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It will come as a surprise to many that left-leaning YouGov finds net nationwide support for Texas Senate Bill 8. The pro-life bill bans abortions of fetuses with detectable heartbeats. Heartbeats become detectable as early as six weeks into pregnancy. When the bill takes effect in September it will be one of the most restrictive... Read More
Percentages professing support for maximum pro-choice permisiveness, defined as making it legal for a woman to have an abortion "for any reason", by social class: GSS variables used: ABANY, CLASS, YEAR(2008-2018)
Wency shares an interesting observation: Belief or lack thereof in God strongly correlates with belief or lack thereof in the sanctity of the unborn: This provides a pretense to dig a little deeper into the GSS to shed some light on an admittedly mostly academic question. Pro-choice percentages, defined as agreeing that a woman should... Read More
There is no need to fear here. J1234 writes: Relatedly, a reminder that as the state-enforced eugenics movement of the Progressive Era was a predominantly leftist cause, so are the voluntary individualistic eugenics of today a primarily leftist cause. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by political orientation, who would want (or want... Read More
The following graph shows how views on abortion have changed over time by political persuasion: Ronald Reagan's famous Morning in America ad explicitly focused only on economic prosperity. The aesthetics hinted at cultural issues, but they were an afterthought. The modest differences between liberals and conservatives at the time explain why. By the time of... Read More
Among members of the Democrat coalition, POCs are relatively more pro-life than their white allies are: Perhaps the GOP could more successfully pander to non-whites by holding the line on the social conservatism it allegedly believes to be virtuous instead of perpetually trailing in the shadow of the DNC on cultural issues, apologizing for functioning... Read More
People who use acronyms like "ZOG" and neologisms like "Jewmerica" tell us the globalist elites want open borders to culturally and politically swamp heritage America. They also tell us restricting abortion is bad because poor, dysfunctional, welfare-using non-whites disproportionately utilize it. By every accounting, though, these globalist elites are relentlessly in favor of unfettered, subsidized... Read More
A reminder that political realignments happen (presented as a three-iteration moving average for smoothness): The abortion debate is the ultimate political game in paying lip service. Nothing much has changed in two generations even though both Republicans and Democrats reliably leverage the promise to protect life and increase access for choice, respectively, for fundraising and... Read More
In addition to repeatedly pointing out how gun grabbing is a geezer's game rather than child's play, another hobby horse is drawing attention to the fact that women are more pro-life and less pro-choice than men are*. In 2018, the GSS asked for the first time about the moral dimension of abortion. Among women with... Read More
Though the GSS has asked about the desired legality of abortion since the survey's inception, it explicitly asked about the perceived morality of the practice for the first time in 2018. The following graph shows the two-way distribution--morally opposed or not--of responses across a host of demographic characteristics: "It depends" responses are excluded. This likely... Read More
Third trimester abortions are really unpopular. Support for an unconditional legal ban on all abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy, by selected demographic characteristics with "unsure" responses--constituting 12.5% of the total--excluded: Women present a bigger threat to a woman's right to choose than men do. Who knew? Never underestimate The Patriarchy's capacity for instilling... Read More
One oft-ignored aspect on the abortion front of the culture war is how the culturally dominant pro-choice position is driven primarily by white leftists. The sentiments of black and Hispanic Democrats are closer to those of white independents and even white Republicans (29.3% support, combined with independents in the graph below) than they are to... Read More
The results from a question asked for the first time in 2018 about whether respondents would want--or would want their wives--to have an abortion if it was revealed that the unborn baby would have "genetic defects" follows. The non-white samples are small, so this should be taken only as suggestive, but one group has a... Read More
In response to the observation that self-identified political ideology is relatively unimportant in explaining black electoral behavior, tcjfs pointed to a paper suggesting that most blacks don't know what the labels "liberal" or "conservative" mean in an American political context. As a consequence, the political identity blacks assign themselves is random. They are reliably partisan,... Read More
From Reuters-Ipsos polling, the percentages of adults, by selected demographics, who are "certain to vote" in the 2018 mid-term elections (N = 12,155): Excepting Jews (the blue wave!), all the bars look pretty good for the GOP's prospects--except for the presidential candidate those polled voted for in 2016, and that's a big one. Another poll... Read More
The following is from a someone I went to high school with who holds some sort of outreach position in the state Democrat party. He's second-generation Afghani but, rather remarkably for a youngish POC in an official Democrat capacity, almost never has anything to say about race. It's all Old Left focus on economic and... Read More
Continuing on the subject of Jewish opinions on abortion, the level of support among Jews scoring 9 or 10 on the GSS 10-question Wordsum vocabulary test, indicating an IQ of over 120, ratchets my surprise up another level. The percentage of high IQ Jews who say a woman should be able to obtain an abortion... Read More
In the comments at the Chateau, Days of Broken Arrows writes: Jews tend to be on the left, (though nowhere near as overwhelmingly as blacks--who voted 65% and 86%, respectively, for Hillary in the two-way presidential election), so it's not surprising that they're pro-choice. The degree to which they are, however, is surprising. The following... Read More
Sparked by Steve Sailer's recent post, the following graph and table show the percentages of GSS respondents, by religious affiliation, who support eugenics at the practical, functional level. The term is used accurately in this context. The question reads "Suppose a test shows the baby has a serious genetic defect. Would you (yourself want to/want... Read More
In the previous post showing the inverse correlation between fertility and pro-abortion views, Jayman asserted the following: It's a reasonable assumption, and there is of course an effect from political orientation that is distinct--in the sense that we understand these things as being distinct, not necessarily distinct in terms of causation for which our understanding... Read More
Feminism is putatively about gender equality, yet granting "reproductive rights" exclusively to women is anything but. That unrestricted access to abortion is the issue that motivates so many mountains to move is more than a little macabre. Biology has a way of sorting things out, though. The women who are so motivated are the least... Read More
Since the beginning of April Reuters-Ipsos has conducted a daily tracking poll asking respondents what penalty, if any, should be given to a mother who chooses to illegally abort her fetus. Among Republicans, a modest majority, 55.8%, favors some sort of punishment for the woman to the 44.2% who do not think she should be... Read More
Pew recently released a report on the intersection of presidential campaigning and the American cultural landscape that contains several interesting insights for those who enjoy that sort of thing. This graphic is especially worth taking a look at: On identitarian issues Trump and Sanders supporters are worlds apart. Immigration launched Trump's campaign and it continues... Read More
It's not obvious to me that Trump's abortion comments will hurt him, particularly in the upcoming Republican primaries. From the GSS, the percentages of men and women, by political orientation, who do not think it should be "possible for a pregnant woman to obtain an abortion" without restriction. For contemporary relevance and to avoid racial... Read More
Trump, the ultimate conversation starter, adds a couple more stories to the the yuge Overton Window he's building:
The percentages of GSS respondents who say that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion for any reason she wants to, broken down by sex and also by the number of children respondents have had. The question is dichotomous, with "yes" and "no" as the only two answers permitted. For contemporary relevance, responses... Read More
Razib notes that men tend to be, on average, more pro-choice than women are, despite all the talk about a putative "war on women" being waged by the patriarchy. He traces GSS responses on the issue over the life of the survey and finds that in most years men are more inclined to the idea... Read More
From a Washington Post review of Nicholas Wade's book A Troublesome Inheritance: This is boilerplate criticism of Wade and HBD in general, of course. This particular iteration is missing Hitler in the excerpt, but the Holocaust and eugenics are subsequently mentioned in the article. Regarding eugenics, the Respectable Right likes to point out that in... Read More
... is not to emphasize positive over negative iterations of the idea, or even, as I've done in the past, to focus on the consequent egalitarianism that these approaches, if put into practice, will presumably foster. No matter how delicately broached and amenably angled, it's inevitably received as being too harshly comparative, too judgmental, and... Read More
Reflecting on the 2012 presidential election, Half Sigma writes:The Edison exit polls, paid for and reported on by the major media, didn't query voters on abortion at the state level, but Reuters has the information. The following shows the public split on the legality of abortion in the nine tightest swing states as well as... Read More
Estimating liberally to include not only "legitimate" rapes but also unsuccessful perceived attempts compiled by advocacy groups with the stated purpose of stamping out sexual assault, 1 in 6 women will be victimized at some point during their lives. Not all of these will occur during the period of a woman's life when she's fertile,... Read More
As has been reported here (and iterated elsewhere), Jews in the US--including Orthodox--are, on the whole, further to the left politically than white Democrats are. There are lots of varying explanations for this--Jews being yoked to the American left wing because "it represented the closest American counterpart to the forces on the left that had... Read More
The following comment comes from Skadhi the Raverner (Scandanavia's answer to John the Revelator?) on a thread to one of Steve Sailer's posts:Reading this, I instinctively googled "percentage of atheists pro-life" and was somewhat surprised to find scant quantitative treatment of the question, just links to topical forum threads and organizations for those maintaining the... Read More
Upon seeing pictures (requires being logged into a facebook account) of a recent protest in Virginia against the big government conservative-style ultrasound bill passed by the state legislature and soon to be signed into law by the governor, I have a reaction and proposed solution. Reaction: God those women are ugly. Solution: Male sobriety. It's... Read More
A recent episode of NPR's Talk of the Nation focused on the consequences of the "Arab Spring" one year out. In response to a caller's question about how the overthrow of ruling regimes has affected women's rights, a correspondent in Egypt replies:For one, the "women who were involved in the revolution" don't appear to have... Read More
Thinking about Razib's post at Discover magazine and then responding to Razib's subsequent comments on the same, Parapundit's Randall Parker wonders how stable social values are across countries:There are changes in wording in most of the survey questions by wave (that is, years in which surveys were conducted), but there is quite a bit of... Read More
There are those on the right who, attuned to the (liberal) zeitgeist, attempt to bring NAMs into their political ranks by emphasizing the putative social conservatism of blacks and Hispanics. Rick Santorum recently illustrated this, and the late Richard Nadler epitomized it.As the US becomes increasingly multiracial and multicultural, our democratic system will increasingly turn... Read More
At the Inductivist, Jewish Atheist illustrates the view many self-described progressives have of social conservatives who hold traditional moral views:The analogy doesn't really work, as the issue of same-sex marriage is fundamentally a definitional question--homosexuals are and always have been allowed to marry the same people heterosexuals marry. Identical legal restrictions apply to everyone. That... Read More
In a discussion in which Mark of Congenial Times drew a sharp moral distinction between not attending church or having sex with someone of the same gender and having an abortion, the Inductivist responded:More than just seems to be, there most certainly is.
The phrase "gender imbalance" brings China to mind. But the male-female ratio in India is similarly skewed in favor of young men. UNICEF lists China as the global leader in imbalance, with India in second. The CIA has Azerbaijan at the top, followed by India and then China. The Indian disparity might be due in... Read More