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Yes, charitable giving is religiously mediated, significantly so. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by frequency of church (or other religious worship service) attendance, who have made multiple monetary charitable contributions in the previous year. To avoid racial confounding, responses are restricted to non-Hispanic whites (N = 3,688): Parenthetically, categories are mutually exclusive,... Read More
Riffing off a previous post and a stultifying example of pathological altruism in which a jury who convicted an illegal alien of theft paid her legal fine out of their own pockets (via Derb) comes a graph showing percentages of people, by race, who have made multiple charitable contributions in the last year (N =... Read More
The following is from a someone I went to high school with who holds some sort of outreach position in the state Democrat party. He's second-generation Afghani but, rather remarkably for a youngish POC in an official Democrat capacity, almost never has anything to say about race. It's all Old Left focus on economic and... Read More
The Pressure Project's most recent podcast showcased host Justin Garcia's responses to criticisms of his previously expressed atheism. One such criticism: "Still waiting for the St. Nobody's children's hospital to be built". Garcia dismisses this with equivocation, but the insinuation that there aren't differences in mean levels of altruism between the religious and the irreligious... Read More
In summarizing a post on college bank rollers, Steve writes:To investigate this assertion rigorously would require something akin to Fortune's survey of the XXX wealthiest whatevers. The groups in question are too numerically small to be represented with any meaningful reliability in most wide-ranging, general surveys. Sometimes these surveys employ precision modules targeting niche respondent... Read More
As Joplin is only a two hour drive south of Kansas City, the local media have been filled with solicitations for donations of food, water, and other basic necessities to be sent to the devastated town. As a Joplin native, they certainly hit home for me. Yet when these calls for things to be gathered... Read More
My company just concluded our annual week long drive to encourage employees to donate to our chosen corporate charity. The video presentation is pure SWPL--a plump, golden-toothed black woman in her early thirties thanking the organization for providing her with the training to become a CNA, a white guy who can't have children acting as... Read More
++Addition++Stopped Clock points out an obvious oversight on my part. In looking at average income for white Republicans and Democrats from '00-'06, I didn't attempt to make any adjustment for family size. White Republicans are more likely to be married and also more likely to have children than white Democrats are. When looking at household... Read More