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Charles Murray

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Charles Murray has been a sympathetic target of some vicious ad hominem attacks over the years, so when he began unloading a series of ad hominem attacks on Trump last Fall, several people on the AltRight were understandably nonplussed. Attempting to get to the root of the seemingly visceral animus, I finally got this out... Read More
Read the title, don't say it, because he emphatically is not. He is one of the intellectual titans of the HBD movement. But his apparent visceral disdain for Trump renders him unable to maintain his composure when the subject in question is perceived to be anywhere near the GOP front runner's orbit. Murray earlier today... Read More
On facebook and twitter Charles Murray has mounted a continual attack campaign against Donald Trump (and also on his presidential aspirations and its supporters--but, surprisingly, against Trump in an acerbically personal way more than anything else). From Trump's perspective, this is an ant-pissing-on-my-shoe scenario, of course. Another Establishment figure renouncing Trumpian populism is nothing new,... Read More