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Percentages professing support for maximum pro-choice permisiveness, defined as making it legal for a woman to have an abortion "for any reason", by social class: GSS variables used: ABANY, CLASS, YEAR(2008-2018)
The 21st century American oligarchy hates the class traitor Donald Trump for the same reason the 2nd century BC Roman oligarchy hated the Gracchi brothers: Separated by millennia, the oligarchy has a similar response: Apropos Steven Pinker, their methods have become less brutal, but the energy is the same:
The Democrats are increasingly the party of the rich and poor, Republicans of the middle and those at risk of sliding out of it: Like other demographic trends--racial, educational, religious, marital--this bodes well for Democrat electoral prospects in the future. The ranks of the top are growing a little, the ranks of the bottom are... Read More
Each category is mutually exclusive so there is no double counting (Jews may be of any race but all other groups are non-Jewish and Hispanics may be non-Jews of any race but the other racial groups are exclusively non-Hispanic). Social class is self-reported. It correlates with income, education, and occupational prestige but not perfectly so.... Read More
A few notes upfront. The data on both social class and partisan affiliation are based on self-reports. Until the year 2000, the GSS question about racial identity included only three options--"white", "black", and "other". Those who participated from 2000 onward and self-identified as Hispanic split evenly between "white" and "other" on the aforementioned ternary question.... Read More
There is far more income variation within racial groups than there are between them. It's futile--not to mention racist!--to obsess over racial differences in median income. Less than 15% of income differences occur between races. More than 85% of income differences occur within racial groups. We've been looking in all the wrong places with this... Read More
In case it is unclear, there are distinct lines to be drawn between people protesting non-violently, people looting, and people physically attacking other people. The previous post concerned the latter two groups who surely comprise a minority of people who've taken to the streets over the last week. Instances of protesters being detained for taunting... Read More
The following graph shows immigration restrictionism indices, by social class, from the onset of the Great Awokening through the latest iteration of the GSS. The survey asked respondents what they "think the number of immigrants nowadays to America should be". The IR index is calculated as follows: (2*%reduced a lot)+(% reduced a little)-(% increased a... Read More
Steve Sailer wonders why heightism is not only tolerated but is even encouraged on account of being perceived as humorous. It's no secret that shorter men are, ceteris paribus, at a disadvantage to taller men in the dating market, but it isn't much of a focus even for those who concerns themselves fighting body shaming.... Read More
Reuters-Ipsos has a poll tracking partisan affiliation that has been running since the beginning of 2016. It now has a total sample standing at 457,215 responses. The explorer allows for all kinds of filters to be applied, including state of residency, educational attainment, race, and 2016 presidential vote. So here are the results with those... Read More
In last week's Power Hour, the Z-Man noted that one major reason Trump gets so little Establishment push back for tangling with China--despite the real dangers involved--is because our elites are legitimately worried about the Middle Kingdom. Crowding out top American colleges, stealing the intellectual property elites live off of, pricing them out of major... Read More
Vox Day recently disputed the notion that ZOG is a result of high Jewish IQ. In so doing, he's drawing swords with the likes of Gregory Cochran, Charles Murray, and Stephen Pinker. To atrociously mix metaphors, that prices me way out of the cognitive market, so I won't comment on the merits or demerits of... Read More
In response to GSS data showing a positive correlation between marriage and mental health, commenter Marlborough County writes: That's quite reasonable, and he's correct about the link between social class and marriage and thus also between social class and mental health. To the contrary, mo' money does not appear to lead to mo' problems, at... Read More
Several years ago I looked at fertility among whites by sex and intelligence (as measured by Wordsum scores) and found that to the extent that the trend is dysgenic, it is almost exclusively so among women. Among whites, high IQ men have as many children as low IQ men do. That's not the case for... Read More
In 2014, the GSS asked respondents if they had ever been told by a medical professional of any type that they were depressed. Because it was only asked in a single year, sample sizes aren't huge, but they're serviceable for whites and NAMs (789 for whites, 328 for non-whites; about half that for the class... Read More
Bernard-Henri Levi is the archetypal elitist Jew. His admonition to his people to be wary of Trump reads like it was written by a caricature that makes Kevin MacDonald an apologist for Jewish ethnomasochism in comparison. To middle American gentiles like myself, it really is something to behold. If nothing else I'd expect an Ashkenazi... Read More
The Coalition of the Fringes is tearing and fraying more and more by the day. In response to the public pillorying of Mike Pence, #BoycottHamilton started up. Yes, it's silly to think a status-signalling display of conspicuous consumption where the dynamic is one of artificially restricted supply designed to insure demand remains unsatisfied is vulnerable... Read More
Heartiste asserts: He's entitled to his own opinions but he's not entitled to his own facts! Let's see what the data say about those assertions. The following table contains corpulence scores computed by taking the percentages of women, by social class, whose weight was deemed to be "somewhat above average" and adding that figure to... Read More
Adapted from a recent Pew report: Twice as much of Hillary's support compared to Trump's support comes from those earning over $150k per year. But twice as much of Hillary's support compared to Trump's support also comes from those earning less than $30k per year. While only half of Hillary's support comes from the middle... Read More
The number of votes received from college graduates among the remaining Republican presidential candidates through South Carolina: The number of votes received from those earning over $100,000 a year among the remaining Republican presidential candidates in New Hampshire and South Carolina (Iowa's entrance polls didn't include questions about income): Yes, Trump wins in Fishtown even... Read More
I associate the idea of being a citizen of the world with cosmopolitan SWPL types. It's not an inaccurate association when they are compared with badwhites, but it's a tendency more fully characteristic of the entire Fringe coalition than I would have guessed. In 2014, the GSS asked respondents if they "feel more like a... Read More
Why such a visceral, vitriolic response to the sport killing of "Cecil the lion"? Hunting is an activity almost exclusively engaged in by the wrong kind of white people. It consequently provides an ideal opportunity to open the floodgates of disdain to allow contempt to flow without inhibition. Many other SWPL positions indicative of putative... Read More
The following table shows immigration enthusiasm quotients for several different subgroups of respondents in the 2014 iteration of the GSS. The quotient is derived by subtracting the percentages who would like to see the number of immigrants in the US reduced from the percentages who would like to see it increased, with those wanting it... Read More
Thinking about the fate of working-class whites is, ahem, not in vogue, but since they do still constitute around one-third of the country's population (depending on the particulars of how they're defined), they can't simply be wished away--yet. The following graph shows the percentage of working-class white adults who have self-described themselves as Democrats since... Read More
IQ estimates converted from 8th grade 2013 NAEP math and reading assessments by eligibility for the national school lunch program, a federally assisted meal program that provides "low-cost or free lunches to school children" from low-income households follow. The scores for both tests are on a 500 point scale, with a standard deviation of 37... Read More
Cross-posted at HuffPoThis post will appear lacking in systematic structure because poor people tend to be fatalistic. Low future time orientation and few social obligations combine to create an existence that seems impulsive and chaotic from vantage points higher up the ladder. We look at the poverty and pretend to wonder why. We know the... Read More
As one of the most demographically representative states in the country, and one with an enormous amount of American history packed into it to boot, the gubernatorial results out of Virginia this week are worth examining as a way of better understanding America's contemporary social landscape. - Cuccinelli, the Republican, won among whites by a... Read More
Although the 2012 GSS did not include any questions on presidential voting plans for the same year, the survey did sneak in a question on presidential approval, querying respondents on whether they approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling the job of president. Because it's fun and often causes people to make... Read More
As someone who enjoys classical music's greatest hits but who has tried and failed on multiple occasions to find an opera without "rock" in front of it that he likes, I felt some validation in revisiting the GSS module in which respondents were queried on the genres of music they like and finding that opera isn't... Read More
Like children often do, I have many questions. To the GSS I say, "Tell me all your thoughts on God". The following graphs show the percentage distributions for four categories of theistic belief across a host of usual-suspect variables. For contemporary relevance, all results are from 2000 onward. By race:         By... Read More
++Addition++See Jason Malloy's work in the comments.---"Have kids" wasn't exactly the right answer to the question of how one finds his way to happy happy village, though "don't have kids" doesn't get the peregrinator any closer, either. But happiness doesn't echo through time, it expires along with its bearer. A question of greater consequence is... Read More
Half Sigma's post describing teaching as the quintessential middle class occupation naturally made me wonder what, precisely, the most middling profession is. HS writes: It's important to make a distinction between the phrase "middle class" and the middle of the class continuum. There are four major classifications of social class in the contemporary US--upper class,... Read More
Channeling Charles Murray, Randall Parker comments on the increasing social stratification that has come to define the contemporary Western world: On the one hand, inequality has been public enemy number one for multiple generations now. On the other hand, one major consequence of a shrinking world is that cognitive sorting keeps getting easier to do... Read More
In an essay adapted from the forthcoming Coming Apart:The State of White America, 1960–2010, Charles Murray writes:Murray argues that this phenomenon is ceasing to exist, in what seems to be a natural outgrowth (via HBD chick) of the increasing cognitive stratification that characterizes the contemporary United States, something Murray and Herrnstein famously chronicled in The... Read More
Reading Jared Taylor's most recent book, White Identity, I wondered how the seemingly endless number of examples provided to illustrate how widespread the disdain for the United States as a European-descended country is among non-whites translated into opinions offered by a representative sampling of the US population. Taylor's tone is thoughtful and sober, yet the... Read More