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After it was all said and done, the partisan swapping of working-class whites for college-educated whites was the only remarkable electoral demographic realignment revealed in the 2016 presidential election. A couple of years into Trump's first term, another realignment appears to be occurring, and it is occurring among all non-Hispanics. That seminal realignment is occurring... Read More
In the state of the union address, president Trump rejected calls for the US to adopt socialism (never mind all the socialism that had been proposed and celebrated during the preceding hour!). The term "socialism" is one he had, up to that point, studiously avoided using since commending his campaign in the summer of 2015.... Read More
A recurring theme here is that Jews in America are either going to have throw in with the Heritage American whites they've long despised--if Heritage America will have them--or face the brown invasion in isolation. Despite Jews' best efforts, the POC ascendancy increasingly not only denies them claim to victim status, it views them as... Read More
216 writes: From an enormous R-I survey (N = 330,063), percentages by age range who consider themselves "very" conservative or liberal as opposed to "moderately" or "lean" conservative or liberal: Age "very"lib/con 18-29 27.9% 30-39 29.1% 40-49 24.6% 50-59 24.5% 60+ 25.1% Since I ran the numbers I may as well share them, but there's... Read More
An overarching reason political dissolution seems likely is how starkly generational feelings about it are. Among Jews, for example, while just 6.8% of those aged fifty and older favor peaceful secession, 35.6% of those under fifty years old do. Those are the buckets I had to use to get statistical significant sample sizes, but the... Read More
Over the last several weeks I've talked to several people about guns. Without fail, every one has been surprised to learn that young people are the less supportive of gun-grabbing than old folks are. Reuters-Ipsos polling shows it and the GSS corroborates. The major media's mendacity strikes again--though in fairness, NPR (!) has given it... Read More
I've remarked before how pleasantly surprising it was to find that the 2016 iteration of the GSS asked interviewers to assess the physical attractiveness of survey respondents they interviewed. Here is to hoping it is being repeated in the Current Year as we speak (the 2018 data is now being gathered). The following graph shows... Read More
There are a couple more miles yet to get out of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's huge presidential preference survey administered to high school students across the US in the Fall of 2016. The following map* shows, by state, how much more (less) Trumpish Gen Z 'voters' were than the actual electorate was. The subsequent table... Read More
Twice since the turn of the century, in 2006 and 2014, the GSS has asked respondents about personal net wealth (assets minus debt). The following graph shows wealth distributions by generational cohorts in roughly 2010, understanding that the "great recession" occurred in between the two survey years (n = 2,150): Rather than confidently divining disaster... Read More
The Z-Man on millennials: I have twenty millennials who work under me and my perception is that truth isn't even held up as something they tell themselves they're striving for. In the context of the general election it's primarily about how Trump, Hillary, and Sanders make them feel and, secondarily, what direct benefits they represent... Read More
The Mercatus Center at GMU recently released a report on the fiscal health of each of the states--or more precisely, the fiscal health of each state's government. The methodology looks sophisticated and reasonable. Since the report wasn't commissioned to be evaluated on the factors I'm evaluating it on, I'm comfortable using it as a plausible... Read More
Heartiste points to a paper by Satoshi Kanazawa hypothesizing that "women should fear alien rule much less than men" do, but that these sex differences in attitude are specifically attributable to women under the age 50. The biological vehicle posited for driving this disparity is reproductive in nature. Nubile women want to reproduce with the... Read More
From a handy interactive chart showing the flow of 'refugees' into Europe through the end of 2014 by country of origin, the median age of the populations of the four largest sources of refugees: Syria -- 23 Iraq -- 22 Afghanistan -- 18 Somalia -- 18 And the median age of the populations of the... Read More
I associate the idea of being a citizen of the world with cosmopolitan SWPL types. It's not an inaccurate association when they are compared with badwhites, but it's a tendency more fully characteristic of the entire Fringe coalition than I would have guessed. In 2014, the GSS asked respondents if they "feel more like a... Read More
We will always have more work to do. From a recent Pew report entitled Across Racial Lines, More Say Nation Needs to Make Changes to Achieve Racial Equality, the percentage of Americans who feel more needs to be done to give blacks equal rights has gently increased over the course of the Obama presidency, and... Read More
The percentage of GSS respondents who have ever "expressed political views on the internet", by political orientation (n = 1,203, the question was posed for the first time in 2014): Orientation %Expressed Liberal 32.4 Moderate 18.0 Conservative 20.6 This isn't just the result of people tending to become more conservative as they get older and... Read More
The following table shows immigration enthusiasm quotients for several different subgroups of respondents in the 2014 iteration of the GSS. The quotient is derived by subtracting the percentages who would like to see the number of immigrants in the US reduced from the percentages who would like to see it increased, with those wanting it... Read More
In the last chapter of an obviously dense but well-written book audaciously entitled A Short History of the World, author Alex Woolf, holding his lituus, notes that "the concept of the nation-state is itself under threat from the ever-growing forces of globalization". I suspect that statement would've met with a lot more credulity in 1994... Read More
Several years ago I took a look at the relationship between boredom and intelligence. Turns out the two things are inversely related. When Razib Khan says he is unable to recount a time he has been bored in his adult life, believe him. Personally, I can't remember ever feeling bored (with leisure time, that is--there... Read More
Pew recently released a report entitled "Attitudes about aging: A global perspective". The following table shows the percentage of survey respondents in each country who identified the graying of their countries as a "major problem": East Asia is concerned because it needs to be--especially Japan--and also because it's East Asia. Americans, in contrast, are blithely... Read More
The Pew Research Center is an honest organization that provides often interesting and useful data on social issues, public opinion and demographic trends. That assertion, though, needs to be qualified by pointing out that Pew is honest by way of commission, while it is often less so by way of omission. The center regularly conducts... Read More
Randall Parker points to a CNBC article focused on unfunded pension liabilities at the state level that is packed with quite a bit of data on the financial condition of the fifty. I've been after something like this for several years. There are multiple ways to view the numbers, but probably the most broadly informative... Read More
I'm a week behind, but at last listen the Derb's research assistants were working for the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan on slogans for the upcoming campaign against Emmanuel Goldstein's ragtag coalition of seditious rats. He should allow them indefinite leave there and find some new assistants. Aged 36, 41, and 34, respectively, Mandy, Candy, and... Read More
As an addendum to the previous post, I suspected an age skew. Younger guys who buy cheap cigars are more likely to use them as blunts than older men are. The percentages of men aged 18-25 and aged 26+ who buy cigars and are active marijuana users, again defined as having smoked weed sometime in... Read More
Despite the claims that low educational attainment among blacks relative to whites is in large part due to blacks feeling intellectually inferior to whites (known in the academic literature as "stereotype threat"), the data actually show blacks to be as confident in themselves--if not more so--than are whites (and other non-blacks). I wondered how similar... Read More
Some follow up on the previous post looking at racial distributions of smokers of the top cigarette brands in the US. Firstly, a couple of commenters asserted that Parliaments are the SWPL brand of choice. Here's the breakdown: Primarily white with a nice Asian showing and a correspondingly weak NAM share. Looks like we have... Read More
Like children often do, I have many questions. To the GSS I say, "Tell me all your thoughts on God". The following graphs show the percentage distributions for four categories of theistic belief across a host of usual-suspect variables. For contemporary relevance, all results are from 2000 onward. By race:         By... Read More
A little with this report, anyway. Pew Research is an admirable organization that has given me buckets of food for thought and more than my share of blogging material to make use of, all without asking anything of me in return. Countless hours of entertainment for free. What could the organization possibly owe me? If... Read More
++Addition++See Jason Malloy's work in the comments.---"Have kids" wasn't exactly the right answer to the question of how one finds his way to happy happy village, though "don't have kids" doesn't get the peregrinator any closer, either. But happiness doesn't echo through time, it expires along with its bearer. A question of greater consequence is... Read More
After reproducing a list of obscure vocabulary words, Steve Sailer wonders: No one attempted to formulate a response in the post's comments, so here it goes. While Steve's reservations about the GSS' Wordsum are duly noted, what constitutes "high end" is relative. For the left half of the bell curve, "allusion" and "emanate" are indeed... Read More
Despite not trusting the media they get their news from, Republicans are more informed about current events than Democrats are. The latest evidence comes from the most recent installment of Pew's News IQ series of quizzes given to a random sample of adults in the US. Of the 12 questions posed, Republicans fared better on... Read More
Oh, so you say all you want is to just be happy? By way of ordinary least squares, here are the multiple regression coefficients for nine variables that are, in the conventional wisdom, arguably putative predictors of happiness, with the obligatory qualifier that some component of sunniness, of yet undefined magnitude, is innate. For contemporary... Read More
++Addition++Steve Sailer comments.---Steve Sailer comments on an article in YNet News about how "Israeli youth" (defined as those under the age of 30) are shifting politically to the right, specifically in their desire to join IDF combat units:The GSS allows us to check the racial composition issue, but not mate it. Until the year 2000,... Read More
In a post on the British government's push to keep people working into their seventies, Parapundit's Randall Parker excerpted remarks from a senior aide:I wondered if there was much in the way of detectable differences in feelings of self-reported loneliness and happiness strictly by age. Obviously, a host of factors other than age influence how... Read More
Reading Jared Taylor's most recent book, White Identity, I wondered how the seemingly endless number of examples provided to illustrate how widespread the disdain for the United States as a European-descended country is among non-whites translated into opinions offered by a representative sampling of the US population. Taylor's tone is thoughtful and sober, yet the... Read More
From City Slickers to The Great Labowski and from The Purpose Driven Life to The Selfish Gene, the question of purpose in life is not just one for philosophers, theologians, and psychologists--it has strong popular appeal as well. It's perhaps easiest to define purpose by looking at its absence. The Inductivist recently reported on nihilism... Read More
Over the last four years, I've tracked the results of Pew's "News IQ" quizzes that are periodically administered to a random sample of around 1,000 Americans. A couple of remarkably consistent results are how men are better informed than women are and that the average American is far less informed than readers of this and... Read More
As a frequent user of the GSS, I spend a lot of time looking at Wordsum scores. For those unfamiliar with the Wordsum test, it is a simple, 10 question definitional vocabulary test in which respondents earn one point for each word correctly identified from a multiple choice listing of potential synonyms (to see the... Read More
The Institute for Economics and Peace compiled a peace index ranking the 50 states (see the map here) earlier this year. The index uses five indicators in making the peace score calculations--homicide rates, violent crime rates, incarceration rates, per capita police officers, and the availability of small arms. At first blush, the last indicator seems... Read More