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New column over at is a brief look at the new Red Dawn remake movie in theaters today, and a much longer look at the man who directed/wrote the 1984 Red Dawn -- John Milius [“I Would Have Done It About Mexico.” American Hero John Milius Denounces RED DAWN Remake, VDare, 11-21-12]: Well, don’t... Read More
Historical comparisons between ancient Rome and the contemporary US are tough. It's easy to fall into the trap of inevitability about how things will be based on how things have been. And spergs will inevitably point out the places where the comparisons break down. When a big-brained brow ridge takes a stab at it, though,... Read More
Z-Man devotes an hour to a treatment of the dissident right:
Steve Sailer: The GSS permits a testing of that assertion. The following graph shows political interest by self-described ideology. The survey asked respondents about their personal level of interest in politics with five potential responses ranging from "not at all interested" on the low end to "very interested" on the high end. Inverted from the... Read More
On The Daily Shoah the big-brained Z-Man brought up an important question white identitarians have to find a satisfactory answer to--are based Jews part of Heritage America or always potential wolves in sheep's clothing? Mike Enoch's dodgy reply was that they are not, they have to go back to Israel, and Israel can suffer the... Read More
Vox Day ensures we have "a public record of whose analysis was correct and whose was not". I can think of no better company to be in than Derb's and Z-Man's, though some clarification for the benefit of the historical record is in order. VD: The criticism offered here is qualitatively different than that of... Read More
Agnostic regularly offers unique insights that are not found elsewhere. With thought-provoking takes so often unconventional, he can be forgiven for not bowling 300. But I'm compelled to take issue with his reading of the DACA showdown. Several months ago he asserted matter-of-factly that DACAmnesty was a foregone conclusion and that it would be bad... Read More
In a characteristically perspicacious Taki's Magazine article, Steve Sailer writes: A couple of clarifying comments I should've fleshed out more fully in previous posts: - For the cohort having attended college in the 2010s, 100.0 may be more than 2 points above the population mean. The total sample is based on an assumption of a... Read More
Ruth Ginsburg attacks Trump. Weeks ago Trump was bombed from outer space for suggesting that a judge presiding over the Trump University case might have it out for him. Well, in either his capacity as a real estate developer or as president, he could find himself in a situation where Ginsburg, who clearly has it... Read More
The Trump phenomenon has basically taken over here. It's quite fascinating. In anticipation of a lull in quantitative material related to the presidential campaign over the next couple of months, here are a few general thoughts: - In the debates Trump will be playing with house money. Primary turnout has been record-setting on the Republican... Read More
Jack Cashill, a fantastic investigative journalist who has turned up a lot of big stories that would've otherwise gone unnoticed, is my favorite cuckservative. But a cuckservative he is: Because liberals are the real racists. One upshot of this trend is that a higher percentage of white Americans will be able to run for office... Read More
The Derb writes: It's not a full-fledged answer to his questions, but in Trump's campaign book, Crippled America, he writes (p34/35): To put these excerpts in context, Trump doesn't necessarily call for a draw down in overseas deployments, but strongly insinuates that if the US isn't compensated an
++Addition++Heartiste: --- Heartiste's comments on Colorado shooter James Holmes' aspiring harem begs the question of whether or not status, rather than cruelty and violence, is the predominant driver of the female sexual desire on display. Does Peyton Manning--a physically unattractive, salt-of-the-earth niceguy--attract the same volume of mail attention from women that Holmes does? I have... Read More
The Pressure Project's most recent podcast showcased host Justin Garcia's responses to criticisms of his previously expressed atheism. One such criticism: "Still waiting for the St. Nobody's children's hospital to be built". Garcia dismisses this with equivocation, but the insinuation that there aren't differences in mean levels of altruism between the religious and the irreligious... Read More
From Google's Ngram viewer, the percentage of published books in the US containing "transgender" and the percentage containing "transracial" over time: Steve Sailer has a quantitative sense so often activated by 'mere' anecdotal assessment. I guess that is the essence of Noticing, and it's the reason he's a bonafide Bad Person.
In his third Start the World podcast, Jack Donovan and Paul Carter discuss a whole range of topics loosely tied to the concept(s) of masculinity in the contemporary Western world*. Summarizing very generally, the conclusions are mostly of the variety the manosphere is known for arriving at--the modern world, especially WEIRD societies, are not conducive... Read More
As a prerequisite, please see Heartiste's post on a study positing criminal behavior as an alternative mating strategy that potentially increases evolutionary fitness. It's paygated, so we're just working with the abstract here. Perhaps it is correctly identifying a meaningful phenomenon. Since the magnate threw down the gauntlet, though, there are reasons we might be... Read More
Calling for reinforcements to the battlefield that is Urban Dictionary. Definitions are ranked (and thus made visible) by simply taking the number of positive votes a definition receives and subtracting from it the number of negative votes it receives. In other words, it's not based on a ratio of positive-to-negative votes. Every affirmation counts! If... Read More
In commenting on CPAC's rescinding of a booth for a proselytizing atheist group, the Derb made the following observations: The GSS doesn't quite extend back to the beginning of forever, but on these particular questions it does reach back a quarter of a decade. On the first point, the percentages of those attending church at... Read More
In a post lamenting the right-wing crazies and craziness of the HBD-sphere and without any apparent sense of irony, Jayman declares: With all due respect (and I have a ton of it for the guy, who I've had the chance to get to know not just on an intellectual level but also on a personal... Read More
In a recent Taki's column, the Derb parenthetically notes the unfortunate competition for primacy of the acronym HBD that the phrase "human biodiversity" shares with the phrase "happy birthday". Nothing against congratulating people for managing to survive another year, but the former phrase is enhanced by the abbreviation while the latter is cheapened by it. Human biodiversity doesn't have a... Read More
++Addition++Great comments. Using the GSS, Jason Malloy replicates what other studies have found regarding the urban/rural IQ gap in the US--that it has shrunk appreciably over the last three generations, but not due to rural areas catching up with urban ones. Instead, urban areas appear to have regressed while rural areas have treaded water: ---... Read More
++Addition++The Inductivist points out that over half of those who chose the ethnicity "American" are black (I wonder if this is similarly the case with Census data). I should have suspected something was up with the remarkably low average for those of putatively "Scots-Irish" descent. Shame on me for the sloppiness. The white "American" IQ... Read More
In response to Dennis Mangan's recent post discussing Satoshi Kanazawa's speculations as to why political liberals dominate Western institutions, I left the following comment. Rather than rehash it as a stand alone post, I'll just offer it again here. The body of Mangan's post offers fuller context if the line I excerpted from it is... Read More
Blode ambitiously suggests designating a specific day to draw attention to the realities of human biodiversity:In the comments, he discusses the idea and the optimal date with other familiar bloggers and readers of the Steveosphere.It sounds gimmicky, but, as much as SWPLs are loathe to admit it, that's what raising awareness is about. It's a... Read More
Because life is about trade-offs, I generally don't read the comments to news articles. OneSTDV has been changing my mind on the value of doing so, and after my brother pointed out the unanimous hostility among the commentariat to a recent story on Yahoo about reverends and churchgoers wearing hoodies in "solidarity" with Trayvon Martin,... Read More
When I found out last week that John Derbyshire was undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma, I wanted to write something to express how fervently I wanted to will the cancer into remission, but the only thing I could think of articulating were well wishes for a speedy recovery. Randall Parker improves mightily on that, with a... Read More
Writes OneSTDV:One excerpts the $PLC's condemnation, from which at least part of the answer is contained within:That's actually quite a generous concession for the $PLC to make, and I suspect it's lacking in sincerity. That the manosphere and game blogs are virtually fact-free zones is a big reason why the $PLC and associates don't fear... Read More
After OneSTDV articulated his hypothesis that Jews are to blame for the spread of vegetarianism, Half Sigma angrily rejected it, asserting as unlikely that Jews are anymore disproportionately atop the vegetarian movement than they are at the tops of virtually every other movement on account of enjoying an average IQ advantage of nearly one standard... Read More
Today Roissy (look, if I start writing "Heartiste, the artist formerly known as Roissy", the next time I step onto the field I'll have to expect the divine justice I receive when someone inevitably drubs my faggy ass!) wrote on the comparability of benefits received from marriage and long-term cohabitation, pointing to a previous post... Read More
... now shows human biodiversity as the first definition at Urban Dictionary. Nice work again, everyone.
Half Sigma asks "What are you doing about HBD-denialism?" Creating definitions in the Urban Dictionary, that's what! Hey, it's something, at least. And voting these definitions to the top of their respective entries is something any reader is able to do right now, by going here and clicking on the thumbs-up for what is currently... Read More
... now constitutes the first entry in the Urban Dictionary. Great work everybody!
Half Sigma writes:He's obviously exaggerating to make a point, but having a very good friend who is a systems and network administrator, I've heard stories from a frustrated narrator about more than a handful of incompetent black programmers who this friend "knows" to be beneficiaries of affirmative action policies (though because he cannot specifically identify... Read More
The Steveosphere has created some catchy and useful acronyms, but they're mostly just used in-house, otherwise unfamiliar to the broader public. Well, one way to induce thinking about HBD is to raise awareness* of some of its unique terminology. I've created the following entry for NAM in the Urban Dictionary: It's competing with nine other... Read More
Game, as it currently exists, is a qualitative subject rather than a quantitative one. That qualitative narrative bumps up uncomfortably against the hard data available, so the latter is either minimized or dismissed outright. While this is not the primary reason I find that Game and human biodiversity make strange bedfellows (the primary reason being... Read More
Roissy recently referred to a study conducted nearly a decade ago finding that the male-female discrepancies in self-reported numbers of sexual partners are not equally the fault of each sex, but instead primarily the result of female understatement:I'm not sure if this is specifically directed at me or not--Roissy
A few weeks ago, GMU's Ross Roberts hosted colleague Bryan Caplan on EconTalk to refute arguments against open borders. Roberts putatively played devil's advocate, challenging Caplan from a restrictionist's perspective, but both guys are clearly in favor of unfettered immigration into the US (Roberts demonstrates his lack of familiarity with restrictionist thought by being unable... Read More
I've been critical of the assertion that the Game movement is an ideal vehicle for HBD to hitch a ride in on its way to popular acceptance. Roissy just posted on the subject. This excerpt gets at the most important part of that post:As I point out below, the condescending attitude directed at those who... Read More
By nitpicking, I'm opening the door for "pot calling the kettle black" and SWPL quips. Further, I'm of the opinion that commentators who add substantively meaningless phrases designed to show humility when making assertions are unnecessarily making their readers read more than they need to. We know you're not the ultimate arbiter of all things... Read More
A couple of months ago, OneSTDV compared Madonna's opening of a school for girls in Malawi in a putative attempt to stop African brain drain into the West to immigration restrictionism in the US--the difference in perception not being due to logical differences in outcome, but who is portrayed as the ultimate beneficiary*. To a... Read More
... a week ago today.Medical Hypotheses' editor, Bruce G. Charlton, is truly an intellectual polymath whose impact on my own thinking can hardly be overstated. Dennis Mangan raised the banner and has fought valiantly in the trenches of the blogosphere for several months now in BGC's defence, while a host of scientists wrote the management... Read More
In a post where he attempts to rally the troops, OneSTDV highlights cynicism on the part of some of the Steveosphere's best. HBD social reformer need not necessarily be an oxymoron, but there are inherently opposing forces operating. In OneSTDV's words:We strive to see things as they are, and realize our ability to affect meaningful... Read More
Apparently there are a number of Steveosphere regulars who think FeministX is actually Half Sigma. It's funny to think about a pseudonym being accused of posing as a different pseudonym, but FemiX's female lusting is at least on par with that of the average guy. Further, Half Sigma seemed to think the person behind Stuff... Read More
Medical Hypotheses, the ideologically iconoclastic medical journal edited by academic and Steveosphere giant Bruce G. Charlton, is under siege for entertaining the ideas of 'AIDS-denialist' Peter Duesberg. Dennis Mangan takes an in-depth look at what has transpired. Rather than try to rehash what he has written, I'll urge you to go there to get the... Read More
Illka, that is. In fact, he's been back for a few months now. Where have I been? Never mind where I've been, The Fourth Checkraise is where I am now!
Following is my response to Dennis Mangan's post on a previous comment of mine to another post of his (tracking?) where I raised objections to the putatively transformative power of game. Unfortunately, I'm more than a fortnight too late and the thread is dead, but as many readers were involved in it at Mangan's, it's... Read More
The Inductivist suggests two contrasting images of a Real Man, broadly defined as representing the apotheosis of alphahood. He favors Gary Cooper's character Will Kane in High Noon and assigns Family Guy's Quagmire to Roissy's followers. The use of those two characters as competing Real Man iconic images is not something a PUA is going... Read More
Over the last couple of months I've not been devoting nearly as much time to this spot as I'd like to. I have been able to continue posting with some regularity due to the store of writeups I had in queue, but now the bin is almost empty.That is not to say my head is,... Read More
In pointing to a post by the orthogonally edifying TGGP, Half Sigma makes the following assertion:TGGP uses the RACE variable for whites, which means the respondent chose "white" over "black" or "other", instead of using RACECEN1, which includes 16 categories of which "white" is only one (and thus a slightly better measure of non-Hispanic whites).Using... Read More