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Bernie Sanders

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Immigration restrictionism has lost its populist appeal. It is increasingly becoming a distinctly partisan issue. The following graphs track sentiments over time by political orientation: It's hard to fathom that less than twenty years ago, liberals were more than three times as likely to say immigration to the US should be decreased as they were... Read More
The results from the annual Gallup survey of the top 10 men and women Americans admire most tracks fairly closely to the demographics of the country itself. Blacks are overrepresented, Hispanics underrepresented, whites and Asians proportionally so. If we count Pope Francis as white, which we probably should since he is a second-generation Italian immigrant... Read More
The extent to which the preference of older black Americans override the preferences of the many other factions of the Democrat electoral coalition is difficult to overstate: It's not predominantly the party of working people or the party of immigrants or the party of government or the party of peace. More than anything else, it... Read More
Bernie Sanders supporters are right now as angry and uncooperative as they're going to get. Time heals all wounds and in seven months most will have remembered nothing is more important than defeating Donald Trump. After all, that's what Sanders kept telling them--when he wasn't talking about how great a guy his good friend Joe... Read More
Biden, and possibly Bloomberg, are the only Democrat candidates who have a prayer of beating Sanders. Klobuchar and Buttigieg, who performed relatively well in the white states of Iowa and New Hampshire, did terribly among non-whites in Nevada. Warren continued to underperform across the board, and is set to bomb again next week. The percentages... Read More
Why did Bernie Sanders win New Hampshire in 2016 and why is he favored to do so again in 2020? The primary (heh) reason is because unlike Iowa and--crucially for Biden's chances--Nevada, New Hampshire is effectively an open primary. Participating voters must be registered Democrats when they cast their votes, but they are allowed to... Read More
Last week, YouGov included a couple of interesting but clumsy questions about jobs and trade. The organization has released a new poll this week with a much cleaner question that cuts to the chase. It asks respondents if "free trade is good or bad" for the US. The following graph shows, for selected demographics, the... Read More
Predicting Kamala Harris years before she was recognized as a legitimate contender was fun. As she has become a top-tier candidate however, my confidence in the success of her candidacy has actually weakened rather than strengthened. It's mostly on account of my not doing my homework earlier. When I first started making the prediction, I'd... Read More
Was president Trump's assertion that Bernie Sanders' time had passed in 2016 on the money? By riffing off the MLK legacy as conventionally understood, Sanders is revealing himself to be woefully out of sync with the POC ascendancy: Sanders is not merely incorrect, he is morally wrong. Some might say his divisive rhetoric borders on... Read More