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Climate Change

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- Is the February cold snap climate modeling's stagflation? Probably not, but expertise from the comment section is thanked in advance for explaining why. Are there supposed to be days of record breaking low temperatures across huge swaths of the North American continent if the center of the temperature distribution is accelerating its movement towards... Read More
The inverse correlation between total fertility rate and per capita CO2 emissions at the national level is a modest but not insignificant .35. I've little insightful to add to that result, a result more modest than I imagined it would be, but since it was a slog to calculate, it may as well be shared.
++Addition++For updated 2017 UN projection figures, see here. --- In the comments to the previous post, RC writes: There's little difference between talking about the growth of the African population and the growth of the global population--Africa is projected to account for a staggering 83% of the nearly 4 billion net additional humans that will... Read More
My recently assembled method of screening out people who are putatively angry and frustrated by Trump's intention to withdrawal the US from the Paris "climate justice" Agreement follows. --- Firstly, explain how the following factors into your concern about catastrophic anthropogenic climate change and what remedial steps should be taken to address it: Secondly, do... Read More
Although global warming climate change has been a "hot button" issue for several years, until the 2010 GSS surveys were completed, my favorite database for gauging American society hadn't pushed it. What spurred me to check the newest stuff was a post by Half Sigma a few months back where he lamented what he sees... Read More
Prior to the release of the 2010 GSS data set, finding questions on the perceived danger of nuclear power generation required going back as far as the early nineties. In response to a commenter, I attempted just that. Now, more contemporary responses are available, albeit still prior to the Japanese tsunami.Responses are on a 5-point... Read More
On the passive suggestion of Parapundit's Randall Parker, I'm reading The World Without Us, a book by Alan Weisman that attempts to describe the future following the abrupt extinction of homo sapiens. It immediately strikes me as disappointingly misanthropic and distractingly quasi-religious (what Half Sigma terms "Gaia worship"). The recurring criticisms I have with this... Read More
++Addition++Always eager to do my part (and have plenary indulgences, er, credits, granted on my behalf, if you happen to be reading, Mr. Vice President!), I've 'created' a green fitness machine. The control panel on my treadmill just died. It appears to be something electrical. I decided to use it anyway, moving the tread with... Read More
Parapundit's Randall Parker recently reported on competing claims for the Arctic. Five nations are vying seriously for sovereignty stakes. Almost half of the Arctic is encircled by Russia. Through Greenland, Denmark claims closest geographic proximity to the North Pole, with Canada extending almost as far. Norway has the Svalbard archipelago, home to more than 2,200... Read More
The Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) theory is becoming untenable: Why mandate economically disruptive actions by governments, businesses, and individuals when there is nothing approaching agreement on whether or not those actions, even if executed without
Listening to a BBC report on the G8 summit that gets underway today, I was struck by an the acerbic pun added by the card-reader. He said something to the effect of "The question will be whether the US gets in the global tent or chooses to remain out in the cold."To start, while the... Read More
Food commodity prices are up. The price of corn has nearly doubled over the last year. Soybeans and sugar have both risen at annual rates higher than inflation (although sugar has been coming down recently), even as harvests have been good. A significant driver of these increases has been the push for ethanol and biodiesel:... Read More
In his commentary on Mark Steyn's America Alone (which takes a thorough look at demographic trends in the Occident, overlapping Pat Buchanan's Death of the West that was published a couple of years before), David Frum caught the attention of Matt Yglesias:Of course, Yglesias likely knows the same thing is true regarding climate change. In... Read More