imagined in the future). The closest thing to an active independence movement in the US is explicitly multiracial.... Read More
216's COTW suggests a more palatable term for political dissolution than "secession": It will be especially rhetorically effective with Biden as president. His signature foreign policy plan in the late aughts was to softly partition Iraq into three federalized states so each could function effectively on its own instead of trying to force three separate... Read More
Tom Schmidt's COTW: There is a big difference between this extorted wealth and the productive capacity that deteriorates as a consequence of receiving it. Swiping your credit card in return for consumer goods and services is a nice way to live while it lasts, but it induces a habituation of living beyond your means. When... Read More
COTW from nebulafox on where the real power center of the modern Democrat party lies: After the GOP transitions into a perennial minority opposition party following this November's elections, the progressive wing of the ruling party will begin its process of pulling away from the neo-liberal establishment in earnest. While the progressives are still outnumbered... Read More
The COTW consulship begins with Dissident on equality of outcome and equality of opportunity: Diversity, liberty, or equality: Choose one. Or radically decentralize political power and maybe, just maybe, the first two can be simultaneously enjoyed. And if some of those localized polities want to heavily emphasize the third, it's conceivable we might have all... Read More
From DanHessinMD, the L(ink)OTW: Cutting to the chase, the working conclusion is that low relative humidity of indoor air is a big contributor in increasing the severity of the disease. This conceivably explains why cases remain high but reported mortality is much lower than was the case a few months ago. I've little to add... Read More
COTW is one of many from a very thought-provoking comment thread about 20th century European leaders. In response to a brief for the most notorious figure in Western history, Talha writes: The second World War was the most civilizationally catastrophic civil war in human history, one we continue to pay a heavy toll for today.... Read More
Nodwink on how the appearance of divided government is what the Uniparty prefers on account of it adding an extra layer of discord to keep the public at each other's throats instead of the Uniparty's: Interesting, though I suspect the perceived optimal arrangement to be the inverse--Democrats take the Senate, extend their advantage in the... Read More
DforDoom is true to his handle: There has been nothing like a massive backlash in South Africa, and the situation is far more dire there. On the other hand, the Afrikaners are facing hard repression. That's not the case in America, where things are by necessity softer. If the hundreds of millions of Americans who... Read More
RSDB kicks off the COTW with some reactionary fire: Nebulafox on the millennial mind, anxious and insecure: Problems feel more existential if your relationship with authority all your life has been a passive-aggressive mix of awed respect and loathing, mainly stemming from a mix of the random capriciousness of the system and consciousness of the... Read More
Okay, that's where he spends most of his time. Though my intellectual GI is still digesting it, the entree is worth a bite: A lot of the public outrage over the deaths of George Floyd and this Brooks fellow is not really about them at all. BLM is capitalizing on the public mood shift of... Read More
COTW gets rolling with Wency: If cutting off engagement is too much, consider striking a balance by not funding those who hate you. With regards to the specific subje
Three-part COTW starts off with indocon on Trump's modus operandi, that of speaking loudly and carrying a tiny twig: Because of his rhetoric, the left thinks he's a dictator and they plan to calibrate their vengeance accordingly, while his supporters have nothing of substance to show for it. Buzz Mohawk on America's coronakari: The cost... Read More
COTW triangle choke, beginning with Hacienda's straightforward observation: Anarcho-tyranny reigns even when it comes to dealing with left wing street demonstrations. The looters and assaulters are allowed to rampage with near impunity while the protesters get pepper sprayed and arrested. The upshot is both the police and the peaceful protesters end up getting a bad... Read More
UK's COTW: Yes, it is fundamentally immoral (a word I do not use ever) that the S&P 500 should be so fully secured by the state that it can be at its record high from equity super-boom October of just last year. It really is a case of playing at the casino, keeping your winnings... Read More
If immigration was the $100 bill Donald Trump picked up off the sidewalk in 2016, nebulafox describes the $1,000 bill still lying there: Wency on the closest thing to immortality life offers us: The problem with saying, “We have no hope, so we’re having no kids” is that kids ARE the hope. Without kids, life... Read More
COTW from 216: It's a variation on the prediction often echoed here that Sulla is on the way. On the other hand, a popular groundswell of anger--the manifestation of which will dwarf the size and scope of both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street combined--is on the horizon. Its primary target will be the... Read More
COTW from DanHessinMD: The combative righteousness will repulse some. That's understandable. Personally, I appreciate candor even when I'm not in agreement with it. That said, is Dan onto something regarding religiosity and attitudes towards coronavirus? None of the polling I've seen has broken down attitudes towards coronavirus and the societal response by religious affiliation or... Read More
COTW from nebulafox: How could the coronavirus be leveraged to this end, that of allowing those who want to work hard and to work honestly to support a family with dignity? The Fed and Treasury have pledged as much monetary and fiscal stimulus as it takes to get through this crisis--a crisis that is going... Read More
COTW two-fer, starting with an anecdote from Jay Fink: These unemployment-plus benefits are in place through July. Does anyone think that, three months out from the general election, anyone from either party is going to oppose extending them through the end of the year, or of even making them permanent? If we wanted to conjure... Read More
This week's COTW duo is especially self-serving. Twinkie soberly urges patience and caution: It's obvious China has been underreporting its numbers for several weeks--even after adding around 1,500 Wuhan coronavirus deaths to the country's total death count, the number of confirmed cases remained unchanged. The cases had been identified from the beginning but no one... Read More
The COTW consulship includes Jay Fink: Whether it be immigration restriction or government wealth redistribution, the best way to increase white support is to focus on fairness. For immigration, that means a moratorium. For wealth redistribution, that means UBI. Charles Murray was a couple of decades early, Andrew Yang was a couple of years so,... Read More
COTW consulship from songbird on words meaning things: A corollary to this, to the extent that it is not already practiced, is to ignore and dismiss out of hand the Hitler fanboys, whether they be unironic or allegedly ironic. The other comes from Intelligent Dasein: All of this stuff is very close to becoming a... Read More
Tom Schmidt: The pandemic presents a perfect power-grabbing opportunity for Woke Capital, and Woke Capital won't pass the opportunity up. When activity is brought to a standstill, the family-owned diner and the auto repair shop partnership have enough cash on hand to last a few weeks. Beyond that and the disruption to cash flow becomes... Read More
COTW is a twofer--sagacious eloquence from Mark G.: And not Trump the Transformative but rather Trump the Transitional from nebulafox: let’s look beyond Trump for a little while: he’s not important in the long run. What is important is the fact that the GOP is now the populist party now, whether they want to be... Read More
The COTW consulship gets underway with Almost Missouri: The question is what becomes of the Democrat party when the last of their grandfathered old white cisgendered men retire and some faction's intraparty champion must wear the party mantle. Wency on military imperialism and the coalition of the center: It seems to me that American imperialism... Read More
UK leads off the COTW triumvirate by addressing how, in a party ostensibly more woke in 2020 than in 2016 and certainly than in 2008, the nomination has come down to two geriatric heterosexual white men so old the "ok boomer" meme doesn't apply--because both are pre-boomers: Responding to the same issue, dfordoom offers a... Read More
COTW triumvirate's triumphant return begins with songbird: As we've brought up previously, there are a couple of ways the sexbot revolution could be salubrious for men. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. One way is by alleviating thirst. Having an abundance mentality mindset is Game 101. A successful business negotiator negotiates... Read More
A COTW twofer this time. Cloudbuster gives a lively Econ 101 refresher on the consequences of price floors: As the wage floor moves up, the IQ ceiling comes down. The old horse-and-buggy response is irrelevant, and not just because the specifics are antiquated. A buggy maker who was put out of work could go find... Read More
Humbly asking for your indulgence to riff on the same COTW topic from a week ago. From Twinkie: The cat is out of the bag. It's not going back in without violence and destructi
Returning to the consul system, the COTW present a unified front, advocating for honest conversations, made and received in good faith, about things that matter. Twinkie: The prevaricators aren't lying in the service of social harmony. They are fomenting discord by propping up superstitions about human nature, the inevitable consequence of which is growing mistrust,... Read More
Intelligent Dasein's COTW on interests disguising themselves as principles and why this bodes poorly for the prospects of working-class (and middle-class) whites:
Forget the consul system, the COTW is a tetrarchy this time around. Mr. Rational's succinct reworking of the concept of anarcho-tyranny: Arclight makes a pitch for self-discipline as a forgotten virtue that will be abruptly remembered when the long summer finally comes to an end: We live in an extremely decadent society, in which self... Read More
COTW comes from 216 in response to MikeatMikedotMike on a question I often find myself pondering--does the quotidian degeneracy of the contemporary Western world have to bust through institutions and organizations standing in opposition to it like a battering ram against a fortified gate, or does it merely lean up against rotted wooden planks and... Read More
COTW from JohnnyWalker123: It doesn't require much in the way of imagination anymore. It is an environment conducive for electing a Democratic Socialist. though. Throw in the coming siege of the sexbots and pregnancy won't stand a chance: And another perfectly succinct one from SFG: The latter sentence would have sounded hyperbolic even five years... Read More
COTW is originally from SSC but made it's way here via Anatoly Karlin, the silver standard in journalism on human intelligence. Scott Alexander wrote this in the Fall of 2016: One more warning for conservatives who still aren’t convinced. If the next generation is radicalized by Trump being a bad president, they’re not just going... Read More
Dissident gathers several strains of perspicacity together for the COTW: Yes, exactly! There is absolutely no comparison– on both counts. It’s night and day. Apples to elephants. I commend you as well as Talha and anyone else I may have missed at the moment who made this point. The infernal abyss that the vaunted blessings... Read More
COTW from an anon in response to polling data revealing the Republican electorate to be considerably more skeptical of free trade than Democrat voters: This result doesn’t surprise me in the least. It was obvious to anyone who took a look at the rhetoric being posted on Reddit politics and the late night “comedy” programs... Read More
COTW from prime noticer: Hyperbolic, probably, but what good rhetoric isn't? On the other hand, 90% is an understatement. In 2016, residents of DC were more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton than liberals, blacks, or Democrats were nationwide. The average resident of the Imperial Capital--not the average Democratic denizen, just the average person living... Read More
Comment of the week via Dissident on the staggering successes of the gay lobby: Tolerance was never the end goal. The gay lobby demanded--and won--celebration and adulation. Though gays make up two or three percent of the population, Westerners are more likely to witness--in absolute terms, not just proportional ones--gratuitous public displays of homosexual affection... Read More
Comment of the week via dfordoom, in response to lamentations over how much public sentiment has shifted away from reducing immigration levels in the US over the last 15 years: