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Observing the horrifying behavior of a 13 year old callously taking the life of a man she didn't know in a carjacking gone wrong, songbird wonders if a little early life corporal intervention could have kept her off the homicidal path she ended up going down: Blacks are more supportive of physically disciplining children than... Read More
Some Guy writes: In nearly 3,000 posts, the blog does not appear to have taken a look at that. It's an inexplicable oversight since the General Social Survey makes it easy to do, albeit with suboptimally small non-white samples. So now that will be rectified: While views on immigration may be significantly heritable there is... Read More
From 2000 onward for contemporary relevance, among women aged 40 or older for completed fertility, and restricted to non-Hispanic whites to avoid racial confounding, we have TFRs by educational attainment and religious service attendance: Religiosity is a strong correlate with fertility. Nothing quite trumps the inverse correlation fecundity has with female educational attainment, a robust... Read More
The following graph shows spanking sentiment by selected demographic characteristics. Spanking sentiment is calculated from responses to the assertion that "it is sometimes necessary to discipline a child with a good, hard, spanking". The percentage of respondents who "strongly agree" is multiplied by 1.5; those who "agree" by 0.5; those who "disagree" by -0.5; and... Read More
Replicability crisis alert: This compilation is shockingly homogeneous for a woke top news site to have put together. Probably just an oversight that such a mendaciously anti-natalist video features whites exclusively. Don't worry about it. Just keep leaning in, beckies. And remember--you only live once! But I digress. Regarding the replicability issue, the following graph... Read More
From a GSS question that was asked in 2002 and 2012, mean number of children among non-Hispanic white married couples between the ages of 35-60 by whether the husband or wife earns more: The differences are fairly modest but a victory for traditionalism is a victory for traditionalism and since I ran the numbers they... Read More