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Chaos and order

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Okay, that's where he spends most of his time. Though my intellectual GI is still digesting it, the entree is worth a bite: A lot of the public outrage over the deaths of George Floyd and this Brooks fellow is not really about them at all. BLM is capitalizing on the public mood shift of... Read More
From a recent SurveyUSA today nationwide poll, mean estimates of the percentage of police officers in America who are "bad cops" by selected respondent demographic characteristics: Overall, more than one in every four officers are perceived to be bad apples. That's striking. When the economic collapse comes, the country is done. Nobody trusts anyone or... Read More
In case it is unclear, there are distinct lines to be drawn between people protesting non-violently, people looting, and people physically attacking other people. The previous post concerned the latter two groups who surely comprise a minority of people who've taken to the streets over the last week. Instances of protesters being detained for taunting... Read More
Revisiting a post from late in 2018: This was before the coronavirus catastrophe knocked the economy on its ass and 40 million people--disproportionately younger people--out of work, and knocked many more out of school. With vanishingly few arrests made and most of the arrestees given a slap on the wrist citation if charged with anything... Read More
One additional observation as the country burns is that social distancing is done. Pushing around a suburban mother taking her kids to the park is one thing; pushing around a group of vibrant youths is another. It was obvious from the onset that social distancing wouldn't be realized in the US to anything like the... Read More