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The rise in tensions between South Africans and Nigerians, in brutally predictable fashion (NSFW--or squeamish sensibilities), was made known to the world via the Twitter hashtag #SayNoToXenophobia. What is this we speak of, you ask? You aren't naive enough to think the Western corporate media would've covered as much in anything other than an embarrassingly... Read More
The percentages of respondents who thought the Grand Jury should've indicted police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown: In multiracial societies, you don't use standards of ethical behavior or the morality of actions to assess justice, you assess justice in accordance to race and ethnicity. Brown was a criminal thug who assaulted... Read More
A lot of people on the dissident right were hoping for a Croatian win in the World Cup. The sentiment is understandable. Despite being under the thumb of the Soviet Union for half a century and part of the doomed conglomerate, Yugoslavia, that gave us the term "balkanization", Croatia is a real country today. France,... Read More
Racial population distributions in South Africa, by age cohort:       This data is from 2011. Farm murders have stepped up since then. So has black immigration into South Africa from other sub-Saharan African countries. White emigration from South Africa has increased, too. The demographic situation is thus even bleaker than the above graphs... Read More
While the Derb's most astounding statistic of our age--that the US has admitted more Muslims for settlement in the 15 years after 9/11 than it did in the 15 years prior--is an observation well taken, the most rapid increase in settlements have come not from MENA countries but from sub-Saharan Africa. From 1990 to 2017,... Read More
The inestimable Sid: How worried are the Chinese about African fertility? The Han don't suffer from the same self-destructive universalistic, egalitarian impulses that Northwestern Europeans (WEIRDOs) do. China's a big country. They'll keep the dumb Africans outside the walls and everything will be fine. Illegal invasion from Africa into China is nearly impossible. The infiltrators... Read More
++Addition++I made a couple of sloppy transposition errors in the composition of the initial post. They have since been corrected and the figures presented are now accurate. Interactive feedback is a great thing in the pursuit of the truth. I always welcome it. --- Using the UN's most recent population projection figures, the rate of... Read More
Another couple years, another 80 million people added onto the latest UN estimates of Africa's population at the turn of the century and another 80 million removed from the European figure (amounting to a 13% decline in the estimated total population of Europe in 2100 compared to the estimate for 2100 that was made just... Read More
++Addition++For updated 2017 UN projection figures, see here. --- In the comments to the previous post, RC writes: There's little difference between talking about the growth of the African population and the growth of the global population--Africa is projected to account for a staggering 83% of the nearly 4 billion net additional humans that will... Read More
My recently assembled method of screening out people who are putatively angry and frustrated by Trump's intention to withdrawal the US from the Paris "climate justice" Agreement follows. --- Firstly, explain how the following factors into your concern about catastrophic anthropogenic climate change and what remedial steps should be taken to address it: Secondly, do... Read More
The CIA world factbook recently added a field listing of the mean age of women at first birth for several countries. In Chad and Niger, most women are getting pregnant before they turn 18. Sexual relationships that violate laws on statutory rape in the US are commonplace in sub-Saharan Africa, where the age of first... Read More
Riffing off Steve Sailer's prime example of an instance where a picture is worth a thousand words, in 1950 sub-Saharan Africa's population density was on par with that of contemporary Idaho (8 people per square kilometer). By the turn of the next century, UN population projections predict that Africans will be packed in more tightly... Read More
In the discussion thread of a recent Parapundit post, commenter Dragon Horse argues high sub-Sahara African fertility is the result of men wanting large broods:Having not read the book, I cannot respond to what the authors write. It is not clear that the second sentence excerpted above is asserted by the authors or if Dragon... Read More
Other than being located on the continent of Africa, what do Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger,... Read More
The National Party under Botha would've been more adept at handling the HIV problem in South Africa than the ANC is today. Even utter ignorance would be preferable to how Mbeki's government is going about it: Fine, but the President delegates this kind of thing to his ministries to deal with. That's not reassuring: AIDS... Read More
Kenyan farmers are being harrassed by rapacious monkeys: The monkeys are sexually harrassing the village's women as they till and harvest their land. As is the case with virtually all other primates, vervet troops are male-dominated. These guys are being crass lads while they plunder. Despite their lack of cultural sophistication, the monkeys are able... Read More
[My original post of the material below apparently was lost for reasons unknown to me] I know that taking potshots at the UN for hypocrisy, impotency, inefficiency, and corruption is like shooting fish in a barrel, but this is beyond the pale. Zimbabwe has been nominated to head the Commission on Sustainable Development, which, created... Read More
The deprecations that are going to befall South Africa in the coming decades are the handiwork of those who quixotically railed against the injustices of de Klerk's South Africa years ago. The sustained external pressure on that country's sovereignty has this to show for itself: To refresh, consider the current state Zimbabwe is in. After... Read More
As 2006 came to a close, Steve Sailer highlighted a NYT article repeating what he (while modestly crediting VDare) had publicized a couple of years prior--better nutrition in the third world, especially in Africa, is the most promising way of boosting living standards by raising IQ. Despite the clear relationship between malnutrition and depressed IQ,... Read More