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Clash of civilizations

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Mom and baby have spent a lot of time sleeping in this hospital cell over the last couple of days so dad has correspondingly had a lot time to scroll through Reuters-Ipsos polling looking for interesting queries. The interactive site doesn't organize polls chronologically but instead puts them into categories and sub-categories of which there... Read More
Legate of Judea pointed to an exit poll conducted by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund that found Hillary Clinton's margin of victory among the country's "fastest growing minority" to be wider than the 'official' Edison poll commissioned by several major media companies. By reverse engineering results from Reuters-Ipsos' ongoing presidential approval poll,... Read More
There was too much bear-baiting, muh freedom, and muh values, sure, but if those are the rhetorical compromises that must be made in return for the following, so be it. This excerpt is gold (just hit play, it's queued up): As Heartiste puts it: Throw those black pills away. The fight isn't over. It's only... Read More
Support for Trump's immigration approach--continuing insistence on an impending wall, travel restrictions from eight mostly Muslim countries, targeted raids and deportations--among white male millennials (n = 719): If we group the three approves and the three disapproves and compare the two amalgamated categories, ignoring "don't know", we get 61.9% in approval, 38.1% in disapproval. That's... Read More
Core America wants its country back. From Reuters-Ipsos, support for Trump's executive order banning refugees and restricting immigration from some Muslim countries among married whites with children: Fake News can crow about it being unconstitutional (it's not), the (((usual suspects))) can disingenuously claim it's "not who we are" (it is), petty thugs can try to... Read More
Excerpting TWCS, Heartiste talks about quantifying the costs of Diversity!, the structure of which is characterized by an iceberg effect with the most conspicuous costs representing a small fraction of the total while the most go unnoticed by all but the few who deliberately look for them. While TWCS defeated the kraken, I'll throw my... Read More
Among many other things, a modern economy requires a high-trust society. As social trust continues to decline across the West, so will the the standard-of-living and quality-of-life the West enjoys. The immigration trends over the last fifty years are accelerating this process. Immigrants to the US are less trusting of others than natives are. The... Read More
Heartiste points to a paper by Satoshi Kanazawa hypothesizing that "women should fear alien rule much less than men" do, but that these sex differences in attitude are specifically attributable to women under the age 50. The biological vehicle posited for driving this disparity is reproductive in nature. Nubile women want to reproduce with the... Read More
In 2006, the GSS asked respondents about people they trust. The percentages who said those they trust are either "almost all the same race as you" or "mostly the same race as you" among self-described liberal, moderate, and conservative whites (n = 493):Political orientationTrust own raceLiberal78.2%Moderate76.9%Conservative83.3%The differences are marginal. In the words of the late... Read More
If Trump announcing his plan to restrict Muslim immigration into the US is an effective ISIS recruitment tool--as the establishment suggests it is (and Hillary Clinton claims it has been)--isn't that an argument in favor of Trump's plan? Trump should ask the rhetorical question--or just assert it, as is his style--whenever an interviewer brings it... Read More
In response to a person who wrote: Geller and the AFDI claimed the event was intended to promote free speech. There was, of course, no way they were unaware of the controversy they were courting, either. To the contrary, that was the point. It's intentionally provocative, baiting, and offensive. As someone who perceives honor as... Read More
Dear Black America, It is somewhat strange to address this to you, given that I’ve been told my whole life that race is just a social construct or that, at most, it is no more than skin deep, and I have had little choice but to imbibe a good deal of your popular culture growing... Read More
This clip from a speech by former president Bush has been making the rounds over the last couple of weeks following Megyn (sp?) Kelly bringing attention to it on Fox News: Yeah, he's correct. The problem is, he could have been giving that speech in 2017 or 2027 and, assuming we'd maintained a continual presence... Read More
The administration of Carrick high school in Pittsburgh planned and subsequently scrapped "Trayvon Martin Day" in which students would be encouraged to wear hoodies in celebration and remembrance of the dead teenager. The school stepped back after opposition from several parents who publicly expressed concerns over the day, specifically with the consequences it would bring... Read More
A recent episode of NPR's Talk of the Nation focused on the consequences of the "Arab Spring" one year out. In response to a caller's question about how the overthrow of ruling regimes has affected women's rights, a correspondent in Egypt replies:For one, the "women who were involved in the revolution" don't appear to have... Read More
Lately Inductivist has been investigating how whites feel towards blacks and other whites, the feelings Jews have for various racial groups, and to what extent these groups return the favor. Having seen group perceptions looked at in these ways from fairly contemporary (2002) data, bringing it all together in a single graphical representation is irresistible.The... Read More
The 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), led by professors from Columbia and Yale, was recently released. It uses 25 indicators to assign a score to 149 countries (thanks to Fat Knowledge for clearing this up for me). Three of the thirteen categories used in computing the rankings are based on CO2 emissions, while only two... Read More
The "War on Christmas" has indeed become an annual affair:While Western governments have gotten involved, the most salient battles take place in the contest between "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas", as the two phrases jockey to firmly become the standard greeting and parting in business establishments during this time of year. That the latter phrase... Read More
Included in the impressive report issued last month by the Center for Immigration Studies are data on various socio-economic attributes of the US' foreign-born population, broken down by place of birth for migrants who are from one of the top 25 countries in the world in terms of first generation representation in the US.How each... Read More
There is surely a "How many bureaucrats does it take to..." joke in here somewhere: How naive of me to think that Mayor Cohen was becoming a hard-nosed realist. Before the academic commission gets started on this important work, let's brainstorm a little. Maybe this offers a clue: It's not only flamboyant gays that are... Read More
A member of Holland's parliament brings the legal idea of protection from double jeopardy into the arena of life and death to be tested there. Geert Wilders is creating what is sure to bring (even more) calls for his murder a la Theo van Gogh: The Dutch politician has been under 24-hour police protection for... Read More
Parapundit's Randall Parker reports that 24% of suspected terrorists in Britain are Islamic asylum seekers: From turn-of-the-century figures, Great Britain receives about 100,000 asylum applications each year, of which about three-fourths are deemed to be legitimate. By contrast, there are over 1.5 million Muslims in the UK, the majority of whom are of Middle Eastern... Read More
Muslim integration into British society is unattainable. This isn't helping matters: It's unattainable, that is, unless Britain becomes fundamentally Islamic, both socially and demographically. The moral and spiritual leaders of Britain's Muslim population are overwhelmingly enmeshed in the Islamic culture of their South Asian and Middle Eastern homelands. More than three-fourths have been in-country for... Read More
A survey conducted in four Muslim countries illustrates how wide the chasm between the West and the Islamic world is. WPO's findings are based on interviews of 3,752 people from Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Egypt. All four of these nations are putative allies of the US. So this is friendly territory as far as the... Read More
Parapundit's Randall Parker excerpts an illustrative bit of commentary from the Harvard Political Review's Design Editor Alex Copulsky, who is responding to an article on Pope Benedict (the first paragraph, in which Copulsky portrays himself as a restless workaholic, describes the Pope as contradictory, and condescendingly refers to the Catholic Church as "decrepit", reveals the... Read More
Marketplace, almost anomalous at NPR in its balanced presentation, has an interesting report on the Sudanese economy. A few thousand blue helmets are being sent to Sudan as peacekeepers. It's being hailed as a partial victory among some nations in the UN. Western powers are attempting to shame and isolate the Sudanese government in response... Read More
This has to be a joke, right? I thought, with so much of the print media on the auction block, perhaps The Onion had decided to follow in the footsteps of Google and go outside the electronic world to buy up The Times Online. That imagined scenario would actually be more salubrious than what is... Read More
When I dwell on American involvement in Iraq, from the 3,300-plus promising Americans now in the ground and the tens of thousands more who've been severely injured to the alienation of our most natural allies in Europe, Israeli influence on US politics gets my blood boiling. But irksome as Israel's attempts at self-preservation (through a... Read More
So that you don't suspect this is a jocular post and tune out a few sentences in, consider this a disclaimer alerting you that this has nothing to do with April Fools' Day. The faceless bureaucrats in Brussels definitely don't want anyone to call a spade a spade: Yet each self-immolating terrorist and the group... Read More
Terrorism is said to be an unavoidable consequence of unstoppable globalization. Is destructive rioting also an inevitable consequence of an unstoppable multicultualism? It does seem to be an inevitable consequence, at least when Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims are involved: A generic term like "youth" is Orwellian speak for some group deemed unassailable by Western... Read More
Quebec's Director General of Elections has reversed himself, requiring that veiled women reveal their faces to allow for the validation of their identities. He bowed in an effort to proactively prevent electoral disruption by mischievious troublemakers hiding under the protection of their veils. The story belongs in the Onion, headline reading: "Director reverses self; after... Read More
A few more reasons to advocate Western-Islamic separationism:- Last week, the FBI issued a nationwide warning to local police apprising them of a particularly chilling development:The Bureau emphatically states that there is no need for immediate alarm. But the potential for terrorist activity of this nature is terrifying.Driving a school bus is as easy as... Read More
The traditional Marxist explanations for the root causes of terrorism don't work. We've come upon a couple of sources suggesting that it is not the most destitute and unenlightened who are the most likely to become terrorists. A thorough analysis by former CIA case officer in Afghanistan, Marc Sageman, revealed just the opposite: Foreign Policy... Read More
An Asian pundit has learned that the license to say anything is only extended to certain minority groups that target certain other groups, ethnic or otherwise. Blacks are off limits. Even if you're Asian. When black Doctor and Professor Kamau Kambon called for the extermination of whites, his genocidal predilections didn't make it to the... Read More
The most comprehensive international survey on the opinion of Muslims worldwide gives pause: The globe has more than 1.3 billion Muslims, so that comes to somewhere in the area of 100 million adherents professing support for the crashing of airplanes into skyscrapers and the massive loss of life that is the consequence. Put in another... Read More
In Germany, the apprehension caused by the Danish cartoons is being put to rest: Polemical, provocative and striking -- such is the nature of carnival parades in Germany. Last year, when 43-year-old Jacques Tilly was thinking of how to address the plight of women in Muslim countries, he followed his satirist's instinct. The float he... Read More
What follows is excerpted from what I put forward in an online college forum. It is nothing new to readers here or to those who edify themselves with the work of those perspicacious thinkers who've graciously linked to me (links added here):---I do not disagree with this mood of frustration, although I hope we can... Read More
The deprecations that are going to befall South Africa in the coming decades are the handiwork of those who quixotically railed against the injustices of de Klerk's South Africa years ago. The sustained external pressure on that country's sovereignty has this to show for itself: To refresh, consider the current state Zimbabwe is in. After... Read More
Muslims in Europe aren't integrating. They're not assimilating. They're creating parallel societies hostile to the broader host culture and hostile to its laws and values: Where's Enoch Powell? English common law has developed over 800 years and underlies much of the legal system in former British colonies like Australia, Canada, and the US. Yet immigrants... Read More