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Support for or opposition to Black Lives Matter is now a marginally better predictor of whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican than who he voted for is: Exit polling shows 5% of Democrats and 6% of Republicans voted for Trump and Biden, respectively. But just 3% of Democrats express a negative view... Read More
Net support for the Black Lives Matter movement among voters from the national exit poll: Is the position of blacks as first among equals in the POC ascendancy turning Hispanics away? Even among Hispanics who voted for Biden, an astonishingly high percentage reported having an unfavorable view of BLM: That is not the artifact of... Read More
In July of 2016, five police officers were fatally shot by a black nationalist in Dallas. The atrocity soured much of the country on the then ascendant Black Lives Matter movement. By April of the following year, when Civiqs commenced its tracking poll, net support among all Americans was modestly negative, at -4. In the... Read More
If opposition to Black Lives Matter is beyond the pale, then being a Republican is, too: We've looked at this from a few different angles over the last couple of months but all the demographic markers are dwarfed by partisan affiliation. While black Republicans--all million or so of them--are less hostile to BLM than white... Read More
Support for the BLM movement is primarily partisan but is also racial in nature: Hey now, the obvious still needs quantifying!
From Civiqs comes a huge survey on support for or opposition to the "Black Lives Matter movement". Net support (opposition) to BLM among whites by sex, age, and educational attainment: The gender gap is striking. It's even more pronounced among younger generations than it is among older ones. Drilling down to postgrad white women under... Read More
The following graph shows net support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) by selected demographics: Retrograde Republicans are predictably stuck in the past, hidebound hicks hankering for the halycon days when heartlessly harking about all lives mattering wasn't a hate crime. Young women with doctoral degrees make the best allies: But you already knew that: It... Read More