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The Propositionalist's Hamilton Problem
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Hamilton is hell for tradcon propositionalists. It follows historical events pretty accurately and some of the founding fathers are protagonists. There’s no angle for criticism. It doesn’t even occur to them that Pence showing up to such an ethnomasochistic production is regrettable.

The best they can do in the current situation is point out that the cast was pulling a publicity stunt and that if their real objective was to communicate their concerns to the VP-elect they could’ve requested a meeting backstage before or after the performance, that it’s not a first amendment issue because Trump isn’t saying they don’t have the right to speak, etc.

For the Alt Right, informed by identitarianism, the analysis is easy–Hamilton is virtue-signaling ahistorical claptrap because demography is destiny. Who you are is more important than what you profess to believe in a particular time and place, earnestly or otherwise. Rather than lose battle after battle in the culture war by stubbornly refusing on principle to engage the enemy using the same guerrilla tactics that it uses against us as the Respectable Right has done for decades, the Alt Right employs CultMarx tactics against the CultMarxists with deadly effectiveness.

If the country’s founding demography resembled the cast of Hamilton, we’d likely to be living in a country more reminiscent of Haiti or Liberia than of 21st century America. Turning Hamilton into a Diversicrat is ridiculous. He was, to put it mildly, an immigration skeptic. He was part of a George Washington administration that supported the Naturalization Act of 1790 restricting naturalization to “free white persons of good character”.

We’re more favorably inclined towards the criticism of dead white males than we are of this character fungibility. In the case of the former, the battle lines are clearly drawn. When we get revisionism like this, though, that attempts to rewrite our heritage rather than just myopically viewing the past through the lens of 21st century CultMarx leftism, it’s time to draw steel.

Though Trump isn’t consciously aware of what’s in play here, the greatness of his instincts are once again confirmed. He didn’t have to make an issue out of this, but President I-am-your-voice sensed that he ought to and acted accordingly.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. You might be overthinking this. My impression is that the main conservative* complaint about Hamilton isn't the racial aspect of it per se but that it's just a particularly obnoxious example of elite liberal didacticism.

    *You'll also find it among more than a few hard leftists.

  2. IHTG,

    I think that's making my point. That's the only way tradcons can really criticize Hamilton. It's feeble, forgettable stuff.

  3. As opposed to "But Jefferson wasn't black!"? Well, good luck with that.

  4. Any thing the Left lionized is "Break Back Mounton" for traditional America.

    This was a low hanging fruit in Trump opening the Overton window.

  5. IHTG,

    Precisely. Identity politics is a two-way street. There is a groundswelling of ZFG young white guys–the kinds who show up at Milo events and make Alt Right twitter accounts–who would love to fight that fight.

    Mil-Tech Bard,

    Let's hope he makes good on his word. Obama schtick is as the Magical Negro, not as the angry partisan. He'll crash and burn in the latter role, especially against someone like Trump.

  6. All that "cultural appropriation" shit they fling about costumes is to hide the 1984-style doofus-goofus nigger replacement plan by the inferior scum enemy. Putting niggers into costumes makes them feel important or perhaps even human. However, look at the "New" South African shithole to see why they are still stupid after all these years.
    They won't win, they don't even know how.

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