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The work I do requires a fair amount of time in the car. During NPR’s lugubrious sob stories, ridiculous promotions of no-name musicians and other ‘artists’, or routine mendicant solicitations, I surf the airwaves.

I try to spend a few minutes listening to the local hip-hop station to get some feel for what is going on in the black community (news is news involving blacks, special features are pieces celebrating the accomplishments of blacks, and interviews are interviews with a black subject led by a black DJ).

I’d heard the catchy hit by Sean Mims a few times, but the situations hadn’t allowed me to focus on the lyrical profundity contained therein. This evening, I caught it in full. In addition to being quite the artist, Mims’ is also quite the polemicist, as these lines so clearly bear out:

I’m hot cuz I’m fly
You ain’t cuz you not
This is why
This is why
This is why I’m hot

Shit nigga, you a pimp. Ima square. Damn bro, you got yo shit going on.

This hot piece of work topped Billboard’s list a little while back and retains a top ten spot after almost four months on the charts. Listening to Beethoven’s Ninth now as I post, not long after having nearly teared up during Pachelbel’s Canon in D, I’m struck by Steve Sailer’s realization upon emerging from the theater after having seen Mike Judge’s Idiocracy:

Unfortunately, when watching it at home on DVD, you miss experiencing the horrifying Charlton-Heston-and-the-Statue-of-Liberty moment when “Idiocracy” is over and you emerge from the theatre into the mall full of shiny logos and sniggering pedestrians and you realize that reality today looks just like 2505 does in the movie.

Even if you’re holed up in your hovel, that moment is still just a radio dial away.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I have one word for you – PODCAST.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm hot cuz I'm fly
    You ain't cuz you not
    This is why
    This is why
    This is why I'm hot

    It does sort of have a reductionist and circular logic to it. But I'll tell you what is going on in the black "community," if you could call it a community. Murder, depravity, crime and indigency, hate and worse. I see it almost every day (I live in the Newark, NJ area). This is the extent of the cultural and intellectual product coming out of the "community" today, ecnourage by liberals and the left as "authentic." It is a cultural, social, intellectual disaster area.

  3. Heh, but Brian, then I'd be closing my cultural horizons. That I would be bigoted enough to hone in on what I preferred to hear at the expense of other less familiar things!


    "Logic" is generous. It's an ipse dixit 'argument'. So it's not much of an argument at all.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "Logic" is generous. It's an ipse dixit 'argument'. So it's not much of an argument at all.

    I am groping for something that may be positive in even the smallest way. Please allow me to believe that this "Mims" fully intended all along to an ipse dixit arguement all along for creative msuical purposes. Otherwise he's just another brain dead idiot who seems to be representative of the state of black culture/intelligence today.

  5. I recommend the Antiwar podcasts. No comercials and insight you won't get anywhere else.

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