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A black robe from Brooklyn, on behalf of the ACLU, thwarts the electoral mandate given to the president by the American people in favor of Iraqi immigrants to whom the US constitution does not apply. America First meets ethnomasochistic leap-frogging loyalties, certainly not for the last time. While the dumb ones are calling him Hitler,... Read More
The US' largest union federation and the risibly selective ACLU have teamed up to go after the Homeland Security Department for issuing "no-match" letters to some 140,000 employers: They shopped their case to a district court under the Ninth Circuit's jurisdiction. Immediately, the federal district judge ordered a suspension in the sending of the letters,... Read More
Responding to criticism of the ACLU's risibly selective defense of personal liberties, as evidenced by the organization's acquiescence in the installation of footbaths in public restrooms at the public University of Michigan, executive director Kary Moss of the Michigan chapter writes:The New Testament juxtaposes itself to the ritualism of the Old (as did the Lutheran... Read More