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Civil unrest

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Then: Now: Devoted to the cause or aren't you? To the front, then, soldier!
Overwhelming majorities of people across the political spectrum expect widespread civil unrest if Donald Trump wins reelection next week: This doesn't bode well for the president's chances. Nice country you have there, it'd be a shame if you made the wrong decision on Tuesday and we had to punish you for it. It's incorrect to... Read More
Are Joe Biden and his corporatist handlers further left than New York City mayor Bill de Blasio? Than Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey? Than Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan? Than Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, whose reelection bid is in real trouble on account of a woman who is challenging him from his left? No, not by a... Read More
Irreconcilable differences, part CCXVII: Perhaps this big, diverse country constantly at war with itself should amicably split up into several smaller countries. In the meantime, the more local the solution, the more support it deserves. Let cities do their thing, let small town America and suburbia do theirs. Were I to answer literally, I'd have... Read More