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CIA factbook

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Via Steve Sailer, Israel's prime minister Netanyahu recently announced the country's intention to deport 40,000 "illegal infiltrators ... without their consent". Israel has a population of a little over 8 million. The US has a population of nearly 330 million. Adjusting for population size, that'd be the equivalent of president Trump announcing an "accelerated removal"... Read More
The CIA world factbook recently added a field listing of the mean age of women at first birth for several countries. In Chad and Niger, most women are getting pregnant before they turn 18. Sexual relationships that violate laws on statutory rape in the US are commonplace in sub-Saharan Africa, where the age of first... Read More
From the GSS, responses from white survey participants on the ideal number of children for a household to have, by year of participation in the survey: Even as our TFR has been sub-replacement, our collective assessment of what we should be doing hasn't changed. We know replacement should be the floor. Fewer than 1-in-20 white... Read More
It feels like I must have glossed over it before, but flipping through the annotations in Ann Coulter's ¡Adios America! I'm not finding any references to it. I figure that if I'd find it anywhere, it'd be there.The seemingly obvious thought just occurred to me that if the number of illegal immigrants in the US... Read More
The r/K selection theory, coined by E. O. Wilson, concerns the trade off between the quantity of offspring produced and the quality of care and devotion given to each of them. From the Wikipedia article: In this conceptual framework, humans are clearly a K-selected species. Frogs and spiders, in contrast, are examples of r-selected species.... Read More
Sifting through the pages of the CIA factbook, I noticed the virtual universality of higher infant mortality rates at the international level for boys than for girls. There are two marginal exceptions, Nepal and the Northern Mariana Islands, the latter also having the most unbalanced gender ratio favoring women in the world (numerically anyway--the red-blooded... Read More