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IQ estimates converted from 8th grade 2013 NAEP math and reading assessments by eligibility for the national school lunch program, a federally assisted meal program that provides “low-cost or free lunches to school children” from low-income households follow. The scores for both tests are on a 500 point scale, with a standard deviation of 37 on the math assessment and 34 on the reading assessment. In the subsequent table, these are converted into IQ estimates with a mean of 98–corresponding to the national average NAEP scores of 283.62 for math and 266.02 for reading–and a standard deviation of 15. The math and reading scores are weighted equally:

Eligible? IQ
Yes 92.6
No 103.4

More Cathedral trolling here (or rather more bait for the purpose). If we apply the same logic here that gets applied by educational romantics about how giving kids more access to and expecting them to spend more time acquiring education will make them as smart as kids from leafy suburbs, the solution for Closing the Gap* becomes obvious–take away the poor urchins’ free lunches! Free food stigmatizes the children who receive it. Give a kid a lunch and he will be hand-to-mouth for his whole life, but force his family to provide provisions on their own and he will eat well forever!

* The social class gap, that is, which no one really cares about anymore. The privilege poor white kids from broken homes in rural West Virginia enjoy gives them a far greater leg up in life than oppressed coloreds with names like Malia and Sasha could ever hope for–that’s the nation’s primary disgrace!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
• Tags: Class, Education, IQ, Kids, The Cathedral 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    In order to qualify for free breakfast and lunch at school, your guardian has to prove that her income is below a certain threshold. Anyone who can do that is almost certainly able to qualify for food stamps and almost certainly collects them.

    We're paying for TWO breakfasts and TWO lunches for every poor kid. Oh and some schools serve dinner and send backpacks of food home on the weekends.

  2. I guess that the ultimate solution for blacks is to move them all to Charlotte, give them white teachers but refuse them NSLP.

  3. Countenance,

    Do we have any information on test scores in Liberia by chance?

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