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Ann Coulter

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For the record, if Trump gets a cuck primary challenger like John Kasich or Ben Sasse, the weasel(s) won't win a single state with the quasi-exception of the DC caucus, a result that will be even worse for Conservatism, Inc than if it didn't win a single delegate at all. There can never be enough... Read More
It feels like I must have glossed over it before, but flipping through the annotations in Ann Coulter's ¡Adios America! I'm not finding any references to it. I figure that if I'd find it anywhere, it'd be there.The seemingly obvious thought just occurred to me that if the number of illegal immigrants in the US... Read More
Ann Coulter's biting mockery of the GOP debaters' paeans to Israel is another sign that her shift from mainstream right to dissident/alternative right is almost complete. As I read ¡Adios America!, I had to remind myself on multiple occasions that this is a woman who appears on cable news stations with some regularity (or at... Read More