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The correlation at the state level between the share of Google searches in the US for "Happy Holidays" relative to those for "Merry Christmas" over the last year and Hillary Clinton's share of the 2016 US presidential election vote correlates at a vigorous .83. The top five Happy Holidays states: 1) District of Columbia 2)... Read More
To express his skepticism about the existence of any morally valid proof for the formula: Somali Muslim + criticism of Jewish influence = white gentiles are evil , Alabama representative Mo Brooks voted against the anti-ism resolution in the House on account of its failure to condemn anti-white and anti-Christian hate, both of which are... Read More
On twatter, F0RHEXET shares a table from Helmuth Nyborg: The high figures across the board immediately jump out as indicative of something being amiss. The average for Nyborg's entire white sample is 106.09, nearly half a standard deviation above the conventional white mean. Adjusting for that apparent inflation across the board, though, his results correlate... Read More
From the GSS, the percentages of adherents by religious identification who are non-Hispanic white (N = 21,581): Using Reuters-Ipsos, a previous post looked at the same, albeit further broken down by Christian denomination. It was subsequently noted there that the Jewish n-H white figure (87.4%) seemed too low and the Hindu figure too high (7.1%).... Read More
Jig Bohnson writes: Excerpted directly from the gorillion-page report: Over 1,000 victims were identified (although they are obviously not named in the report). If for the sake of both simplicity and the benefit of Sodom we assume 501 male victims and 500 female victims and assume 5% of the population is gay--not bisexual, but exclusively... Read More
Pat Buchanan on the crisis of the Catholic church: And it needs be stated clearly: This is a homosexual scandal. The percentage of men, by sexual orientation, who do not deem it always morally wrong for 14 year-olds to have sex. Responses are from 200Add AnEpigone8 through 2016 (N = 2,649): The question implies those... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of GSS respondents, by religious affiliation, who report having experienced poor mental health ("stress, depression, and problems with emotions") in the last thirty days (N = 7,088): Funny that Buddhists--practitioners of a philosophy which is kind of like Stoicism but without an engagement in worldly affairs--appear to have the... Read More
I recently asked if Mormons are alone among sizable population subgroups in the US in experiencing eugenic fertility patterns. I failed to even evaluate Jews (there go my alt right credentials!). My thought process was the orthodox have lots of kids while secular Jews don't and the former are dullards while the latter have the... Read More
Z-Man reads from the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer (DC diocese version):
This isn't breaking news, but it could use a little search engine optimization. Find something concise and easily digestible proved difficult, so here it is. The following table shows, by theistic orientation, the mean number of children non-Hispanic whites, aged at least 40 when the question was asked, have ever had. For contemporary relevance all... Read More
A couple weeks ago, Z Man put up a post that opened thusly: It's a question worth pondering, because whites in the US have been losing such a belief for decades, Among Western Europeans, it's already gone. The GSS queries respondents on their belief in heaven. The survey also asks them whether or not they... Read More
Yes, charitable giving is religiously mediated, significantly so. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by frequency of church (or other religious worship service) attendance, who have made multiple monetary charitable contributions in the previous year. To avoid racial confounding, responses are restricted to non-Hispanic whites (N = 3,688): Parenthetically, categories are mutually exclusive,... Read More
The following is from a someone I went to high school with who holds some sort of outreach position in the state Democrat party. He's second-generation Afghani but, rather remarkably for a youngish POC in an official Democrat capacity, almost never has anything to say about race. It's all Old Left focus on economic and... Read More
Paul Kersey nailed it: This is predictably being spun as a big loss for Trump. Indeed, Trump could not have played the state any worse than he did--endorsing the loser in the primary, withholding an endorsement and staying mum on the GOPe's not mere abandonment but opposition to Moore until the 11th hour, endorsing Moore... Read More
In this week's installment of the Power Hour, the blog's sole proprietor does a segment touching on church attendance in the West, noting that outside of a couple peripheral Catholic countries like Poland and Ireland, active Christianity is dead in Europe. Moribundity is beckoning in the US, too, though we're a generation or so behind... Read More
The Nazism and the swastika have to go. A modest suggestion for a replacement: - The Nazis mostly killed Europeans. The Crusaders mostly did not. Repelling Saracens is relevant. Conquering Celts is not. - Many of those who make up the Alt Right's prime recruitment base had grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought the Nazis. Vanishingly... Read More
Continuing on the subject of Jewish opinions on abortion, the level of support among Jews scoring 9 or 10 on the GSS 10-question Wordsum vocabulary test, indicating an IQ of over 120, ratchets my surprise up another level. The percentage of high IQ Jews who say a woman should be able to obtain an abortion... Read More
In the comments at the Chateau, Days of Broken Arrows writes: Jews tend to be on the left, (though nowhere near as overwhelmingly as blacks--who voted 65% and 86%, respectively, for Hillary in the two-way presidential election), so it's not surprising that they're pro-choice. The degree to which they are, however, is surprising. The following... Read More
On their most recent podcast, Kevins Grace and Steel asserted, in the context of a long discussion on George Soros, that Jews are particularly nihilistic. If so, they sure are diligent, deliberate, and effortful in attaining meaningless worldly success. Come to think of it, Kefka's character was based in large part on Soros! The percentage... Read More
Via Vox Day, news on the United Methodist Church's election of a lesbian bishop: Vox lays out Christianity's options starkly--maintain what is regarded as eternal truth or be converged out of existence: The following graph shows the frequency of worship attendance by sexual or
America is a white nation. America is a Christian nation. America is an Anglophone nation. America is a nation built and led by white men. America is a heterosexual nation. America is a nation of male breadwinners and female homemakers. America is a nation of natives born on its soil. All of these assertions have... Read More
Sparked by Steve Sailer's recent post, the following graph and table show the percentages of GSS respondents, by religious affiliation, who support eugenics at the practical, functional level. The term is used accurately in this context. The question reads "Suppose a test shows the baby has a serious genetic defect. Would you (yourself want to/want... Read More
John Derbyshire's post entitled "Turkeys Vote For Thanksgiving--Gays Demonstrating For Muslim Immigration" spurred me to take a look at what the GSS has to say about the subject. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by religious affiliation, who believe that "sexual relations between two adults of the same sex" is "always wrong" (n... Read More
Without clicking on the link, take a guess as to what search phrases returned these results from Google Trends: Hint: They all spiked during the week of June 12th, a date that coincided with a certain bloody incident in Orlando. Did you correctly peg them as "Christian hate", "Anti gay Christian", "Christianity homosexuality", and "Christian... Read More
The Confederate-flag hating blackety-black occupying the Oval Office and the head papistical muckety-muck both impugn an unapologetically white Protestant just days before a primary in the Deep South, in a state that is one of the most fervently Protestant in the country. Beautiful. It gets better. Obama--who is notorious for jetting around on long vacations,... Read More
Back in August, when Donald Trump was perceived as a political novelty, explaining away the enormous amount of search interest he generated--more than the other 15 Republican candidates combined--may have sounded plausible. Fast-forward to December. Five 'debates' are in the books and perpetual campaign coverage has now run from the hottest month of the year... Read More
Ann Coulter has apparently started an annual tradition around Christmas of re-posting her skewering of the most risible holiday a certain segment of the population pretends real people actually celebrate. Interest in Kwanzaa--primarily among elementary and middle school teachers obliged by public school curricula to mention it, I presume--has been steadily decreasing each winter and... Read More
Razib's post comparing Islamic cultural beliefs across several countries got me wondering about Islamic identity in the US. While the question of whether the adjective "Jewish" is a religious or an ethnic one is given consideration, no one would think to ask a similar question if the adjective in question was "Catholic", let alone "Christian".... Read More
Donald Trump on his favorite bible verse:
We've seen that 1-in-5 Americans, and 1-in-3 among those under 30 years old, claim no religious affiliation. Similarly, we've seen that nearly half of all Americans (47% in 2014) and most of those under 30 (55%) do not attend worship services. Lastly, let's take a look at how the percentages of those who are atheistic,... Read More
That 1-in-5 American adults and 1-in-3 under the age of 30 claim no religious affiliation naturally leads to the question of whether this is a reflection of declining religious piety in the US or a product of social cocooning and a distaste for organized religion without any meaningful corresponding decline in the belief in an... Read More
The end of history it may not have been, but the beginning of the end of (non-secular) religion as a primary driving force in American society it apparently was. The following graph shows the percentages of all GSS respondents and also the percentages of respondents under the age of 30 without any expressed religious affiliation,... Read More
Some findings from a recent Pew Research report entitled "How Americans Feel About Religious Groups" follow. Allow a few technical considerations to be run through beforehand. The (ir)religious groups under consideration are not defined in the questions Pew posed to survey participants, so the somewhat nebulous terms "Jew" (is it an ethnicity, religious persuasion, either/or?)... Read More
Razib offers the nuanced approach of a thoughtful, hyper intelligent politically conservative Asian in reacting to a 'controversial' Stephen Colbert tweet. The relevant background is here, or just watch this five minute exchange between a self-styled Asian millennial activist and a cookie-cutter SWPL: The exact building attributes of the oppression hierarchy skyscraper don't interest me... Read More
It's set in the years before the launch of the third crusade, culminating in the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187. The narrative contains plenty of historical errors, the most blatant being the antagonism between Sibylla and Guy, which is as backwards as it gets--she not only snubbed and scandalized all of the kingdom... Read More
Taking note of Alfred Clark's observations about the 'ghettoization' of Christianity, the Derb recently wrote a piece for VDare exploring the phenomenon of white flight from the religion, an abandonment distinct from the general trend towards secularization in that it appears to be occurring more rapidly among whites than among NAMs. The GSS has data... Read More
Agnostic's insights into hair color and heaven (lots of blondes in half-hearted denominations like Episcopalianism, relatively fewer among the more committed, like Baptists) got me wondering about certainty of belief among members of major religious institutions in the contemporary US. And it's not like I need even that flimsy a segue to report as much,... Read More
Steve Sailer's insight into the secure masculinity of biblical male names has been of great personal interest recently. While it's a great place to start, however, it isn't without exceptions. He never claimed it was, of course--I've just finally gotten around to putting a little pressure on it.Aaron/Erin is the first exception that comes to... Read More
Razib's informative post relating Asian-American religious affiliation to electoral behavior spurred me to take a look at the relationship between regular church attendance and partisan affiliation among self-identified Christians in the US over the last several decades. My impression was that the difference in attendance rates by party have become starker over time, Jimmy Carter... Read More
Addressing the oft made assertion (or at least insinuation) "that conservative American Protestants are roughly equivalent with conservative Muslims", Razib tapped the World Values Survey to compare the positions of conservative Protestants in the US with those of Muslims in predominately Islamic countries on some representative social issues. He presents a table that shows all... Read More
Reacting to Lawrence Auster's visceral reactions towards anyone on the right who is not viewed as sufficiently supportive of Israel, Dennis Mangan remarks that it was not so-called "Judeo-Christian" morality that shaped Western civilization, but simply Christian morality that did. While Dennis' assertion would have gone undisputed in the fifties when he was a toddling... Read More
Half Sigma recently reiterated the claim that atheists tend to be more intelligent than believers do, noting the findings from a recent study by evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. The GSS reveals the same (at least when atheists are compared to firm believers*). HS then takes this a step further with the following:The GSS offers a... Read More
From a report on Williams syndrome, excerpted and then discussed by Steve:Solomon must have had his way with one of those kids!
In Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt, Paul Gottfried excerpts (p62) from a speech given by Bill Clinton a couple of months after 9/11 as an illustration "exemplifying the power of multicultural concepts to influence political celebrities independently of tangible career interest" (that is, multicult worship is not merely a tool for achieving some desired... Read More
A couple of months ago, Razib showed the relationship between views on the Bible and on extramarital sexual activity. Predictably, biblical literalism increases the likelihood for condemnation of running around. Even when relationships are expected, it's still interesting to see the degree to which various attributes are related.In a recent column, Jack Cashill articulated the... Read More
With spring finally banishing a frigid winter, Christmas is far from most people's minds. Not mine, though. While doing isometrics in my basement this morning, I noticed my roommate had finally packed up the 7-foot Christmas tree he had displayed since December. Nothing is better for halting time than a stalemate with gravity, so my... Read More
According to a Pew survey profiling who watches and listens to various media figures and networks, women are more than three times as likely as men are to listen to religious radio broadcasts. I find this especially notable because it is my impression that men are more likely to listen to non-musical radio than women... Read More
++Addition++Randall Parker calls for a more meticulous look at the effects and consequences of religious belief. I agree, at both the sect or denominational level, and also at the individual level. Piety is surely more beneficial for some people than it is for others. The same probably applies at the societal level.---Last year, I tried... Read More
Pew has released the second part of its series on religion in the US. Razib has a few thoughts. I'd like to add to them by pointing to some interesting things the data reveal.- It is little wonder why the established left (major media, whiterpeople, etc) despises Evangelicals and affords Mormons nothing of the exalted... Read More
I'm currently reading a one year NIV bible, as I've never actually gone through the thing in order from start to finish. As it is the best selling book in the history of the world (and probably the single most important literary compilation in Western civilization), it seems overdue. The gauntlet throwers of the OT... Read More