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From YouGov, the percentages of people who correctly identified the current unemployment rate and some rudimentary facts about the three branches of the US federal government. By sex: By race: The potential responses to these questions were presented in a multiple-choice format. The unemployment question had five possible answers. Respondents could also cop to not... Read More
Steve Sailer has a long-running gag about the Latino Electoral Tidal Wave failing to ever hit shore. Hispanic (and Asian) turnout rates among eligible voters have been and continue to be reliably lower than white and black rates are. That's because the invaders New Americans aren't that interested in politics. Those on the losing side... Read More
In the post on millennials, I overlooked perhaps the most important data set included in the primary source. It wasn't fully fleshed out in the report the GenForward released, but the complete results are there in the topline survey (thanks to commenter milan for the heads-up). Respondents were asked to select their "top three most... Read More
Heartiste: Undoubtedly. Relatedly, that Trump's first-term inaugural turnout was smaller than Obama's isn't surprising given Obama's enormous home field advantage. The Imperial City is more hostile to Trump than any other place in the country is. Because validating stereotypes is the blog's raison d'etre, let's see if Heartiste's assertion does. Every year of the survey,... Read More
Excerpting TWCS, Heartiste talks about quantifying the costs of Diversity!, the structure of which is characterized by an iceberg effect with the most conspicuous costs representing a small fraction of the total while the most go unnoticed by all but the few who deliberately look for them. While TWCS defeated the kraken, I'll throw my... Read More
The alleged epidemic of police brutality against black bodies sweeping through the nation's urban cores aside, the tendency for blacks not to cooperate with the cops is nothing new. In the 1984 iteration of the survey, the GSS asked respondents if they would feel obligated to report a crime they witnessed occurring. The percentages, by... Read More
Dear Black America, It is somewhat strange to address this to you, given that I’ve been told my whole life that race is just a social construct or that, at most, it is no more than skin deep, and I have had little choice but to imbibe a good deal of your popular culture growing... Read More
++Addition++South Park's treatment (thanks to Dan). --- ... Posthumous respect? Nope, he's still not getting any. A mostly forgotten movie from two decades ago in which he starred presaged the next big 'civil rights' movement in the contemporary West, the crusade for sheilas to be treated as though there isn't a package between their legs.... Read More
Complementing the assertion that IQ and quality of life correlate positively with one another is the presumption that IQ is similarly correlated with higher levels of civic participation. Using data gathered by GMU professor Michael MacDonald, it has been revealed here that intelligent people vote more frequently than dullards do.They also appear to be more... Read More