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American Indian? Big deal. I’m an M-effing knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, bitches:

Where’s my POC zombie ascendancy status? And I’m an Injun, too, just like Vox Day:

Black Americans are on average far more white than Elizabeth Warren is American Indian:

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. 0.1% African right here, my brothas.

  2. Somebody should pay for Rachel Dolezal to get tested – she will likely come out with about as much African ancestry as Warren has Native. Then publicize the results and let the Leftosphere descend into chaos.

  3. You're assuming the left cares about hypocrisy.  They don't; it's who/whom all the way down.

  4. My three thoughts:

    1. My parents and I got our DNA tested at different times. My parents are 1% Middle Eastern. My results say I'm 7% Turkish! And yes, the DNA company specifically linked my ancestry to my parents.

    Apparently Elizabeth Warren got a specialist to carefully examine her DNA, so her results are probably more accurate than the ones I got. Still, when the debate is whether she's 1/256th Indian or 1/1024th…!

    2. More importantly, it doesn't really matter if she's a miniscule fraction Native pre-American or not. She's clearly a white American lady. All of her claims to being one of them are in her head.

    She used her "Native ancestry" to get a law professorship at Harvard. She's not part of any tribe. What she did was clearly fraudulent.

    My grandfather looked very Native. Black hair, black eyes, tan brown skin, and a big beaky nose. He loved going outdoors and imagining he was an Indian. He didn't harm anyone or take anything with his fancy. He also lived before DNA testing was possible, so even though it appears my family has no Native ancestry, he wasn't a fool to imagine he may have been part Native.

    Simply put, lots of white Americans have Native ancestry. They are welcome to think whatever they want of that, but it's dishonest when they use that for Affirmative Action gibs, taken away from real Natives, to get an edge over their white rivals.

    3. A lot of reasonable people concede that Elizabeth Warren claiming Native ancestry is a scumbag move, but she's great on consumer protections and condemning an oversized and corrupt Wall Street.

    If McCain had won 2008 and Elizabeth Warren had run for president in 2012 on cutting the banks down to size, she could very well have persuaded most voters to ignore her devious side and focus on "the issues."

    But banking and finance currently aren't the top issues. Race and immigration are. As such, her claims to Native ancestry are going to be a lot more important now than they would've been when people were still smoking angry about Wall Street.

    That said, this could actually work to her advantage in the primaries. Elizabeth Warren claiming to be a Native pre-American actually captures how a lot of SWPL NPCs feel: they need to mouth off platitudes about how much they hate their own race, but secretly wish they were still in charge of politics and could mount campaigns to help solve student loan debt, privacy and oligopoly concerns about Big Tech, cut down the influence Wall Street has, and formulate a coherent strategy for countering climate change.

    Kamala Harris will crush Elizabeth Warren in the primaries, unless she winds up splitting the black vote with Corey Booker and Devall Patrick. In that case, Warren might pull it off if she gets the SWPL vote to get behind her like a monolith. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

  5. Me again. You seem not to get angry by my demands for GSS consulting. I aspire to be able to do what you do. Sooo….

    The AFFRMACT variable. When I just View it, the overwhelming majority of respondents were not asked the question (I think). They were IAP.

    Why is this? Better yet, how should I have figured it out for myself. I lack the imagination to picture the person who should not be asked…

  6. Oh. I see they only started asking in 1994, so that's a boatload of IAP, I assume. However, in each year there are lots of them as well. What should I read to see when the interviewer skips that question?

  7. Contd from yesterday:

    Dated on Oct 10, so non-current. A good caption, but from a quick reaction the Tommy Robinson supporting hooligans appear older and fatter than the Subcontinental Islamic mob. The average working class swing voter in the UK will favor neither group, but will be receptive to whatever Con/Lab politician that proposes restrictive security measures.

    The police lack the numbers to control these mobs, and a continuous demonstrations could spiral into riots larger than in 2011. There's a reason why no one in the UK blinked an eye when Lauren Southern was given a travel ban.

  8. I haven't taken a DNA test but if I turn out to be .00000001 percent Black how many Victim Units do I earn? How many do I have to collect to buy a new TV?

  9. snorlax,

    Mah nigga!


    Rends in the coalition. If I were Kamala Harris, that's exactly what I'd be urging Dolezal to do. It's funny to see Warren and allies go after Trump and co with this when the real susceptible is from their left flank, not from their right.

    Mr. Rational,

    But during the 2020 Dem debates, this stuff is going to come up. Harris owns it. What's Warren going to do, refer to herself as a POC? Please!


    1. Right. If she is American Indian on account of this, there is scarcely a white person on the entire continent of South America!

    3. My relatively near-term political goal/aspiration is to see heterosexual white men completely purged from and refusing to vote for the Democrat party. Nothing could be better for that schoolmarm Elizabeth Warren, about as uncool as a person gets, vs the screeching POC witch. So, uh, where exactly does Jim Webb fit into all this?


    I've never really been sure how that is determined. What I have gathered is that there are different degrees of "drilling down". I imagine some of the GSS surveys only take an hour or two, while others take several hours. The Wordsum test (WORDSUM), for example, is a 10-question vocab test. Not all respondents take it, but respondents who do take it do everything else. It must be one of the questions that is reserved for the most detailed of the iterations. Something like degree attained or year of birth (DEGREE and YEAR) are included for virtually everyone. I assume the handful of misses on those are transcriptions errors or maybe the respondent simply saying he/she didn't know.


    The Saracens in Britain are a lot younger than the native population, though. The more of this, the better, even if not so much for the individuals involved. Yes, 'our' side looks bad. But their side looks even worse and even cuckservatives hate Muslims. Time is not on our side. Democratic politics may not be, either. Deus vult!

  10. 0.1% african here, probably (isn't that a statistical noise level of dna, as in meaningless?), where is my free stuff?

  11. As someone who read the Two Income Trap, this whole thing seems very tragic. This was a sensible, sane, reasonable woman who was doing something incredibly rare, writing a social economics book that actually unflinchingly showed a real way that civilization is crumbling. And yet, she's come to this. The poz is virulent and nasty, and what it's done to our women is a crime.

  12. Anon,

    Yeah, a consequence of using SNPs instead of full genome sequencing.


    Yes, all the 'independent' voices on the left get converged. When's the last time you heard Bernie Sanders talking about open borders being a "Koch brothers' proposal"?

  13. anyone here find elizabeth warren to be sort of mentally ill?

  14. @ AE, on "When's the last time you heard…." :
    To that, let's add "When's the last time you heard any major lefty show due respect, to Greenwald's super work on MSM shilling for the MIC on Russian "hacking", etc.?

    This lemmingism really got going, when Kos etc. started banning "trolls" who dissed the Party Line, from mid-2016 to the present.

  15. OT/Passive aggressive concern trolling for Jews:

    DoJ announces indictment of leaker with the preposterously WASPy name of )))Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards(((. FBI Special Agent (((Emily P. Eckstut))) investigated, and charges were brought by US Attorney (((Geoffrey S. Berman))). Prosecuting the case are Assistant US Attorneys (((Kimberly J. Ravener))) and (((Daniel C. Richenthal))).

  16. My 23 and Me report shows me as 100% European, including 0.0% Ashkenazi Jewish. I heard that sometimes they will screw with the results to deflate racists but they must have forgot to change the results on this racist's report.

    Warren's big reveal was pretty stupid because it essentially proved Trump right. The Cherokee Nation stepping in to condemn Warren was just the icing on the cake. If this is Warren's first serious attempt to try to run for President in 2020, it's going to be a very difficult time for her.

    However, one yuge and bigly takeaway from this is that Warren knows that being a white woman is no longer enough. If she can cling tightly to her <1% non-white ancestry as a life saver, how will any other white candidate like Joe Biden or Kirsten Gillibrand be able to make it? Even though this thing was a big backfire, the untold story is that it will be tough to run for higher office as a white person in the Democrat Party. I think we all know this but it's good to see this theory get confirmed. Anyone still pining for a BernieBro insurgency within the Democrats is fooling themselves.

  17. Sikhs have the right to carry knives, do redskins have the right to carry tomahawks?

  18. snorlax,

    Name of Mayflower? Descendant of King Edward Longshanks?! Get out of here. That has to be parody!

    Random Dude,

    Exactly. How does Harris lose the nomination? It's all identity now and she owns everyone else on the identity front. Maybe Booker could compete, but he's bunched up there in the northeast with a bunch of other wannabes who are white. Harris basically has everything west of the Hudson to herself, she's black, she's other, she's young, and she's female.

  19. Booker only competes if he comes out of the closet.

    …which hurts him even worse in the general.

  20. @audacious

    It says on your DNA test "East Asian and Native American". What if it turns out that you are 0.1% Chinese?

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