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The Year of the Four Presidents
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The Senate convicts Trump. Pence briefly becomes the country’s 46th president. Biden dons the purple to become the 47th president but doesn’t make it to the end of the year before being replaced by Kamala Harris, the nation’s 48th president.

The first domino is unlikely to fall, but would it shock anyone if it did? The Crisis of the Third Decade is a curse that keeps on cursing.

• Category: Culture/Society, History, Ideology • Tags: History, Humor 
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  1. The faster Kamala becomes President, the better.

    • Replies: @216
  2. Biden dons, not dawns…

    • Thanks: Audacious Epigone
  3. Nodwink says:

    Turtle Man is putting off the impeachment trial until after Gropey’s inauguration, so it’s not happening (unless Trump goes nuclear – literally).

    Biden looks like shit, there’s a decent chance that he goes if he gets corona. Kamala will get a go after the mid-term elections anyway, in the unlikely event that Joe makes it that far.

  4. neutral says:

    The Roman empire was a rotten and stagnant entity, its fall was not a tragedy but a blessing, the US empire is way worse than the Roman empire. It would be better if things were already in the Alaric/Atilla phase. The sacking of Washington and the butchering of all the denizens that live in that disgusting place will be a wonderful event.

    • Disagree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @nebulafox
  5. Dumbo says:

    The best that can happen for America is that people simply start ignoring or disobeying the DC Leviathan, small clusters of independent collectives of white people will grow here and there as social dysfunction grows. Eventually the central state will just become irrelevant, and the nation will “almost peacefully” disintegrate into smaller units.

  6. iffen says:

    The Republican establishment sees its chance to expunge Trump politically. The never Trumpers have the upper hand. It will be interesting to see if your prediction that Trumpism is too strong to be eliminated from the Republican Party will stand.

    • Replies: @216
  7. orionyx says:

    I was saying just a while ago that this would be the Year of the 4 Presidents, then fast forward to Alaric.

    But I see things differently. Is.Hubble>t’s Trump, then toom tabards Biden and Harris, and before July the one on whose behalf all these strings are being pulled; Obongo”s husband? The ghost of Clinton past? Ms. Hubbard? A military governor appointed by a World Expeditionary Force to pull the nuclear teeth? We will see.

  8. @Yahya

    Who’s going to be Diocletian then?

    Good historical knowledge.

    No one will be Diocletian, I hope, but maybe a Diocletian is that best that can now be expected. It’s unfortunate, but there are worse things than the rule of a Diocletian, aren’t there?

  9. A123 says:

    Your sequence is off:

    — Biden becomes [fake-46]
    — Something simultaneously happens to Biden, Harris, and Pelosi… Most likely at a joint session of Congress. Chuck Grassley becomes [real-46].
    — Grassley picks Trump as VP and steps down. Trump becomes 47.

    Everyone who took precipitous action against Trump, such as Twitter, are catastrophically hooped.

    Sadly, unlikey. But, God does work in mysterious ways.

    PEACE 😇

  10. @Yahya

    This guy (Ed Peck) should’ve played him in a movie.

  11. nebulafox says:

    If it was so rotten and hated, why did the Ostrogoths rule Italy essentially in the manner of Roman emperors? Why did the Franks convert to the Christian sect dominated by many of their subjects and eventually, centuries after Rome itself was a dim memory, re-claim the title of Roman emperor? Why did New Rome on the Bosporus continue to recover and even thrive, however briefly? In the east, it took a mixture of bubonic plague, environmental disaster, nearly a century of continuous war with a rival superpower, and a societal revolution uniting the tribes of Arabia at just the wrong moment to truly put an end to classical antiquity. (And even then, the Roman state would continue on and would eventually recover somewhat, surprising all the odds: there would be no discontinuity with the line of emperors started with Augustus because Constantinople survived. Though it would have to restructure itself beyond all recognition to do so.)

    You know, the Dark Ages were called that for a reason. Don’t be so eager to destroy something if you don’t know how you are going to replace it. The US has its problems, and many Americans seem to not quite understand how justifiably busted our global perception has become abroad. But for all its flaws, it is telling that nobody who has to seriously consider a concrete alternative choice in their backyard is eager to do so.

    • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
  12. nebulafox says:

    That would imply a Crisis of the Third Century and a Restitutor Orbis. 😉

    Let’s hope things never get to that point. It’s fascinating: in some ways, classical Greco-Roman antiquity ended when that crisis period began, and in other ways, it only really ended in the 7th Century, with Heraclius trying his best to preserve that world and failing in the end. 476 isn’t an irrelevant date, IMO, because that was when an institution claiming authority over all of the former Western empire was shut down, but it is also not *the* date.

  13. 4 US Presidents in the same year is a cool thought … even cooler would be if this all rolled out in January … and we already have this:

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a newly elected Republican member from Georgia who pledged yesterday that “On January 21, 2021, I’ll be filing Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden for abuse of power.“

    • Replies: @A123
  14. @Yahya

    AOC. Her Green New Deal is in many ways reminiscent of Diocletian’s extreme policies.

  15. @nebulafox

    how justifiably busted our global perception has become abroad.

    This is a typical leftist talking point. The concern it belies is an entirely imperial one, not to mention also being grounded in the same psychology that drives the left domestically.

    It is not a false statement, but without context, it just means we should acquiesce to the positions that make global elites comfortable. The way we are perceived abroad is an interaction of habituation the idea that the USA’s role is universalist rather nation serving its citizen’s interests and commentary on the country by media, foreign leaders, and other creators of social signaling. Citing global perceptions is illegitimate when it is used to argue, for example, that Trump is an embarrassment and we need a respectable, measured personality as president.

    The answer to your parallels with Rome is that the elites of lesser powers simply aped the Roman elites because they didn’t know how else to be elites. The fact that the empire was not itself great is reflected in the fact that down through history it is the literature, art, architecture/infrastructure, agricultural organization, and politics of the republican or early imperial periods that people have idealized, not the later imperial periods. The “Dark Ages” is mostly a description of the state of international trade and elite life, not a comment on the liberty or spiritual well-being of the various peoples affected.

    Like the late Roman Republic, the only way back to greatness for the USA is to return to the old liberties and values and not look to global power or riches as confirmation of its worth, but like the Roman Republic, it will fail to do this.

  16. A123 says:

    No one should be surprised.

    On January 20, Führer Biden’s will commit treason. The Nazicrat Coup will place an illegitimate, non-President in the White House. Immediately filing Articles of Impeachment against Führer Biden & Vice Führer Harris is the correct course of action. It will not remove them this early, but it places all world powers on notice that neither Biden nor Harris have credibility or staying power.

    It will take only a few months for Quid Pro Joe to tank the U.S. economy. When the GOP takes the House in the 2022 elections, things get even better. The Nazi Twins soon to illegally occupy the White House will be impeached, shamed, and publicly tried in the Senate multiple times as they have already committed many more high crimes than Nixon.

    PEACE 😇

  17. My father was long of the opinion that one of the reasons Goldwater did so poorly in the 1964 presidential election, is because if he’d won, it would’ve meant three presidents in just under fourteen months, and the American people weren’t ready for that level of instability at the top. You never hear that on PBS, or in collegiate history classes, so I suspect it’s probably correct.

  18. 216 says:
    @Supply and Demand

    We should not dignify them with the titles.

    Joe Biden is Usurper-select.

  19. 216 says:

    The Right’s lack of cultural power makes it incredibly difficult to win the presidential election.

    No matter what we do, we are running the media gauntlet of 92% left, and the academic gauntlet of 97% left.

  20. Well, they all got something in common.

    They take it up the arse from AIPAC.

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