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Via Google Trends, the places where the share of searches for "Ben Carson" are the highest. By country: And by city: Baltimore is 63.3% black, DC 49.5%, Atlanta 54.0%, Charlotte 35.0%, and Houston 23.7%. The United States as a whole is 11.8% black. Nairobi and Lagos are Kenya's and Nigeria's most populous cities. The late... Read More
What to make of this:... and this?: First and foremost, that justice is most certainly not colorblind.
Given the utter lack of national media attention devoted to this story out of Phoenix, I'm not surprised to only be reading about it in the Steveosphere a week after it happened: As Blode explains, this case is quite similar to the Trayvon Martin one, except that in the Taco Bell tussle, the victim--a mentally-disabled... Read More