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The Deplorable Doctor Pol?
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The totalitarian instinct on display:

In the way of background, “The Incredible Doctor Pol” program is a reality show based in rural central Michigan that follows the professional activities in doctor Jan Pol’s veterinarian office and of members of his staff as they’re doing field visits. The county Pol operates in, like the state itself, went for Trump.

My wife loves the show and I occasionally watch it with her. Pol is an eminently likable character. His work is real. It doesn’t involve a hint of the virtue-signaling dreck that gives shrikes like this woman away from a mile out:

Footage in the episode “Happy Birthday Moo” briefly showed a few members of the Pol family wearing shirts that said “Keeping America Great” during a Labor Day walk in Michigan. The episode aired in July of 2017, so the footage was presumably from 2016, prior to Trump’s election. It was thus more likely anti- than pro-Trump, but it’s unclear what political statement, if any, was being made:

The shirts were custom designed so they could’ve just been meant as a generic celebration of working Americans.

Whatever the intention, it’s incidental to this woman’s reaction and the window into the mind of the cultMarx id it provides. That 99% of everything on network, cable and streaming services is implicitly–if not explicitly–cultMarxist isn’t enough for zealots like her. An innocuous nod in the other direction is an intolerable intrusion into their ever-expanding intellectual safe spaces dead zones.

Notice the insinuations in her puritanical post. Trump supporters–most white Americans, in other words–favor “racism” and oppose “human rights”. The Dutch doctor–who has the most watched show in NatGeo Wild’s history–is a disappointment to his homeland.

This woman is a great illustration of why Gen Z is turning away from the SJWism that defines so many neurotic, nihilistic millennials and burned out boomers alike. Spending all of one’s energy scouting for things about which to scold people with a stern “This is NOT okay” is an immiserating, soul-crushing way to live. It’s not a formula for human flourishing, which is why many SJWs are such miserable creatures.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. ISIS (according to Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger's book) tries to induce "secondary sociopathy" in its host populations. The core members are all natural born killers, but they force their host populations to watch and partake in grisly murders, and them the deeds are morally just.

    SJWism is analogous. It tries to instill "secondary borderline personality disorder" in the general populace. Most hardcore SJWs have serious personality and mood disorders, and they celebrate various kinds of mental illness, while attempting to "destigmatize" such disorders.

    SJWs are rarely ever happy, not for long, and they do all they can to induce their psychosis in others. Of course, their aim is foolhardy: most human beings aren't saint, but they feel genuine happiness over a war vet getting to keep a goose he is emotionally attached to in good health for a little while longer.

    Zyklons are resisting SJWism, but I also think white Millennial men are waking up. Most guys I talk to my age, once they're unguarded and feel they can trust you, vent about how much they loathe SJWs. Even the ones who hate Trump admit they wish SJWs wouldn't ruin their serious economic policies with their rants about microaggressions.

  2. This woman needs a Scold's Bridle. 16th Century Scotsman and Englishman had it correct.

  3. "The episode in Canada last night showed the Pol family walking across the Mackinac bridge…"

    The Mackinac Bridge is not in Canada. It connects the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with the rest of the state.

  4. That's why she needs a dog. Anything with a higher IQ would run away yelping.

  5. AE —

    I just wanted to memorialize an idea I just had and get your thoughts. What if some small number (say three or four or five) of conservative Senators bolted the Republican party to form an America First party that caucuses with the Republicans?

    Basically, the Republicans can't have a majority without them.

    Then they could threaten to rob the Repubs of their majority if they tried to pull shenanigans like amnesty, right?

    Is there any reason why this would not work? What do you think?

    (Would John McCain, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham form an America last party and threaten to decamp to the Democrats? I don't think John McCain does that. He likes imagining himself as the true warmongering heart of the Republican party.)

    I think an America First Party would be awesome messaging. One would presume that the other party is the America Last Party.

    Trump lined up everything perfectly for Repubs to build a lasting majority based on America First, which can have cross-racial appeal, but the Stupid Party doesn't seem to get it.

    In Europe it is interesting how Eastern Europe holds the line. This totally messes up the globalists because it shows beautiful functioning countries to contrast the failure of globalism. Communism failed not because we defeated them but because they could see we worked better.

  6. How much of all of this rests on mass delusions both sustained by and fed by a belief in unlimited resources?

    Since 1981's bond market low, Congress can spend without limit while cutting taxes, and Americans (and most everyone else) can consume without having to first produce (which is part of the "jobless recovery.") Everyone believes everyone can have everything. There has to be a limit, doesn't there?

    The people "waking up" also seem to be those who, despite steeping in this cesspool of insanity, cannot avoid the truth of limited resources because such people are living increasingly limited lives. The notion that a job for which they are qualified being handed to someone to fulfill a skin-pigment quota is not abstract. The contract of "go to college, get a good degree, get a job" is broken by H1-B and endless minority make-work. Such experiences surely create a fertile mind for sowing Heresy to SJ dogma.

    The USA was polluted enough and crowded enough in the 1970's, a hundred million additional people ago. I can't wait for people to end this Rip Van Winkle gig, wake up from their 4 decade stupor and take a look at what their torpor produced.

  7. Two things:

    1) The phrase "The episode in Canada last night" likely referred to the episode airing in Canada not actually taking place in Canada

    2) The Dutch, largely in SW Michigan, are Michigan's shitlibs and are culturally at least way to the left of other whites in Michigan so there's a decent chance that this was meant to be anti-Trump. Have never seen the show so I couldn't say for sure.

  8. Don't look now, but Time & Money magazine's 100 best places to live in America is a sea of white faces. Shame on them.

  9. She lives in Toronto, is from the Netherlands. Hardly a role model for the United States.

  10. Sid,

    Thanks for that. It's a helpful way to conceptualize the 'intellectual' end–as opposed to the physical end like antifa–of the useful idiot pool.


    Compromise on a pillory?


    I think she was referring to where she watched it. It's important for her to state that on the wall of a Facebook fan page because it has to do with her, of course. That it's otherwise irrelevant doesn't cross her mind as she shares it.


    She seems (I creeped) to like injured animals. They can't run away, after all. Poor creatures.


    I love the idea, of course. Maybe less ambitious, an America First caucus. There's the congressional black caucus, the freedom caucus, etc. There used to the blue dog democrats, though that may be defunct now.

    I suspect it's more than just culture that gives Eastern Europe that resilience, though. They're less outbred than Northwestern Europeans. I hope it's something we can overcome, but I'm not sure it is.


    Couldn't agree more. One of my favorite sayings–apologies to those who are sick of seeing it–is that the generation with its back against the wall may just be the one that saves us all. This isn't an abstraction for them. It's their future, and they can sense it.

    Re: the great places to live, it's because of… good schools!


    Could well be true, though you'd never know one way or the other watching the show. I've never caught a whiff of anything even remotely political, and I'm more alert for things like that than the average viewer is. At the least, a lot of Pol's clients are Trump supporters.


    This occidental illness isn't confined to a single country, unfortunately.


    Be sure to spread this far and wide to anyone who still doesn't think that DACA is amnesty. Be sure to spread this far and wide to anyone who still thinks that Latinos will be grateful to Republicans for passing DACA.

  12. Random Dude,

    It's her Bernie Sanders' Seattle moment. Done and done, shared on Gab, facebook, twitter. No normie is going to see this in a positive light. Time for these old white fogies in the Democrat party to understand that the party doesn't belong to them anymore.

    Have you seen this yet? Look at her shake. Even more pathetic than Sanders when he was run off stage by those two negress land whales.

  13. "I suspect it's more than just culture that gives Eastern Europe that resilience, though. They're less outbred than Northwestern Europeans. I hope it's something we can overcome, but I'm not sure it is."


    Hajnal line. Mass media, ease of transportation, and so forth have made it much easier to take advantage of the emotional and logistical generosity of Protestants. As Steve Sailer has been saying from the get-go, Merkel urging refugees north was heard basically throughout Middle-Earth within oh, 24 hours. And prior waves of migrants were subject to much more difficult travel. Also, mass fast communication and media has made it much easier to police boundaries of "acceptable" thought and behavior. 24 hr TV news, Twitter, and the like can instantly turn you into a pariah; keep in mind that one reason people tend to think of the past as a safer place is that the further back you go, the more slowly news traveled and it often didn't get that far. Boomers were the first generation to not only hear/read about things almost as soon as they happened, but more powerfully they saw the news too.

    Would Spain have welcomed Muslim invaders centuries ago if they had been subjected to non-stop sob stories about how the "humanitarian" course of action always involves letting in foreigners?

    While I'm not convinced that everything we're dealing with, politically and culturally, is entirely new, I do think that the speed of these things has been accelerated by modern technology. For example, perhaps Galileo became a pariah but how quickly did it happen? And did all of his countrymen know his face within 24 hours of him defying the church?

    There's always the possibility of using these things for everyone's long-term benefit, but at what point will the Jeff Bezos' change their tune?

  14. It does seem like a real reckoning is ahead for Free Speech and blacklisting. I know we can go even further in seeding the higher courts with better judges, who'll side with conservative rebels who have been shunned by liberal institutions. The bigger quandary is what such judges would think about PRIVATE institutions becoming towering monopolies who trample on the well-being of law abiding and hard working people who have views considered heterodox by swpls.

    It goes against classical liberal orthodoxy to have public institutions impose their mores and ethics on companies (no more freedom and such), as opposed to private individuals either alone or as a team settling scores all by themselves against corrupt companies. But the Cult-Marx robber barrons and their many minions are clearly engaging in a kind of political blasphemy racketeering. Scott Adams said that his income declined greatly in 2016, because he said that Trump was running a better campaign; he never evaluated the substance of his policies or his moral character. Think about that; just recognizing an objective (and unpopular to the people who count) reality (that the conservative ran a better campaign) was heresy that called for excommunication. You'd probably have to go back to the literal witch-hunting hysteria of yore to find so much mania for repression of those regarded to be less than pure of character or motive. Liberals whine that such an atmosphere prevailed in the 1950's without bothering to admit several key things: we legitimately feared what the Soviets did and were capable of; Russia itself eventually acknowledged that genuine spys and subversives had infiltrated every institution of America; and lastly, open bullying, up to and including violence, was highly uncommon in the 1950's. All things considered, anti-communists actually were pretty gentle. But oh, since a fair number of Hollywood figures were relegated to ghost writing, well, that's horrible and tragic. Also not appreciated is that 80% of Americans firmly believed in suppressing communist influence at that time, whereas during genuine witch-hunt eras 50-70% of people are frightened by the fervor of the witch-hunters and come to see them as a menace.

    I listen to several podcasts and generally, there's at least one person in each "cast" who's the liberal junkie and instigator, and needless to say the others will sometimes jump in. I'd say that around 30% of the population are committed liberals right now who genuinely have succumbed to paranoia that Trumpism/populism are an infection that must be contained, by……Any mean necessary.

    Who is the New/Leftist Joe McCarthy? Hillary? Hillaryism. Mueller/Muellerism?

  15. "John McCain, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham form an America last party a"

    Right now it wouldn't be that difficult to bounce them all out, in light of public discontent, IF the will to do so was strong enough among populist conservative officials. Thing is, some combination of inertia/black-mail/intimidation/lobbyist muscle is being used to muzzle populists. The media right now is giving sob stories to us about John Kelly being screamed at. We're to understand that Trump is a Bad guy, being barely restrained by a Good Guy (Kelly). In fact, they've been upfront about the idea that a series of handlers has been grooming Trump for the better, which really is treasonous (the president does not have to answer to anybody, and his agenda which was popular with 1/2 of America ought to have been respected)

    I'm beginning to think that the Boomer and early Gen X swamp is so clouded that the only shot at bringing greater clarity is generational attrition; eventually sheer aging will produce mortality that enables later X-ers to get off their duff and feel confident that they can introduce more pragmatism and reduce the amount of dogma and idealism that's been weighing us down for 50 years.

    I am fairly confident that several decades of rule by incompetent and crooked fools will eventually carry a price; how much it's borne by the elites vs the countries they ran into the ground remains to be seen. Russia has got to be giddy about what fools run America; who in their right mind shoves 3rd worlders into their country for 50 years while respect for religion, authority, and useful work declines? And there's very little accountability for the scuzzbags who cynically game the system.

  16. Feryl,

    The masturbatory nature of it all has to play some part, too. We call it virtue-signalling because it doesn't require any of the work that virtue–in any classical sense–requires.

    Think about that; just recognizing an objective (and unpopular to the people who count) reality (that the conservative ran a better campaign) was heresy that called for excommunication

    Right, that's what this post illustrates, too. The footage was a couple of seconds at most, showed the family walking among a throng of other people, had no commentary, etc. I bet 9 in 10 people watching didn't even notice what the shirts said.

    Yet that's enough for this woman to feel justified in going on the war path against Pol? Whatever his politics, they don't creep into the show in the least. He's in his 12th season and that's always been the case. But that he might dare to have a personal conviction at odds with this self-righteous cunt's? Burn him.

  17. What's creepy about Scott Adams is that he's not an overtly hated figure; liberals rarely talk about him, the talk show circuit doesn't caricature him or allude to incitement of violence against him, etc. He's impossible to deride, politically or morally. Yet a number of companies/outlets/taste-makers clearly are blacklisting him by reducing his reach/communication, by no longer offering lucrative contracts and speaking fees, and so on.

    If every figure on the new right had the persona of a Scott Adams, the Left would be screwed. But since there are flamboyant and sleazy elements to every movement, the opposition of course will seize on those things and mostly exclude the sensible elements.

  18. @ tenneby –

    Have you ever been to SW Michigan? I have. This is the most conservative area in the state – sort of a Bible Belt minus the southern accents. All of the SW Michigan counties went for Trump except two – Muskegon and Kalamazoo – probably because of their relatively large NAM populations. Speaking of Dutch, Allegan and Ottawa counties, where the city of Holland is located, gave Trump a 61-62% majority. Virtually all of the elected officials (including all members of the US House of Representatives), are Republicans. Liberals? Not too many in SW Michigan.

  19. Feryl,

    Did you catch Adams on Sam Harris' podcast a couple months ago? It's a great illustration of why he's blacklisted as opposed to being attacked–he made Harris look like an ignorant, petulant child who was triggered over and over again. It was embarrassing.

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