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Other companies will stop spreading money around to politicians of either party: It's hard to have any hope for the Republican party, but if any can be had it is this. Despite the Democrat party having vastly outraised the GOP in corporate donations since 2004, the hapless GOP continues to allow itself to be portrayed... Read More
Most Americans aren't buying Woke Capital's pledge to Be Better in the War on Racism: There are only two possible responses to "In the wake of the protests against the deaths of African Americans during encounters with police, many companies have responded by making anti-racism statements that include commitments to equality, instituting new diversity initiatives... Read More
Ted Cruz has a sharp mind and a quick wit, and he knows how to find his way to a polemical jugular:
Steve Sailer on tunnels of oppression: I wasn't alone in noticing a similar pattern in market brands on display at commercial breaks during the Super Bowl: With one exception mentioned below, the anti-white messaging from these giants was devoi
Paul Kersey nailed it: This is predictably being spun as a big loss for Trump. Indeed, Trump could not have played the state any worse than he did--endorsing the loser in the primary, withholding an endorsement and staying mum on the GOPe's not mere abandonment but opposition to Moore until the 11th hour, endorsing Moore... Read More
Checking around before renewing home insurance for the year, imagine the triggering I experience as I come across this: Racism in any form is intolerable enough, but to have it so blatantly incorporated into a routine business transaction shows just how far we still have to go to achieve true social justice in America! Obviously... Read More
Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill was on the front page of the KC Star yesterday after her heated remarks proposing limits on compensation for investment banking executives:My initial reaction was to wonder why Congress critters continue to receive six-figure salaries and generous benefits when the federal budget has been in the red for all but four... Read More
I regularly hear people assert that gas stations are taking it in by the fistfull as gas prices enter a period of steady price increases.But the opposite is true. Retailer margins are razor thin in a time of rising prices. Consumer price sensitivity becomes heightened, as illustrated by local radio stations broadcasting live from the... Read More
A study by Bruce Elmslie and Edinaldo Tebaldi is being reported as evidence of irrational discrimination against gay men in the American workplace: Lesbians, however, apparently do better than straight women: Unless there was found to be no difference at all between the respective earnings of the two groups, this almost certainly indicates that lesbians... Read More
Why the current income tax structures, for both corporations and individuals at both the federal and state levels, need an overhaul: Ernst doesn't specialize in cost accounting. Wal-Mart isn't calling on one of the big four to help it realize efficiency gains in its distribution process. The mass retailer wants to shuffle around income classifications,... Read More
Cramer, Wall Street, and the lenders were all just thrown a bone:The discount rate is distinct from the funds rate, the latter directly influencing adjustable and new mortgage, credit card, and auto loan rates. But cutting the discount rate by 8% provides a cheaper source of cash for banks and lenders who are reeling from... Read More
DVD-rental giant Netflix has seen it's stock price deflate over the last 18 months, from over $30 to below $20 today. If you'd written the company off as being antiquated from its inception, with a business model of sending hard copies via snail mail, look again--the company is now selling streamed movies and TV programming.... Read More
Humans are social creatures. Our desire to fit in has obvious evolutionary and sociological advantages. That can be for better or worse. Jumping off a cliff, not so good. Respecting yourself because of Alicia Silverstone's portrayed self-respect, better. Our girth may be similarly open to peer influence: The cause-or-effect question is relevant here. Tubsters are... Read More