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I'd been getting a sinking feeling that Democrats had come to realize doing what they had done to garner big wins in Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Virginia, even California was the easiest route to sealing heritage America's fate and ensuring the Great Replacement. Run putatively moderate whites to avoid spooking soccer moms and then have them,... Read More
Nothing causes more outrage than a statement that is both obviously true and fervently wished by everyone to be untrue. Trump's alleged comments were heaven sent. At minimum they stave off DACAmnesty for another couple of months. More likely, they are its swan song. By the time DACA is set to expire in March, primaries... Read More
In the post on millennials, I overlooked perhaps the most important data set included in the primary source. It wasn't fully fleshed out in the report the GenForward released, but the complete results are there in the topline survey (thanks to commenter milan for the heads-up). Respondents were asked to select their "top three most... Read More
Agnostic wonders if a DACA amnesty is suicide for Republicans... or if it is actually suicide for Democrats. He is one of the most original and perspicacious thinkers out there. It would be folly not to take him seriously here. That said, there are some questionable assumptions in the argument he makes: Of the 30... Read More
Twice since the turn of the century, in 2006 and 2014, the GSS has asked respondents about personal net wealth (assets minus debt). The following graph shows wealth distributions by generational cohorts in roughly 2010, understanding that the "great recession" occurred in between the two survey years (n = 2,150): Rather than confidently divining disaster... Read More
Steve Sailer recently pondered over ways the NFL might make the point after touchdown (PAT, or "extra point" in the vernacular) attempt a little more exciting by making it's outcome less predictable. Over the last five regular seasons, PAT attempts were successful 99.20% of the time. For people other than Americans or Canadians being introduced... Read More
My house sold this weekend. The offer was about 5% higher than I--in my more optimistic moments--had thought the place could conceivably fetch, let alone would actually bring. It's not all jubilation, though. It requires that I cover all closing costs, home insurance for a year, and that I leave my major appliances in the... Read More
In an essay adapted from the forthcoming Coming Apart:The State of White America, 1960–2010, Charles Murray writes:Murray argues that this phenomenon is ceasing to exist, in what seems to be a natural outgrowth (via HBD chick) of the increasing cognitive stratification that characterizes the contemporary United States, something Murray and Herrnstein famously chronicled in The... Read More
Fat Knowledge previously posted on a site gauging the "walk score" of several cities. The formula is actually pretty complex, but in short, the closer things you'd usually drive to are to one another, the higher the walkability. My first thought was that this might be a chichi way of ranking cities based on population... Read More
Half Sigma has taken some grief for his explosion of posts about 'tabloid' stories on the Palin family. I'd just like a brief summation once everything has been sorted out, since she may become one of the most powerful women in the world in a few months, but people have to do that sorting, and... Read More