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The following map shows mean average IQ by state using 2013 NAEP scores from eighth graders in math and reading:

And this map shows the average credit scores by state, according to 2017 data from VantageScores:

Despite the War on Noticing, indefatigably astute readers will detect a similarity between the maps. This is on account of the two correlating at a robust .79 (p = .00000000001) at the state level.

The more intelligent the population, the more smoothly things run.

Keep this in mind as leftists continue to clamor for the unfettered flow of settlers into the US from double-digit IQ countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

An indebted, overdrafted, underfunded population is one that will give up power to the Imperial City in return for being bailed out and provided for.

The data on credit scores comes via Steve Sailer, though I’ve misplaced the link to the post in which he shared it.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The frightening thing about that I.Q. map is that only one state has a median I.Q. above 100. This explains the downward spiral of the economy quite clearly. Its all racial. There cannot be another explanation. White population must standardize at 100.

  2. Why WV is so bad-ranked ???

  3. @Phileppe
    You've obviously never been to WV. It's fucking hard-scrabble.

    More interested in HI myself. Lower IQ but higher credit?

  4. Just keep in mind IQ isn't as nature influenced at 13 as it is later in life

  5. @anon

    Pretty sure you have it backwards, for what its worth. IQ potential is 100% hereditary. Environmental factors won't improve IQ over that.

  6. I wonder what a map of credit scores by race would look like…

  7. Joshua,

    It's not quite that bad. There are 12 at 100 or greater. The color schematic makes it sort of tough to differentiate.


    I assume you're not from the US. West Virginians are our hill people (hillbillies). Here's how they're depicted in American popular culture. I think this humiliating representation still holds up fairly well. There is no one our elites hate more than the archetypal West Virginian.


    Yeah, it's an outlier, not sure why. Removing it bumps the correlation up to .82. Maybe the natives don't use credit cards much?


    Right, though it's getting close at that age. And if that introduces noise, as I assume it must to some degree, all that suggests is that the true correlation is even stronger than the one we find here.


    Do you have that data anywhere?!?!

  8. …and Massachusetts, despite being 24% colored, scores higher in median IQ than any other state. Higher than ultra-white Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, and leagues higher than West Virginia.

  9. Anon,

    When it comes to IQ testing, of course, it's the Ice % (white + Asian) that matters, not just the white %. Massachusetts has a lot of Asians, almost as many as it does blacks, and it is still much whiter than the country as a whole. But its whites are tops–only DC's whites do better.

  10. It's the flake/HR gradient that's a constant in American sociology. The further West and South you go, the dumber and crazier people tend to get. West Virginia and Texas are outliers to this (the former does worse than you'd expect, and Texas does better than you'd expect), as is Maine to some degree (Maine has always been much more proleish than the rest of New England). And these rules seem to apply across nearly all ethnic groups. The Mid-Atlantic and New England get the best Irish, the best A-rabs, the Best Orientals, etc. By the time you get to California, things get ugly, as one can imagine given that California has always been….Shaky when it comes to HR.

    I suspect that the "best" elites, whether they've been here a long time (e.g., are white) or not, stick to the Northeast, possibly in order to better access Europe, which is still regarded as the center of high culture. Also, NY and London are the big centers of finance. And D.C. is of course the capital of the world.

  11. @audacious

    My point is exactly "but its whites are tops".

    And you wonder why high IQ coastal SWPLs put the same effort into avoiding low IQ flyover whites as they would with blacks and hispanics.

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    As a member of the very class you talk about, I'll tell you why we live in the places we do:

    1. We want to live, first and foremost, with other high IQ and high status people. Both are important. I don't want to mix with high IQ proles, just as I don't want to mix with retards who just happen to have rich parents.

    2. We want a moderate amount of diversity. Total racial homogeneity is inherently low-status. Look at North Korea, or Haiti, or even Eastern Europe. In order to be elite, one must mingle with the world elite in IQ, education, wealth, and power. We don't want total racial diversity either. The average coastal elite SWPL wants to live in a town that's 70% high IQ SWPL white, 10% Jewish, 10% East Asian, and 10% South Asian.

    3. Yes, we do stick to the BosWash corridor in part because it offers us proximity to London, Paris, etc, which we consider to be the wellsprings of European high culture.

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