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All the corporatocracy had to do to neutralize the Occupy Wall Street movement was signal support for Wokeism. We'll cheer on transgender athletes and BIPOC Ivy League graduates, you let us grind the working and middle classes into the dirt while enacting the largest upward transfers of wealth in the history of the world. Deal?... Read More
Put voter ID up for a national vote and it will win in a landslide: Joe Biden may say it's more restrictive than Jim Crow, but almost nobody believes him, including black Americans. Nobody does because it's obviously not. Everyone knows it's nearly impossible to function in modern America without photo identification. No bank accounts,... Read More
At least in the state of Georgia: The sample sizes for Hispanics and Asians are small but the general philosophical preference for simple measures to protect election integrity is clear. Despite Democrat pols and their allies screaming bloody murder about voter ID requirements, a slight majority of their actual voters--and most of the independents they... Read More
I have a feeling support for the political dissolution we've long pushed for just became a lot more popular. It's obviously not scientific but no TradCon influencer would've been caught dead entertaining the idea of separation a year ago: The Supreme Court rejected Texas' straightforward suit against four states that chose their electors by means... Read More
More than a month after the election was held and just days before the results are set to be certified, 4-in-5 Republicans and nearly 9-in-10 Trump voters think fraud flipped the election to Joe Biden: The corporate media's initial position that no evidence of voter fraud existed has been abandoned by most Americans: The incredible... Read More
Janet Yellen is being floated as one of the top two potential Treasury Secretary nominations in a Biden administration. Recall she was Obama's Fed chair. She would be only the second person in American history to have held both positions. The other person to do it was William Miller of the Carter administration, one of... Read More
How fortuitous, less than a week after the presidential election Pfizer publicly announces what Trump had promised and been mocked for over the last several weeks. They must have received some extraordinarily results in the testing process of the last few days. No way the $200b+ market cap company had an inkling this was coming... Read More
No, we're winning so there's no upside but there is potential downside. And we don't want to platform a fascist. And we don't want people to get Covid: It has nothing to do with senescence or laptops. Nothing!
Tens of millions of lost jobs, the largest trade deficits in history, the sharpest GDP decline in modern American history--and yet business applications are booming. The figures are staggering: Nationwide, business applications are up over 82% from the same time last year, with every single state recording double-(or triple-)digit percentage increases. Seems a little strange,... Read More
++Addition++As of a few hours subsequent to this post being published, Trends results for the month of November 2019 now return "Hmm, your search doesn't have enough data to show here". I’m 100% sure I entered those parameters multiple times by cut+pasting the URL as I was opening new tabs and running other potential search... Read More
Candace Owens, in true millennial form, calls white privilege a myth: Imagine if a white male actor faked a hate crime against himself by pretending black men attacked him in the middle of the night— then was subsequently acquitted of all charges. #JussieSmollett is an utter perversion of justice who just DESTROYED the myth of... Read More
Nobody wanted--needed!--it to be true more than white liberals did: A few of the most zealous believers will cling to the attendant statement that while two years, a bazillion dollars, and a gazillion investigatory man-hours couldn't turn up a shred of evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, the orange man hasn't been formally exonerated... Read More
It is surprising for many to find out that blacks commit hate crimes at higher rates than whites do. While that's a fact I've been aware of, I was not aware of the similarly 'surprising' discovery that according to the venerable SPLC, black nationalism is more prevalent in America than white nationalism is. This is... Read More
The last time the Republican candidate for president raised more money than the Democrat did was in 2004, when George Bush brought in 10% more than John Kerry. In 2016, Hillary Clinton raised nearly twice as much as Donald Trump. The following table shows how much the top five vote-getting candidates in 2016 'paid' for... Read More
Ted Cruz has a sharp mind and a quick wit, and he knows how to find his way to a polemical jugular:
Ann Coulter picked up the previous post on twatter. In her wake followed a flotilla of what Vox Day derisively refers to as "midwits". Some of the 'criticism' was cringe-inducingly terrible: But some of it was reasonable enough: Yes, following the link would've revealed that it applied to less than one-quarter of all responses, but... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, who agree that some members of the FBI and DOJ are trying to delegitimatize president Trump through politically-motivated investigations (that's putting it mildly to say the least). The data comes from a Reuters Ipsos poll that was conducted the first week of February.... Read More
I've a couple of other posts queued up and don't have anything novel to add at the moment, but diverting attention away from a scandal bigger than Watergate isn't something that can be done with a clear conscience. Collusion between the FBI and a presidential campaign to violate the constitutional protections of the oppositional presidential... Read More
The recounts produced a wider margin of victory for Trump in Wisconsin and turned up severe voter fraud in Democrat-controlled Detroit. Too bad they missed the recount deadline in Pennsylvania--Philadelphia's corrupt political machine is notoriously even worse than Detroit's! From commenter Sid: And: The Democrats have thus handicapped themselves for ideological reasons. There are far... Read More
It's worth remembering that the Obama administration was actively making foreign policy concessions to Ecuador in an attempt to get that country to influence the outcome of the presidential election: It's an administration just trying to do what's in its own best interests, of course:
We fucking did it. Eighteen months fighting the political establishment, big business, the media-industrial complex, the Obama administration, Hollywood, the SJWs, the 1%, the dishonest polling industry (Nate, we even tried to warn you after you so horribly botched the primaries that you should be careful with the general), the rigged system, the Pope, the... Read More
A Quinnipiac poll that ran from 10/27-11/1 reported the following: At the time the poll was taken, slightly more registered Republicans had voted than registered Democrats. The poll shows Trump doing marginally better with Republicans than Hillary is doing with Democrats, and it shows Trump leading among independents. More Republicans than Democrats have voted. More... Read More
Last month Steve Sailer wrote:Stepping away from the presidential election for a moment, allow me to do what the tagline advertises and validate Steve's stereotype. The GSS routinely asks respondents whether they feel as though most people are trustworthy or not. The following table shows the percentages of people, grouped by intelligence*, who say that... Read More
Many people mistakenly but understandably believe that the State's most powerful weapon against its subjects is its superior firepower. While that firepower is obviously important, it's not the State's most powerful weapon.The State's most powerful weapon is its putative legitimacy. As long as the State is perceived as legitimate, it can do anything it wants... Read More
I don't have anything particularly insightful to say here, but this can't be disseminated too widely. Assuming it is credible--and WikiLeaks' record is impeccable--why wouldn't we assume electoral fraud is also in the works? We're looking at a situation where the Obama administration's state department has made negotiation concessions in an effort to influence the... Read More
After Hillary mentioned her in the first presidential debate, interest in Alicia Machado exploded: What those searching on her found--and that Team Hillary apparently, including its lickspittle lapdogs in the media, failed to find--is that she is a living, breathing real-life example of the worst caricature of New America imaginable. Talk about your all time... Read More
The #DNCLeaks story is too significant not to pass comment on even if I don't have anything particularly novel or perspicacious to add.The clumsy way Twitter tried to kill the story should nevertheless put the Alt Right on high alert. First they deleted #DNCLeaks. Then they brought it back as #DNCLeak, sending all the #DNCLeaks'... Read More
The FBI report is remarkable: In sum, Comey explains that Hillary passed along classified information from one unauthorized, unsecured server to another at least 112 times, each instance constituting a criminal act irrespective of intention. Regarding intention, she elected to use neither a government nor a commercial account but instead opted for a private server... Read More
Several GOPe pols and pundits have already reluctantly fallen in line and expressed public support for Trump. More will continue to do so. Trump has now started in on Hillary and by what is already on offer, it's going to be a grueling six months for Crooked Hillary. Her stamina will definitely be tested. I... Read More
Let's assess Colorado. In August of 2015, the Colorado Republican party announced that it would be cancelling its scheduled presidential preference caucus set for the Spring of 2016. The party did this in response to national party rules requiring delegates awarded to candidates through preference caucuses and primaries--that is, elections where candidates are directly voted... Read More
In the wake of MG's essay on the nature and nurture of corruption, I wondered if a hard correlation between consanguinity rates and graft at the national level had been discovered. Searching for as much, the top returns I received were from MG and HBD Chick. Apparently, it hasn't been an area of academic interest,... Read More
In a recent report on religious advocacy groups in the US, Pew lists the top 40 organizations by advocacy expenditures and policy makers and other government agencies and officials. Unsurprisingly, AIPAC comes in at number one.The top 40 groups account for 85% of all dollars spent by religious groups for the purpose of influence peddling.... Read More