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As if the imploding American empire doesn't have enough explosives along its foundations as is, there has been a marked bipartisan increase in hostility towards the world's ascendant second pole over the last four years: The setup for a spectacular American collapse is nearly complete. If China makes a move on Taiwan, a move on... Read More
Four weeks ago, we looked at the change in American sentiment towards China from the beginning of March, before the coronavirus shutdown, and again at the end of March, once shelter-in-place had been instituted nearly nationwide. Of mild surprise was the discovery that Americans expressed less hostility towards China after corona came to the US... Read More
++Addition++As of a few hours subsequent to this post being published, Trends results for the month of November 2019 now return "Hmm, your search doesn't have enough data to show here". I’m 100% sure I entered those parameters multiple times by cut+pasting the URL as I was opening new tabs and running other potential search... Read More
At the beginning of March, before coronavirus turned America upside down, YouGov surveyed Americans on their sentiments towards China. The survey did so again at the end of the month, after most of the country had been placed under shelter-at-home orders, the stock market lost a third of its value, jobless claims increased by an... Read More
In last week's Power Hour, the Z-Man noted that one major reason Trump gets so little Establishment push back for tangling with China--despite the real dangers involved--is because our elites are legitimately worried about the Middle Kingdom. Crowding out top American colleges, stealing the intellectual property elites live off of, pricing them out of major... Read More
Racial population distributions in South Africa, by age cohort:       This data is from 2011. Farm murders have stepped up since then. So has black immigration into South Africa from other sub-Saharan African countries. White emigration from South Africa has increased, too. The demographic situation is thus even bleaker than the above graphs... Read More
The inestimable Sid: How worried are the Chinese about African fertility? The Han don't suffer from the same self-destructive universalistic, egalitarian impulses that Northwestern Europeans (WEIRDOs) do. China's a big country. They'll keep the dumb Africans outside the walls and everything will be fine. Illegal invasion from Africa into China is nearly impossible. The infiltrators... Read More
Via Steve Sailer, the New York Times has a program that does instantaneously (though it's regularly unresponsive) what I used to drearily spend a couple hours doing: Surprisingly (to me), Israel receives about as much coverage as Mexico, Canada, or Russia do, and China has consistently received more than any of them. Sure, proximity might... Read More
What do the countries we like the most have in common with us? From Pew: It's not just that they are our allies (a nebulous term, anyway). The Saudis are allies, aren't they? It's not geographic proximity. We like Canada but we don't like Mexico. It's not latitude, either. Again, we like Canada but we... Read More
In the comments to a previous post looking at changes in positions on social behaviors over time across several countries participating in the WVS, Ed Tom Kowalsky wrote:I thought we'd be 2 for 4, but it turns out the question on immigration policy wasn't asked in the survey's earlier years, so religion is the only... Read More
Thinking about Razib's post at Discover magazine and then responding to Razib's subsequent comments on the same, Parapundit's Randall Parker wonders how stable social values are across countries:There are changes in wording in most of the survey questions by wave (that is, years in which surveys were conducted), but there is quite a bit of... Read More
++Addition++Pat Buchanan's recent article on the same subject is here. He raises the interesting question of how democratic capitalism will fare going forward against its most potent rival, autocratic capitalism.---At Parapundit, Randall Parker has recently been churning out several posts dealing with the continued rise of China. As US exceptionalism fades away and the world's... Read More
The question over which country, India or China, will rise faster, is one of the most internationally important that will be answered in the 21st Century. GNXP's Godless has, equipped with a human biodiversity perspective, dealt with it in the past. He places his bet on China, for four major reasons: In contrast, India is... Read More
The worst societies with regards to Western views on women's rights can arguably be said to exist in the Islamic world or possibly in sub-Saharan Africa. On animal rights, though, China is about as reprehensible as it gets (beware the link as it contains some grizzly pictures): The smiling children giggled as they patted the... Read More
The protests in Burma continue, with the Shwe military government giving little indication that it will bow to international pressure and back down in the face tens of thousands of religiously-led, democratic oppositional forces. Instead, the government has increased its martial presence, with armed soldiers on the steps of pagodas as the sun came up... Read More
Several subprime lenders have recently gone under. Many alternate A lenders are teetering (an alt-A loan is one made to a person with good credit, but who lacks other qualifications for prime lending, like proof of income over some threshold). The stock market has been given the shakes as a result. So this doesn't come... Read More
While the US government shows its disdain for the bulk of its own citizenry, the Chinese government attempts to prevent any perceived slander against its own: Chow Yun-Fat's role as Sao Feng in the movie hardly constitutes a becoming portrayal of a Chinaman. The CPC's censorship may seem petty, but it illustrates an important distinction... Read More
If you're a wealthy Chinese woman wanting to have a second child, Hong Kong is apparently the place to go: Fees run as high as $8,000 just to arrange the trip and book a hospital in advance. There are even companies devoted specifically to the Hong Kong birthing-mill industry. The mainland could be cashing in... Read More