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***Note to readers and commenters*** The blog is now archived and inactive. Ron Unz has created a comment thread for the intellectually diverse community of commenters to continue open discussions on whatever topics they deem interesting. The blog and thread will no longer be moderated and will only be accessible to previously approved commenters who... Read More
The cup overflows with thought provoking reactions for this COTW. Wency on the drop in the stock price of liberal white women: Democracy is a zero sum game. That's why it generates so much anger and resentment. Wency again on the two most famous dystopian novels of the 20th century (with Fahrenheit 451 occupying the... Read More
The crony isn't just in the capitalism. It's in the alleged meritocracy, too. As nebulafox explains: After legacy admissions and affirmative action, what place for genuine merit remains? The former is an intractable problem so long as the process retains any semblance of discretion. Explicit race-norming with a Woke spin--ie, systemic oppression favors whites and... Read More
One man, in this case dfordoom, calls it an echo chamber. Another man might call it a sanctuary: Maybe. On the other hand, the presumption that there should be a designated place where people of disparate beliefs and sensibilities congregate is an odd one. It isn't borne out in other media or entertainment trends. A... Read More
Dfordoom wants to abolish the intelligence agencies: They do a lot of bad things, like violate civil liberties, assassinate foreigners, frame citizens, and lie countries civilization-destroying wars. On the other hand, they're woke. You're not a white supremacist, a sexist, a nativist, a homophobe, an anti-Semite, and an ableist are you? Then you'll stand in... Read More
Wency on how below replacement fertility, Woke Capital, and high anxiety are just some of the blessings modern status striving has given us: Caspar von Everec offers speculation as to why foreign policy doesn't have the domestic purchase it used to have: Americans nowadays simply don’t care about foreign policy that much. That was a... Read More
Triteleia Laxa gets the ball rolling on questions about cryptocurrencies: There can only ever be ~21 million Bitcoin, ergo it is by definition ultimately inflation-proof. But where are the limits on how many bitcoin wannabes can be introduced? There are already over 5,000 of them. Ethereum is approaching half of Bitcoin's market cap. A couple... Read More
Wency shares his impressions of aspiring members of the managerial class: My experience with actual top corporate leadership has been limited outside of extremely formal contexts, but I went to a reasonably elite MBA school, and most of my classmates went on to corporate work. None are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies yet (I follow... Read More
A performatively bemused iffen struggles to understand why mob justice is bad when it comes to democracy but good when it comes to crime: Who? Whom? part ∞ More than six months out from the presidential election and 3-in-4 Republicans and 2-in-5 independents do not perceive president Joe Biden's victory as legitimate: That figure has... Read More
Wency inadvertently makes an Israel-as-crusader-state argument: The Kingdom of Jerusalem provided (relatively) safe passage for pilgrimages eight centuries ago. When it collapsed, those pilgrimages became less safe. The crusader states were economic sinkholes. Unlike true colonies that enriched the empire at home, European monarchs spent a couple of centuries promising more men and money to... Read More
Twinkie on health care: That sounds a lot like auto insurance. If companies provided auto insurance and in turn auto insurance covered oil changes and tire rotations, it'd be a lot more expensive, too. What about the relatively novel subscription model? It has exploded from nothing to hundreds of primary care facilities in the span... Read More
Wency on how entrepreneurial evangelicals have outhustled corporate Catholics. Profiting from (and for!) the prophet: It's drying up for both. A shame, for we could use as many good explications of how the new covenant meant an end to offering sacrifices as the country prepares to offer up a human sacrifice in another futile attempt... Read More
John Johnson offers pithy relationship advice: More charitably, it will tend to be differences in interests rather than the woman being inherently boring. A man's best friend should be neither his dog nor his wife. It should be another man. Nebulafox on the state of the GOP and where it must go from here: One... Read More
It's easier to eat a bowl of M&Ms than a bowl of broccoli, easier to watch TV than hit the gym, easier to fap to a screen than find a mate who knows what you mean. But from pressure comes power, from stress comes strength. Nothing happens to any man that he is not fitted... Read More
Mark G. on Mick Jagger's fence: Social media speeds everything up. That slow decline has become rapid. Nothing is stable, increasingly including our mental health. Conservatives hold the line on guns and abortion. Not much else, including marijuana legalization, to 216's chagrin: The Culture Industry has condemn
Twinkie on how rather than weakening European Jewry, the Nazis inadvertently strengthened them after their brutal trial by fire: Duck, er, beavertales on how the family man and the devoted wife and mother of his children are the new counterculture:
Almost Missouri on the beta testing of the corporatist neo-liberal establishment that was the Trump presidency: The State of the Union will be a heavily militarized event. Trump was mocked for wanting a military parade through the capital during his term; now Joe Biden is getting a permanent one. The left used to recoil in... Read More
Almost Missouri on nature raw in tooth and claw: You are walking through the woods when you come upon a grizzly bear. It sees you and draws near. Whatever you're able to do in the next few moments constitute the full the extent of your "natural rights" in this world. Everything else is a privilege.... Read More
If the UR commentariat thinks it's a bridge too far, dfordoom suspects the prospects elsewhere are grim: AaronB on how the elite uses the archetypal racist white prole in their morality play: It is the elites that are playing divide and conquer. They are trying to get you to focus on race and not on... Read More
Supply and Demand may be an Xer or maybe just an astute generational critic. Probably both: Wency goes meta on the GameStop escapade: It's bad that the incestuous, rigged system of corporate cronyism conspiring with the TreasureFedin has rendered a company's fundamentals as hardly even an afterthought to its valuation, especially in the short- to... Read More
Arclight on how it is mourning in America: The wheels are coming off of the international credit system. The crash is going to be spectacular. Assuming some semblance of elective government remains in place, it's better not to be behind the wheel when it happens. Almost Missouri offers a somber postmortem on the Trump presidency:... Read More
Christopher Chantrill on a member of the Establishment who tried, and tried, and tried again--in vain--to tell that Establishment it was steering the ship of state into an iceberg: He gave them an answer predating Andrew Yang by over a decade. Instead of following his advice and instituting a UBI, they're going to raise the... Read More
Almost Missouri views localism and agorism as dead ends: Several states tried this in 1861. It turned out the the President did indeed have that power, that power and more, so much more, never mind it wasn’t in the Constitution. A couple of generations ago a few school districts tried to go their own way,... Read More
Commentary on Covid from a hawk, a dove, and a retired epidemiologist. Trusted Talha: I do keep up with my friends that are doctors, many of them ER doctors. These are guys I have known longer than I have been married, I would trust them with my children’s lives – at least one of them... Read More
DanHessinMD on the Covid catastrophe: A major problem has been that the powers that be have massively distorted reality on the dangers of COVID and have literally censored anything that went against the panic narrative. Early in the pandemic, sincere scientists and doctors made videos advocating against lockdown and saw their content banned. It was... Read More
Almost Missouri on an often overlooked perverse consequence of old age government welfare benefits: Back in the days before the Great Awokening, when our rulers would at least put up a logical pretense for why they had to screw us over, we were told immigration was necessary to prop up our old age retirement programs... Read More
Twinkie on Occidental xenophilia: Badwhite countries like Russia and Hungary are more restrictionist than globalist countries like South Korea and, increasingly, Japan are. On a similar note, nebulafox on one of the practical problems with race-based nationalism in a globalized world: One of the big practical problems I see with enforcing
Being an epigone means being a sucker for pithiness, and this line from Rosie is that: The most unequal power dynamic in human society is the one between parent and child. A child doesn't choose his parents. He has nowhere to go and effectively almost no one to talk to if they neglect or abuse... Read More
Wency cautions the Amish about attracting the gaze of Sauron's eye: Lord, make me Amish--but not yet! Cloudbuster on the unconstitutionality of a federal mask mandate: Mask mandates are obviously unconstitutional at the federal level, because there’s no grant of power to allow Congress to legislate on such a thing. However, there are potentially 50... Read More
Rosie on the populist $100 bill lying on the sidewalk: That's being charitable to the donor plutocracy. Wokeism is a bastardized form of social progressivism and corporatist easy money crony capitalism is a bastardized version of fiscal conservatism. The voters don't even get a clean version of what they don't want. What's one benjamin when... Read More
Twinkie on how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: When they've secured the high ground and the longbow, an uphill charge by the flower of the American deplorability isn't enough to win the day no matter how heroic the charge. Nebulafox on how populist American nationalism will progress one funeral at... Read More
TomSchmidt writes specifically about the fire hose of voter irregularities across the country and the epitaph of Trump's first term more generally: He couldn't have dealt directly with these problems himself. That's not what an executive does. But the personnel in place meant they wouldn't be dealt with preemptively, and that looks like a fatal... Read More
Did Almost Missouri predict almost everything? Writing the day before the election: The shift from "every vote must be counted" to "President-elect Biden" was instantaneous and simultaneous across corporate media organs. Fox News risibly called Arizona while people were still in line to vote, even though the state will likely end up with the narrowest... Read More
The Alarmist: One of the best parting gifts the president could give the social media giant would be moving his press release operation to another platform during his lame duck session. Tens of millions of supporters and haters alike would follow him. The lazy and incurious boot-lickers and ring-kissers in the media would have to... Read More
Jay Fink on the soul-sucking humorlessness of the Woke: When the Woke do laugh, it is invariably one of disdain and snark rather than of joy and mirth. Forcing the latter from the range of acceptable behaviors is inhumane. Hopefully it is also inhuman, such that in short order humanity rejects the rejection of one... Read More
Charles Pewitt on how by playing with the dollar, the powers that be are playing with fire: The TreasureFed knows there is no way out the way it came in. The only option is forward. The official inflation target has been calibrated upwards, the pretense of even considering tightening over the next several years is... Read More
Lowe on how the overclass has weaponized wokeism to the detriment of just about everybody else: Some do realize it. But there is little they can do with that realization. They are arguably even more susceptible to Wokeist attacks than those on the right are. There are only so many Dave
Forget fraud, Indiana Jack points out the potential ramifications of many incorrectly completed mail-in ballots being disqualified. This presumably at a higher rate than in-person voting which enjoys a comparative lack of distractions, an automated ballot review, and poll workers to assist voters:
Twinkie on how that which has so much influence its influence cannot be pointed out is probably the most influential of all: If Trump were a tyrannical dictator, nobody would be able to get away with calling him one. If so-called white privilege was beneficial, non-whites would be trying to pass as white to cash... Read More
Nebulafox on a crucial distinction between Occident and Orient: The West wasn't afraid of physics so the 20th century was the Western century. The West is afraid of genetics, though, and the Chinese are not, so we have another reason to believe the 21st will be the Chinese century. On the other hand, I suspect... Read More
The 21st will be the Chinese century. Nebulafox on a few reasons why: In the case of China, the true believer democracy-enthusiasts simply do not have the power to override the deep financial dealings that our bipartisan elites (this is far from limited to the wokesters, just look at McConnell’s wife) have with the Chinese... Read More
Elmer's Washable School Glue provides profundity on the problem of abortion: Athletic and Whitesplosive sees the seemingly sudden collapse of the Soviet Union as analogously relevant to the state of the American Union, the context being in response to the assertion that political dissolution cannot happen here because the nation's power centers won't allow it... Read More
Sharing the COTW consulship, dfordoom raises an objection familiar to proponents of American political dissolution: I’m unsure of how political dissolution leads to "Whitestan" (or Whiteland, to hew closer to its cultural antecedents and has already been imagined in the future). The closest thing to an active independence movement in the US is explicitly multiracial.... Read More
216's COTW suggests a more palatable term for political dissolution than "secession": It will be especially rhetorically effective with Biden as president. His signature foreign policy plan in the late aughts was to softly partition Iraq into three federalized states so each could function effectively on its own instead of trying to force three separate... Read More
Tom Schmidt's COTW: There is a big difference between this extorted wealth and the productive capacity that deteriorates as a consequence of receiving it. Swiping your credit card in return for consumer goods and services is a nice way to live while it lasts, but it induces a habituation of living beyond your means. When... Read More
COTW from nebulafox on where the real power center of the modern Democrat party lies: After the GOP transitions into a perennial minority opposition party following this November's elections, the progressive wing of the ruling party will begin its process of pulling away from the neo-liberal establishment in earnest. While the progressives are still outnumbered... Read More
The COTW consulship begins with Dissident on equality of outcome and equality of opportunity: Diversity, liberty, or equality: Choose one. Or radically decentralize political power and maybe, just maybe, the first two can be simultaneously enjoyed. And if some of those localized polities want to heavily emphasize the third, it's conceivable we might have all... Read More
From DanHessinMD, the L(ink)OTW: Cutting to the chase, the working conclusion is that low relative humidity of indoor air is a big contributor in increasing the severity of the disease. This conceivably explains why cases remain high but reported mortality is much lower than was the case a few months ago. I've little to add... Read More
COTW is one of many from a very thought-provoking comment thread about 20th century European leaders. In response to a brief for the most notorious figure in Western history, Talha writes: The second World War was the most civilizationally catastrophic civil war in human history, one we continue to pay a heavy toll for today.... Read More
Nodwink on how the appearance of divided government is what the Uniparty prefers on account of it adding an extra layer of discord to keep the public at each other's throats instead of the Uniparty's: Interesting, though I suspect the perceived optimal arrangement to be the inverse--Democrats take the Senate, extend their advantage in the... Read More