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Affirmative action

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Even Californians shot down a proposition to allow institutions more latitude in using race to make hiring, firing, and acquiring decisions. If immigration was the electoral $100 bill lying on the sidewalk in 2015, opposition to race preferences is the one lying there today. Support for it is limited primarily to blue checkmarks and their... Read More
Per t and res, a poll from a few weeks ago with an order of magnitude more respondents concerning net support for California's Proposition 16 gets a substantially different result: Compare to the more recent SurveyUSA poll highlighted yesterday: On the backs of conservative white men, perhaps isonomy will yet be carried forward in California.... Read More
Net support (opposition) to California's Proposition 16 follows. If passed it will allow for racial and sexual characteristics to be used in considerations of public employment, contracts, and education by repealing Proposition 209, a 1996 amendment that prohibited the use of race and sex in government employment and educational placement: Proposition 209 was modeled on... Read More
The percentages of non-Hispanic whites, by political orientation, who think it is "not very likely" that whites suffer negative consequences like lost job opportunities from affirmative action policies: Twenty years ago, only one-in-three whites across the political spectrum deemed it unlikely for whites to pay a price for affirmative action policies aimed at benefiting non-whites.... Read More
Commenter Twinkie disputes the assertion that the rapid increase among liberal whites in support for preferential job treatment for blacks at the expense of whites is necessarily indicative of ethnomasochism. White elites tend to be liberal. They compete with Asians and with high-achieving whites from working and middle class (and relatively conservative) backgrounds. They don't... Read More
According to the GSS, white liberals are now as or more supportive of blacks being given "preference in hiring and promotion" over whites than blacks are. It is noted in the body of the question under consideration that some people say preferential treatment is wrong because it discriminates against whites. The question is framed to... Read More
It's not all chew the Jew, heap scorn on the chosen few. No, no, that's not my view, but it is my cue to share the following with you. Whew. From the GSS, percentages by selected demographics who support affirmative action, specifically preferential treatment for blacks in hiring and promotions (for contemporary relevance, all responses... Read More
Running against affirmative action--with campaign ads showing white men and women coming home to somberly deliver bad news to the family about being passed over for the job or promotion--is a political winner. Or at least it would be if the Stupid Party had the sense to capitalize on it. In fairness to the GOP,... Read More
Via Z-Man, more generational survey data to chew on. This one explicitly and almost exclusively focuses on race among those aged 18-34 (mostly millennials but also the leading edge of Gen Z), so I'll make a tl;dr series of observations on it here. - Cathy J. Cohen is the founder and principal investigator of the... Read More
According to the markets: I must confess a lack of familiarity with most of the potential nominees, so I'll trust that these odds are explainable entirely by the perceived qualifications, temperament, judiciousness, etc of the jurists under presidential consideration.
From the results of a poll conducted last year on affirmative action: That "diversity for diversity's sake" has become firmly ensconced in the cultural fabric of the modern West is more depressing to me than is the desire, however misguided or quixotic, to right past wrongs and compensate for the sins of our fathers.
At the battle of Pharsalus, with time on his side and fresh off a modest victory at Dyrracium, Pompey Magnus, under pressure from his confrontational supporters, took the fight to a Caesarian side that was battle-hardened but also weary, heavily outnumbered, and precariously low on provisions. The resulting victory Julius Caesar enjoyed was the turning... Read More
For the sages of the 'conservative' Establishment (I'm looking at you, Sean Hannity), a revisiting of recent history that illustrates why a coloring in of the country isn't just bad for Republicans' electoral prospects, it bodes terribly for a whole host of social, cultural, and economic positions that define the contemporary American right. The lesson at... Read More
++Addition++OneSTDV asks:From Pew's religious landscape survey, a breakdown of blacks by religious affiliation in the US:Affiliation%Black churcher52.6Protestant (Evangelical)16.2Unaffiliated11.4Muslim7.1Catholic4.6Protestant (Mainline)4.2Jehovah's Witness1.3Orthodox0.6Mormon0.5Buddhist0.5Other (Christian)0.4Other (non-Christian)0.3Jewish0.2Hindu0.1The majority of American blacks belong to black churches, but it isn't overwhelmingly so. Among Christians (including Witnesses), two-thirds are members of black churches.It is conceivable that active black churchers are more racialist than... Read More
A handy, brief synopsis of the US Supreme Court's 08-09 session that places the nine Justices on a political spectrum with Clarence Thomas as the most conservative on the bench makes me wonder whether or not black Republicans are cognitively a cut above the mass of their Democratic co-racialists.The only black Republicans I've met who... Read More
A reason to celebrate:It was something of a mantra aimed at those on the disaffected right during Bush's 2004 re-election campaign that while he may have disappointed with regards to illegal immigration, unrestrained spending, promises of a humble foreign policy, ad nauseum, his upcoming, long-lasting contribution to the composition of the Supreme Court necessitated their... Read More
Steve Sailer posted on a story in the NYT about a report on the putative fallacy of perceiving Asians to be the model minority. Half Sigma actually suffered through the report and finds the expected. I've little to add, but want to point out this excerpt from the article:If tautologically true, musn't the Asian mean... Read More
It's hard to believe that this same country produced Cecil Rhodes, Frances Drake, and Isaac Newton: Tell aspiring young men that their local fire department doesn't want their service because they're the wrong color, restrict the number of applicants and consequently downgrade the capabilities of the brigade in fighting fires, and put a cloud of... Read More