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The Day the Trump Presidency Died
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So bye, bye MAGA dream in the sky:

This is probably the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency. The midterms are shaping up to be a bloodbath. The markets now put the odds of Democrats re-taking the House at 68%. The odds of Democrats gaining control of the Senate is 40%, an astoundingly high figure given Democrats are defending 25 of their seats–more than half–while Republicans are defending just eight of their own.

The last two years of Trump’s term will be one of perpetual Russia, Russia!, RUSSIA!! and impeachment proceedings initiated by a Democrat congress riding its “blue wave”, while pusillanimous Republicans meekly position themselves in various ways in opposition to the isolated president.

A veto would have been a ‘defining moment’ in his presidency. It would’ve electrified the base and fired up the grassroots tradcon and libertarian contingents, sending a strong message about the seriousness of draining the swamp and of building the wall.

Most maddening is how easy a veto it would have been. Before the contents are even available for public viewing, Chuck Schumer is dancing in the endzone over the 2,200-plus page, $1.3 trillion bill no one will read before it hits Trump’s desk, a $1.3 trillion bill that includes just $0.0016 trillion for wall funding–and even that pittance can’t actually be used for anything serious.

Where’s the negotiation and the pushback from our great negotiator? Before he had even signed it, other Democrats were boasting about getting 80% of what they wanted. The optics alone were terrible. So terrible that it doesn’t seem particularly conspiratorial to wonder if the perjury trap fishing expedition Mueller investigation has found something seriously compromising. If that’s the case, though, the snakes will publicly expose it anyway, so why not come out swinging like usual?

Trump was elected because he followed his instincts rather than the advice of wormtongues. His instincts told him this bill was garbage:

In tough situations like these, leaders lead. They don’t whine about how they dislike what they’ve agreed to go along with.

It is difficult to overstate how devastating this missed opportunity is.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I have no idea what he could be thinking . bedazzled by " MY Generals" I guess .
    what a tragic loss.

  2. IHTG says: • Website

    "One senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that Stephen Miller, the White House’s senior policy adviser, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were critical of the spending measure because it did not do enough to advance Trump’s priorities on combating illegal immigration. Miller had eventually relented after realizing that there were no good options if the president vetoed the bill, officials said."

  3. There is no question that Trump is through….he is an asshat.

  4. DaDZ says: • Website

    "They don't whine about what they've agreed to go along with."

    Could not agree more. I learned not to do this in the Army as a butter bar LT. It makes you look incredibly weak and ineffectual.

    If he was going to sign it he should have just signed and shut up. Much better than: 1. threatening a veto 2. signing, but making it known that he strenuously protests 3. tweeting about the wonderful gun control measure the bill includes.

    I'm not going full Black Pill (yet), as I think he still has a small window for redemption, but I don't see how there's any room left to make the 12D Chess argument anymore. Anyone who does is doing so out of desperation and hoping someone smarter than themselves sees some Trumpian long game tactics hidden in this blunder that they will let them in on

  5. Anonymous [AKA "Mark V. Glass"] says: • Website

    It continues on forever and ever. It is the unvarnished truth: There is not much more to learn in relation to this project.

    They were going like hotcakes. Did you know that a number of elements never go out-of-date? Who first sold me on that

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  6. You can't stop what's coming. It just picked up speed.

  7. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    I am trying to look at Trump in a positive way. He has shown Republicans a path to victory nationally. Maybe he is Moses and the movement now needs a Joshua. I am hoping a competent and fearless politician picks up where he left off. What is keeping me up at night though is that if immigration is not halted soon we will soon be past a point of no return. To be honest, I think we are already cooked as I think Romneyite voters going forward will not make common cause with Democratic blue collar voters. It is declasse to be for Trumpism.

  8. I don't understand why Trump has these hold ups.

    Congress pushes through a BS budget at the last minute, and we're supposed to accept that?

    Why am I supposed to care about Alien Minors so much? Why does Trump? Boo hoo, Congress didn't find a solution for them. They have to go back.

    Why does Trump have to take the Swamp disrespecting him on the Wall?

    I wouldn't be so certain as to say this is the downfall of the Trump presidency, but we didn't elect him to talk tough and then have all of these hold ups.

    Trump needs to acknowledge he fell in the mud and he needs to start being tough, instead of just talking like he is.

    It's not over yet, but the Democrats have shown over the last few years that they don't give a damn about meeting us halfway. Why are so held up?

  9. I'm not ready to give up on him yet. Like it or not, there's no alternative.

    Trump plays for the long game. I think there may be some inside baseball going on here that we don't see.

  10. Most elites are 180 degrees from the stances that Trump advocated on the campaign trail. Agnostic frequently compares Trump to Carter, and I think the comparison fits. Both presidents advocated policies that were fundamentally at odds with their side's agenda. In Carter's case, he busted unions and promoted de-regulation at a time when the Left was all about the labor movement. Carter also disliked the unsettled tone of the 60's and 70's, and wanted the cultural revolution to stop (Carter himself emphasized his Evangelical congeniality in order to get elected) unlike other Left-wing elites of that era.

    In Trump's case, he's tired of the US bending the knee to multi-cultural fanatics and to corrupt lobbies/interest groups like the Pentagon, the CoC, and so forth. He's also tired of the US military being asked to defend so many countries who show no gratitude and refuse to pick up expenses. Like with Carter, Trump is also at odds with the prevailing ideology of his party.

    Another parallel, I feel, is the timing of cultural transitions. The Leftist economic culture of the 1930's-1970's wasn't going to end until the 80's, in which case Jimmy Carter should've known better than to jump the gun. It was the GOP that then proceeded to popularize Rightwing economic policies after Carter was villified. Similarly, Trump tried to introduce policies to rein in elites, so as to transition us away from the arrogant elite period of the 1980's-2010's; but Trump jumped the gun against the wishes of his party. In the 2020's surging waves of later Gen X and Millennial voters will vote for economic Leftist candidates who will finish the job that Trump tried to start, not unlike how Silents and early Boomers gave Reagan a landslide in 1984. We can only hope that the Left surge is strictly economic, and doesn't make CultMarxism even worse. That being said, the Clinton and Obama wing of the Dems deliberately stirred up CultMarxism to distract from the fact that Clinton and Obama were further to the Right of Eisenhower and Nixon, on economic matters. As you can tell from Millennial discontent, they realize, consciously or not, that Obama was a corporate whore who didn't really get anything done. Until wages and benefits go up, and living costs go down, there's no reason to think that we won't soon get a powerful populist with a party who agrees to the revolution. Younger Trump voters, and moderate Dems, expected Trump to get more headway at changing the culture, but the GOP zombies wouldn't have it.

  11. but what about #QAnon?


  12. "Trump plays for the long game. I think there may be some inside baseball going on here that we don't see."

    It's cute how the Coalition of the Right Fringes attempts to smooth over the "grave mistakes" of Trump similar to when the Coalition of the Left Fringes came to the rescue of Obama. There is no observable difference here. Even Vox Day is refusing to call out the gamma behavior of his beloved.

    The fact is that Trump is a showman. He's not even a conservative. He merely crafted a brand that was popular among the electorate. He won, most likely with outside help. But his fanbois and fangirlz will go to the wall for him. Why? They don't dare realize that all along they were duped.

    Sure, there were a number of things that were accomplished UNDER his administration, not BY. The measures enacted were part of the GOP agenda, not his OWN ideas. Hell, he even has a number of prominent Joos who are part of his team. The snakeoil salesman struck gold. Hopefully, in the end, more people will just admit that he is a huckster, not a "God Emperor".

  13. Sid: My first comment shows why Trump can't get more headway. Reagan had his revolution because his side, by 1984, was completely behind him (in 1980, many elite conservatives preferred the more moderate/centrist candidate, Bush). Reagan's popularity was actually mediocre to average in 1980-1982, then he became much more popular in the lead-up to the '84 election, as crime fell, cynicism declined, and the economy improved. This convinced many elites (certainly all conservative elites) that we were heading in the right direction, and thus began the worship of Reagan by the Right.

    Reagan's first term was the opposite of Carter's first term. There was no "Carter revolution", and his presidency is considered to be an embarrassing failure by just about everyone. Likewise, Trump's first (and likely only) term will go down on history as a failure that both the Left and Right disdain, albeit not necessarily for the same reasons. Conservatives don't like Carter, without appreciating how Left-wing elites didn't like him for being too conservative. Liberals will always hate Trump, without appreciating the fact that Right-wing elites found him too liberal. Liberal here being defined as a willingness to attack fellow elites for corruption.

    In hindsight Trump would've been much better off if he'd gone the route of Perot (a courageous third party candidate who gained traction but didn't win), or if he'd sidled up to the Sanders wing of the Democrats and squelched the rhetoric about Muslims and Mexicans (saying that we ought to reform our immigration and foreign policy doesn't mean you have to publically single out ethnic groups; The Democrats and liberal Republicans in the 1930's-1970's had good immigration and war policies, for the most part e.g. not including escalating Vietnam) without resorting to scapegoating ethnic groups or nationalities. Note also that loose cannons like Steve Bannon egged Trump on into saying provocative and divisive things; would Eisenhower have been any better off if he'd called Mexicans rapists? Explaining one's policies in considered terms is important; the Steve Millers of the present and future should heed this. As long as Boomers and to a lesser degree, Gen X-ers set the tone, we can expect tasteless and classless rhetoric to abound, but that may eventually change. Remember when Sanders (a Silent) matter of factly said that companies exploit immigrant workers? If we centered rhetoric around fairness (which is of course more appealing to Silents and Millennials than it is to Boomers or X-ers), that would go a long way. It's not "fair" to make crime worse, make trust levels worse, make wages worse, and make public finances worse by elites allowing immigrants to be dumped on communities.

    In the Joe Sobran video, he raises unflattering things about Jewish-Americans and gays without using crude rhetoric or calling them very derogatory things (like criminals, traitors, or parasites). But Sobran was a Silent, cautious about using rhetoric that could escalate violence or war. This caution is missing among Boomers, who have of course fubared everything they've touched.

  14. Corvinus:

    Trump isn't a con-man. He's stated for decades that America's trade and war policies are a joke. He was heavily involved in 3rd party politics in the 90's and 2000's, at some points coming close to running. Trump and his base rejected standard issue corporate conservatism in 2015-2016 (yep, Trump isn't a "true conservative" alright, that's why he dominated the GOP primary; it's not 1985 anymore). By post-Reagan standards, Esienhower and Nixon weren't conservative either (neither of them egged on war excess, neither of them cheerled high levels of immigration, and neither of them favored non-stop deregulation). On a local level, the Dems were so broadly popular among the middle and working class in the 1940's-1970's that Republican politicians often felt no choice but to be comparatively liberal (e.g., fair to the lower class) on foreign policy and economic issues, of which immigration is one.

    It is precisely the one true conservative (Reagan) whose reign ignited every goddam excess that Gen X-ers and Millennials are now complaining about.

  15. Was just saying to someone the other day that Trump seems more like a John the Baptist. We’re still waiting on our (figurative) Christ.

  16. Stop being so negative, audacious. Trump will be a 2 term president.

    He is really whiny though. I hate that about him. Real men don't whine.

  17. forest grump,

    Yeah, the simplest explanation is that he didn't want to look like he was leaving the military hanging. Stefan Molyneux alluded to the fatal conceit in his reaction video. That money for the military matters more than anything else is Trump's fatal conceit. This isn't 3rd century Rome. The soldiers aren't going to overthrow you if you don't dole it out without interruption, but the plebs will.


    This failure to mutually reinforce, to use his own terms, sovereignty and freedom, is going to lead to Rs getting crushed in November. In an aptly titled post, Demockery, Z-Man does a good job explaining why they don't care. The question is how much longer we're going to care. Pre-Trump, I thought the Republican party had to be obliterated. I'm back there now.

    At the least Trump vetoes and says he'll sign if they throw another $20 billion in for the wall. There would still be plenty to grumble about, but it wouldn't have been an utter blowout like it has turned out to be.


    It's disappointing, but I still have tremendous respect and appreciation for what he has done. He is one man in a position he had no previous experience for, surrounded by enemies at every turn. He didn't have to do this. That he made it this far is astounding.

    The GOP had to transform or die, and to make a very long story short, he has now guaranteed that the latter is going to happen. There is no electoral support anywhere for the Rs contribution to this monstrosity.


    Exactly. For purely optical and tactical reasons, if he'd made the decision to sign, I would've thought he'd champion it as starting wall construction to put the Ds in a bind. Guess the amount and restrictions were so embarrassing that he couldn't even pull that off. In his initial tweet he sort of tried to, but was ridiculed immediately (and understandably) for trying to do so.


    Yep, all the centrifugal forces are accelerating again.


    If that is the case, and it may be so, then the GOP has to lose and lose badly. It has to do so continually until Joshua–or Sulla–comes not just to show the way, but to pave it with force.


    In retrospect it looks like the DACA tweet was an attempt to rile up invaders to get them angry at the Ds who were celebrating the bill. It may have been a bit hyperbolic of me to have asserted that Ds cannot put their names on anything that even has a whiff of border protection to it–looks like they'll begrudgingly accept peanuts to repair dilapidated fences that didn't do anything before they started falling apart!


    I share those sentiments. Trump can still do good. The traitorous GOPe cucks, on the other hand, cannot. The party has to burn. It needs a cleansing fire in November.


    Nationally there is no way that the left won't continue to run with CultMarxism. If anything, it'll be electorally easier to do so now, since they'll be able to win while doing it. Agnostic seems to think the Sanders/Warren wing of the Ds are not full blown CultMarxists. He's delusional about that. They are every bit as beholden to CultMarxism as Kamala Harris is. They may not willingly push it to the forefront as eagerly, but when it's placed there–and it will be, continually and indefinitely–they will offer zero resistance to it.

  18. Chase,

    Moses and Joshua, John and Jesus, Caesar and Augustus, take your pick.


    I stand by my initial assessment, gratuitously quoting myself:

    "Just as Trump's candidacy was a referendum on a wall, so will his ability–or lack thereof–to get that wall built be a referendum on his presidency."

    He gets a wall, he gets a second term. No wall, no second term. He needs to realize ASAP that the Unitparty in congress is going to do everything in its power to keep the wall from happening. They will always act in bad faith. Stop trying to work with them. Run over them, instead.

  19. Anonymous [AKA "Mike Wallens"] says: • Website

    Trump is vastly superior to any other choice we had. All this bloviating about him being a huckster or con man fails to remind that HRC was a nightmare combo of leftist social Democrat and neocon war monger. Ten thousand times again Trump over HRC.

  20. Feryl,

    What makes Trump's folding here unforgivable is that he was in a good enough position. He could have said, "Sorry, I hate shutting down the government, but your sending me this piece of crap is unacceptable. Get to work and then the rest of the government will."

    The GOPe sucks but there's no way they have all that much leverage over him. As for the Dems, man, they blew it with their own shutdown. By folding, Trump gave the villains a win they had no business owning.

    I don't know – Is Trump really a tough guy or just a tough talker? I'd rather have a guy who talks nice but is made out of adamantine, than a rough rock that fractures under pressure.

  21. Losing a battle is not losing the war.
    Losing an easy battle for no good reason is not losing the war.

    Does anyone remember how many battles the far Left (or the Deep State, for the matter) has lost over the decades? Of course not. That's because losing battles never bothered them. They always kept the faith, regrouped, and attacked again.

    Criticizing your leaders for bad decisions is good. Making your support conditional on good decisions is bad. Have we already forgotten McCabe, Tillerson, and McMasters?

    Given how many times in we've watched people mistake every dip and rise in this emotional rollercoaster for a long-term trend, I see no particular reason to think there will be a blue wave. Trump signing the bill isn't even a dip. It's just business-as-usual, and it reflects what we've already known for a while: that Trump isn't on the warpath 100% of the time. He takes breaks. Seriously, the man just scalped McCabe, Tillerson, and McMasters. Are you not entertained?

    While I am not happy about him signing the bill, Trump will always be my God-Emperor. And we are in a far better position today than we were a year ago, when he scalped Comey.

  22. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Calm down pilgrims! Anybody remember this:

    Turns out John Bonehead got nothing and Obama got a sneaky stimulus in vis payroll tax cut, which probably was one of the reasons for his relection the year later. Its a slow grind civil war we are in and right now we should be focused like Auston Power's laser on defeating as many of the 10 Trump states Republicans + MN as possible. House does not matter, let me put Nancy and Maxine and any of the other clowns in charge and make a fool of themselves. Winning the Senate for a generation should be our task this year!!

  23. The "sophisticated international playboy" is defending his good name.
    Chipotle Fried Chicken and Salisbury Steaks LLC, formerly known as Trump.
    In the future, people will remember. Cheap and tasty food isn't free.
    We should all thank whatshisname, while he hires John Bolton to push the Bush Agenda. Lets just hope he didn't give WMDs to a porn star or a tranny hooker.

  24. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump has already made his greatest contribution.
    He ran on a Nationalist/Populist platform and won.
    He was opposed by practically the entire establishment ,to include his own parties leadership, and won.
    Every major institution,Academia,the "respectable" media, the Left (okay I'm being redundant) and did I mention his own party, was against him and he won!
    His most important contribution was as a pathfinder.
    He has blazed a trail to the White House that others can and I believe will follow.
    People who actually have convictions and the courage to match them.
    (If only Pat Buchanan were thirty-five!)
    Sure Trump has been "neoconned" ,co-opted by the very people whom we rejected and he beat,but he was never one of us.
    He's, I believe, an old style
    "America- is -better -off -with- a -White -majority" American Nationalist, though he'd never admit that,
    but he's not an Alt Rightist,much less a White Nationalist. Never has been, never will be.
    What I believe Trump's election signified was the first stirrings of a White American voting bloc.
    I doubt I'm the only one who believes this. Some candidate will step forward who will walk that same path.
    Someone younger, more articulate, less "vulgar" than Trump.
    Someone genuinely concerned for the well -being of White Americans.
    We can help ensure this by voting and, when and where possible ,vote for third parties to the Right of the Republicans.
    So don't be despondent!
    White Nationalism is a movement in its infancy, as opposed to White dominated American Nationalism,(ie.White supremacy).
    The current personalities and organizations of the White Right, are like waves,they come and they go, but the "ocean" remains.
    White Americans and White American Nationalism are not dependent on any individual or organization.
    Just as the ocean does not depend on the waves.
    So take heart!
    Nothing worthwhile, is ever easy.

  25. "Yeah, the simplest explanation is that he didn't want to look like he was leaving the military hanging. Stefan Molyneux alluded to the fatal conceit in his reaction video. "

    Trump had no investment in the Pentagon prior to becoming president, as we saw with his savaging of Bush war policy, his mocking of John McCain, and also the fact that he publicly humiliated our foreign policy masters by telling the public that the US essentially is less than a military whore for the West+Japan+Saudi Arabia/Egypt…..Our military is used for free by these countries many of which then turn around and sell us the same goods that used to made in America. It's been lose/lose for the US since the 80's; we invest more and more resources into being the free world's solider, and what do we get in return? Massive debt levels and multi-nationals whistling to the bank as the US's economic independence and manufacturing base get hollowed out.

    Trump clearly saw the vast corruption endemic in this kind of system/relationship, and how it plays into vast levels of social inequality and a lack of representation for common sense Middle Americans who know they've been screwed for 40 years. That's why the GOP elite still hates him. They don't want to be held to account, and neither does the highest levels of the DLC Left which has generally gone along with the GOP's economic and military policies since Clinton in the 90's. The corporate wing of both parties has presided over sickening levels of corruption and excess. Since both GOP elites and many rank and file Republicans looked the other way and rationalized this crap for 40 years, they feel more ownership of it and will be more resistant to change, esp. if they're older. Whereas much of the Left hated this crap in the 80's, 90's, and 2000's. It's only been under the tutelage of their black BFF Obama that the Left stopped hating the Pentagon and mid-tier elites. But eventually the economic Left will get it's mojo back, as will the peacenik wing of the Left; that doesn't necessarily mean that we'll be rid of CultMarxism, but we sure hope it does. The DLC wing of the party (which includes Pelosi, who voted for NAFTA fer Chrissakes, unlike most Dems, including her buddy Chuck Schumer) is dominated by those born before 1970. Eventually the make-up of the electorate will have changed enough, and we'll also get more post-Boomer candidates, both of which will contribute to economic populists who would be fools to ignore which way the wind is blowing (as long as we get to vote on candidates, the character of the electorate will determine the character of the politicians).

  26. Trump was almost immediately couped by the Pentagon in early 2017. Pentagon outlier Micheal Flynn (who wanted to ally with Russia to go after Islamic fundies) was set-up and framed, only to be replaced by a standard issue general who had no heterodox stances on anything. Kelly and McMaster then went to work on isolating Trump from people and news sources regarded as too out of step with the GOP Mainstream, eventually giving the boot to people like Katie McFarland and Rich Higgins who were brought on board to support the foreign policy that Bannon and Flynn wanted. Kelly has regularly said demeaning things in private and even at times in public about being Trump's "babysitter", and he also has a track record of saying cucky things about DACA and the like. Remember that the Pentagon consensus since the early 80's is that America can't be the leader of the world unless we're inviting in foreigners whose brains we can pick and who we can turn into spies.

    Most "official" channels of immigration settlement solidified around 1980; Wikipedia notes that both the US government as well as NGO's committed themselves to uhh, strategic placement of refugees starting in earnest in the 80's. From the 1920's to the 70's, American elites tended to be deeply suspicious of too many foreigners coming here at once, out of fear that too many of them would have dual loyalty problems . The US government itself is well aware of how many foreigners living in America go as far as to travel outside the US and then come back, on a fairly regular basis, with minimal oversight or restrictions from the US authorities, because, that might be considered racist. Or something. The Pentagon establishment is firmly committed to globalism and free movement of people, I guess because they're afraid that restricted travel would re-ignite the spark of nationalism which might make people open to cracking down on stupid globalists in our establishment. Remember that we're not talking about the WW2 generation here, who grew up considering it sensible to limit all kinds of foreign influence within one's country.

    It should be noted that other Western countries (prior to Merke's boner) accepted immigrants from former colonies of the West, while some (esp. Canada and Australia) prioritized highly-skilled immigrants for "economic" reasons. It's obvious that many Western elites enjoy the cheap labor that comes from higher immigration levels, but that being said, we shouldn't overlook how disgraceful the American (e.g., the Western) foreign policy establishment was in enabling dumb immigration policies. The military and intelligence community ought to be the first line of defense in determining who can safely be permitted to come here and stay here. Clearly, they've let us down big time. It's one thing for California farmers to use Mexican labor programs (as was done even in the 1940's and 50's), it's quite another to permit the entry of barbarians who worship a warlord who spread his "faith" by the sword. But since shit-fer-brains Boomers don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and since they came to believe in the 60's that white people "owe" other ethnic groups, then well, why not invite all and sundry ethnic groups? Besides, how are we gonna keep tabs on the A-rabs unless we invite some of them here so as to learn more about whatever the hell is going on in the MENA?

    Remember Cernovich driving McMaster up the wall by calling him a sucker for the Muslim Brotherhood?

  27. The President is the Commander in Chief. If Trump cannot stand against the yes men and armchair generals at the Pentagon then he's not fit to manage a Dairy Queen. Americans are sick and tired of these Bush League Wars. They have nothing to show for it.
    This sad old man wants to throw a parade. For what? Is the War over? Is it gonna be soon? Veterans are homeless and starving in the street and this clown wants a parade.


  28. No mistake that this is an unforced own-goal. But I don't know what we lost here besides (a) CLOUD, which no right-realist commenters seem to be making a fuss about, and (b) general continuance of the invade the world part of the Sailerian principle.

    Spending money on things that undermine American interests is business-as-usual. And it's absolutely worth getting upset about the shit bill, shit Repugs in Congress, and also with Trump for being weak. But I also think expecting one man to change it all and laying it all on his feet is weak. Need to get organized, get active, destroy the globalist faction of Republicans, only then are we going to get anything done. The attitude of complacency and constant doomsaying writes its own future, and so we need to banish the complacency that has held us back for so long.

  29. The Dealmaker in Chief who can't actually make any deals. That's a pretty giant blackpill to swallow. It's a point that will be driven home by Democrats, in between squealing about MUH RUSSIA. It's a good thing that the Democrats keep focusing on these topics that the public has never believed and is thoroughly tired of hearing about. If the Democrats focused on issues that matter, it would be a total rout this November. It still might be.

    The only winning strategy of where to go from here is probably to focus entirely on immigration. Do another executive order for wall funding that probably will get shot down but whatever, it isn't like this is a functional, serious country anymore. Just do whatever it takes to show that he still cares about the primary issue that got him elected. If he plans on resting on his laurels about muh tax cuts, that's a huge mistake. Nobody except irrelevant libertardians and boomercons care about muh regulations either. The infrastructure spending bill should be tabled. Immigration. Push for more crackdowns, start enforcing laws on the books that hold employers accountable. Get into a fight with California who is being defiant on the issue.

    I'm not willing to throw in the towel about Trump or the midterms just yet. The Democrats are still in a state of chaos and they're terribly underfunded with unpopular ideas. There's still over seven months until the midterm elections and a lot can happen. I'm not terribly optimistic either because there's only one strategy that might stem the tide and that's immigration. If he strays from that strategy, it's over.

  30. Sorry for the doublepost but I also want to say that I'm annoyed with the multidimensional chessmasters I see here and there who are trying to spin this obvious defeat into a success. As pointed out here, the successful route would have been to veto the bill. Sure, it would have been overridden but then he's on record as showing he was against this disaster of a spending bill even if he ultimately couldn't do anything about it. Grumbling about it while signing it anyway speaks to the Z Man's blog entry about it: he's effectively showing his base that ultimately he does not matter. So they will reach the inevitable conclusion that if it doesn't matter, why bother voting?

    The special elections have been the canary in the coal mine. At first, the Trump supporters did come out and it was great to see them shut down Jon Ossoff. However, we're noticing they're showing up less and less. I don't usually pay attention to the polls, which are talmudically manipulated seven ways from Sunday, but it's hard to deny the results: Trump's base just isn't turning out and the Republicans better figure out why.

  31. I'm not sure they could have overridden the Veto. They had virtually no discussion about this porkzilla. If Trump Vetoed this monstrosity, the GOPe dopes would be facing the voters in an ELECTION YEAR. Eve the Demmies are all scared of pork during ELECTION TIME. The prospect of not beig in a easy chair and having lobbyists wine and dine them like a pretty little thing would certainly have put porkzilla in the bright lights of taxpayers.
    This goofball is a traitor. Nobody can be this dumb. Vetoing pork is always a winner for the White House. Congress doesn't want taxpayers to see the close up of pork during ELECTION SEASON.

  32. ChanChanRight said…
    but what about #QAnon?


    Here's what about #Qanon:

    Since white people have been unable to face the music about the nature of whites as it regards mobilization for war, they are unprepared for it. This means they now have a stark choice before them:

    1) Grow TFU — NOW — about the nature of "whites" so as to formulate declarations of war consistent with that nature.
    2) Figure out how they're going to squeeze a grace period out of the current situation, since Trump was the primary hope for such a grace period, so that #1 doesn't have to be conducted in a manner described by Hamilton in his comment on an armed populace:

    If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual State. In a single State, if the persons entrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.

    #Qanon appears to offer a red-herring diverting resources from #2 — but the current narrative the "Q" culture offers is based on the the obviously correct presumption that territorial defense is a proper function of the military: That Trump delayed start of construction to get contractor prototypes and bids submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers and the reason for all of the theatrics was to get enough of a military budget to build the entire wall before the Cuckgressmen could veto-override a law prohibiting him from exercising existing lawful powers to defend US territory.

    It's easy to scoff at the "Q" culture's desperate hope, but it's not so easy to confront #1 above, which one is obligated to do as the alternative.

  33. You all have a small window. It is closing. Trump is amenable to "gun control". Those astroturf demonstrations are not just for show. Trump signs "gun control" and you either fight or die. No kidding. You give in, and your days of freedom are GONE. No coming back.
    I expect any "resistance" to "gun control" will be described as "terrorism". The enemy is nothing if not predictable. That broken record hasn't changed ever.
    Tyrants do not give back ANYTHING. You want freedom, you'll have to TAKE it, or LOSE it. Its up to you. These massive astroturf shows are not put out for nothing. Trump rolls over easy.

  34. Trump gave half a Billion to Planned Parenthood. 500 Millions of taxpayer dollars. After he made that big spiel about not approving of abortion. How many other nasty things are in this 2000 page monstrosity? We may never know. Its written in legalese with tons of references to other bills by section and subsection. Even a lawyer couldn't tell you all the nasty things in here. Some of it is INTENTIONALLY VAGUE. The bureaucrats themselves DECIDE and only lawsuits and court challenges can stop them.
    There was no need to sign this thing. What would Hillary have done differently? If she went faster than this, all of you would be up in arms. This stealth campaign of sleazy surprises is WORSE than that old hag doing it openly.

  35. The most bitter pill to swallow is the Republican leadership's out-and-out treason. Trump can fight the Democrats well enough but that is hard to do so when someone is sticking a knife in your back.

    Conservatives, Trumpsters, whites, men, and all the other elements of the right need to take over the Republican party and purge it of the Paul Ryan's of the world. Right now, the party is basically just a front organization for the military and business lobbies. They have no interest in representing their voters when it comes to racial or sexual politics and they way things are going, that is all we are going to be doing for the next 100 years.

    Trump is fighting a two front war right now.

  36. Some of the rank defeatism being exhibited here and elsewhere (not by Audacious Epigone) is pretty disappointing. If President Trump hasn't lived up to whatever fanciful expectations you had of him, please, feel free to keep your petty, backbiting critiques to yourself. That is, if you don't want to be regarded as just another pitiful Leftist shill peddling garbage.

    One tactical setback does not equate to a route. Angsty bellowing that "all is lost" and "we never had a chance" between shuddering, tear-streaked gasps of lamentation just makes you look foolish and pathetic.

    As for the rest of us, we're not giving up. So dust yourself off and carry on the fight. We'll be waiting up ahead.

  37. Are you carrying on then? What are you carrying? This old man has capitulated faster than France. He has zero support from his base now I figure. Those election losses are making those sad sack "conservatives" happy. Not having the votes means they can safely make empty promises as the minority again, they figure.
    I see no difference in the uniparty as far as governance goes. Any crap about transvestites using bathrooms or the need for "new taxpayers" is just drivel meant to distract.
    The real action is getting more banker wars with the Bush neocons like Bolton. Its about increasing the US Military for further foreign wars. There is ZERO attention to domestic problems.
    This gun control frenzy is an attempt to disarm Americans before they can crush this Failed State. This Uncle Sham is spread real thin right now. 500,000 Americans could crush this Failed State like a BUG, I figure. They cannot even scare North Korea anymore.
    The "Superpower" status has dissolved. No "American Century" hegemony for YOU.

  38. Anonymous [AKA "Clean"] says:

    Alas and alack, how could I have been so blind? I should have known that Trump would fail to obliterate the entire apparatus of the Deep State and redeem the West inside of two years. Now, with the commitment of his signature to a six-month budget framework, doom and ruin is surely the only outcome that awaits us.

    You're not feeling anyone. Grow up.

  39. Alas and alack, how could I have been so blind? I should have known that Trump would fail to obliterate the entire apparatus of the Deep State and redeem the West inside of two years. Now, with the commitment of his signature to a six-month budget framework, doom and ruin is surely the only outcome that awaits us.

    You're not fooling anyone. Grow up.

  40. GE he remains.

    There are high points and low points in every presidency.
    These guys black-pilling now are the inconstant ones. They'll want back on with the next victory.
    Flipping out over a spending bill is not advisable. Vox doesn't lose his composure over temporary setbacks. Neither should anyone else. TPP is still dead, SJWs and even ordinary, useful-idiot democrats are still crying themselves to sleep, and dindus still smell bad. Give it a month, and this don't be on anyone's mind.

  41. I didn't expect Trump to obliterate anything. Giving 500 Millions to Planned Parenthood after saying he opposes abortion is a BETRAYAL no matter how you cut it.
    His pleas to "DACA" people, and saying he wants to "help them", pretty much assures he couldn't even get re-elected at this point.

  42. It is a betrayal. But it's a longstanding one, and it was not engineered by this president. The thought that even the merest fraction of my tax dollars goes to fund that wretched murder factory makes the bile rise in my throat. But pay closer attention, and you'll see that there are plenty of other priorities to juggle in addition to defunding Planned Parenthood. Hopefully, the failure to do so will (finally) be redressed in the very near future. That it wasn't yesterday isn't anything to blame Trump for, at least not ahead of the wretched Uniparty sell-outs in Congress.

    Unlike yourself, I do expect President Trump to obliterate the Deep State. But I know it won't happen immediately and that there will be hardship along the way.

    As for the criticism of his rhetoric on DACA, I'm inclined to give the man who defeated the most determined opposition to a candidacy in modern American history the benefit of the doubt as to what best serves his political interest. Not some incontinent defeatist. Time will tell who's more correct, but I don't consider that a difficult judgment call.

  43. Yeah that's sweet. You're either a shill or stupid. Trump hasn't done ANYTHING he promised. If he destroys the Deep State, it will be by getting the USA nuked by Russia or China or maybe a popular uprising based on his continued betrayals. That election was quite a while back. Beating Jeb Bush and Hillary is about as challenging as the easy level. Neither of them had any real appeal.

  44. "Trump hasn't done ANYTHING he promised."

    Nothing? Really? Does anyone buy your lies?

    "You're either a shill or stupid."

    Classic SJW, always projecting.

    "Beating Jeb Bush and Hillary is about as challenging as the easy level. Neither of them had any real appeal."

    Spoken like someone who wasn't actually there. Or maybe just on the wrong side? Yeah, that seems more likely.

  45. Jeb Bush blew his whole campaign war chest in the Primary and didn't win a single state! that must be some sort of record. Hillary pretty much lost against an old Marxist who didn't even call himself a Democrat until the Primary. He was obviously a set up to be knocked out early, but Hillary was so unlikeable and sickly that she had to CHEAT to win. She may not even have beat Jeb Bush after that.
    What promise has Trump kept exactly? He raised the debt by a Trillion already, and now he just added 1.3 Trillion more. A Trillion here and a Trillion there and pretty soon this Failed State will fall down like a House of Cards…

  46. Jonathan,

    Yes, there is the pressure release valve problem. Given how much trouble the election caused for the establishment, though, the de-platforming under a Clinton presidency conceivably could mean that this discussion thread wouldn't exist.


    The peanut gallery critiques from me are intended entirely constructively. Nothing I'd like more than for Trump to turn this post into an embarrassing black-pill joke.

    Wynn Lloyd,

    That X is an eternity in politics is well taken. But if the wall seems as far off in November 2018 as it did in November 2016, there is going to be a problem.

  47. Trump just blew his whole presidency. How much money does he have left after this? That crap about "this is not the budget" is Bullshit. 1.3 Trillion. Porkzilla. The rest of the year's budget will be social spending and interest I expect.
    That porn star will be the rest of Trump's Presidency. He'll probably resign soon. Or get impeached after the Lincoln Party gets slaughtered in November. Maybe they'll just say "impeach", and he'll take a powder?
    This was about as "successful" as Tricky Dick Nixon.

  48. @audacious

    I disagree with you. He's going to get a second term regardless of whether the wall gets built. Do not project your own preferences onto others. Far fewer people give a shit about the wall than you think.

  49. How's the weather in Tel Aviv Anonymous? I hear there's a storm coming.
    It will shake the World. Your nWo is about to get whipped.
    Trust me on this. I know.

  50. Audacious Epigone,

    I don't consider your remarks to be a "peanut gallery critique," far from it. A bit of pessimism in the aftermath of a setback in entirely understandable, and your appraisal of the situation is fundamentally sound.

    On the point you raised about "how easy a veto it would have been," consider the negative consequences if the president had been overridden by Congress. You seem like a sensible person, so I expect that you have. But I beg your indulgence for a brief walkthrough of the situation as I see it…

    I think it's fair to say that Trump was made aware in advance of his signing the bill of how likely an outcome that was, probably in quite certain terms. If the veto had been overridden, that might have dangerously undermined his presidency. Despite some past presidents' fondness for it, the veto is not a tool to be deployed lightly. And that's especially true when it's intended for use against treacherous elements within one's own party. Don't forget, this bill had the full backing of the Swamp. Elements of the Republican caucus spoke out against it, but they had already failed to stop it making its way through Congress. Having his veto overridden by the Uniparty would've set a lethal precedent for future action against the president. Given the near-certainty of impeachment should the Democrats make further gains in the House and Senate, that's not a peril that one should hastily dismiss.

    So, what if the veto was sustained? The Swamp would have been only too happy to pin the ensuing shutdown on the president's obstinacy. Now, I expect that Trump would have used the Bully Pulpit to rally support for his veto. And the president's support base would, ideally, have been energized enough to demand accountability from their so-called representatives for their collusion with the Democrats. With strong leadership from the president, going to mat on this budget bill might have been the right play. It's certainly the tactical choice that'd be most in alignment with my own preferences.

    But how does it fit into the broader strategy? On that score, we might not have all the facts. I'm not trying to sugarcoat a setback, but a short term loss in the interest of pursuing a broader goal doesn't seem like an unlikely route for this president to pursue. He's a more subtle, unpredictable man than both his allies and adversaries often perceive. Given his past successes, I don't think that's an unrealistic assessment.

    There's some cause for optimism about his future handling of the budget issue. As he clearly stated in his remarks at the signing, this isn't a corner Trump intends to find himself backed into again. He made the most of this tactical defeat by taking the opportunity to throw down the gauntlet. His apparent vacillation (will he or won't he veto?!) ensured that all media eyes were his press conference. It's a savvy PR maneuver to ensure that his base of support heard him without a filter. Observers such as ourselves might not be pleased with his rhetorical justification, but I think it was effective enough with the norms.

    Alternatively, you can just take the view (as many do) that's Trump's nothing more than a blundering oaf who will sell the Right up the river at not only the first opportunity, but every one subsequent. I don't think that an honest appraisal of the available facts supports that view, but I suspect that evidence doesn't much matter to those who espouse it.

    Phew, that's a lot of words.

  51. > Exactly. In the first several special elections in 2017, Rs kept winning. Deplorables were coming out to vote for a lot of regular GOPe Rs in solidarity and support for the MAGA agenda. They're not doing so anymore. That was first clear in VA, where the difference was attributable to lower turnout in the governor race outside of northern VA relative to the presidential election in 2016.

    I'm legitimately curious as to why. As far as I can remember, I don't recall anything particularly happening in the summer and early fall months to cause the deplorables to stop voting but something clearly did happen because enthusiasm has waned to the point where Democrats are racking up victories they have no business in getting.

  52. Trump is reassembling the neocons from the Iraq War. He has no long game. John Bolton is a goofball. Even the Repubs and RINOs don't like this bloviating oaf. Why is this guy doing Bush? That's not the pussy his voters wanted him to do.
    This guy lacks focus. Even his supporters don't know for sure. He has no agenda of his own. He looks weak. Promising not to do this again? Is he talking to his trophy wife is he? This is lame…

  53. Random Dude,

    I'm inclined to attribute the phenomena you're describing to Leftist voter fraud, knowingly abetted by the GOPe. There may be other factors in play, but in the more dramatic cases (e.g. Alabama's special election for Senate) it's difficult to attribute the defeat to anything else. Though I hope I'm at least somewhat mistaken, as otherwise there's no solution to the problem that exists within the democratic process. And nobody, as yet, seems inclined to explore that set of options.

  54. maybe the verdict is in to the below question – no

  55. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Feryl said…

    "Trump had no investment in the Pentagon prior to becoming president, as we saw with his savaging of Bush war policy, his mocking of John McCain, and also the fact that he publicly humiliated our foreign policy masters by telling the public that the US essentially is less than a military whore for the West+Japan+Saudi Arabia/Egypt…..Our military is used for free by these countries many of which then turn around and sell us the same goods that used to made in America. It's been lose/lose for the US since the 80's; we invest more and more resources into being the free world's solider, and what do we get in return? Massive debt levels and multi-nationals whistling to the bank as the US's economic independence and manufacturing base get hollowed out."

    In all of your rant, not a mention of laying waste to foreign lands, murdering millions, for no good reason, except to ensure world domination through murderous force.

    Except when it comes to facing off against enemies who can break your balls. Then you show yourselves to be the cowardly pussies that you are.

    You people are indeed whores… whores to a satanic ideology, and pagan polytheist whores engaging in ritualistic cannibalism, at that.

    A pox on your kind.

  56. "The most bitter pill to swallow is the Republican leadership's out-and-out treason."


    I don't think this is the end of immigration ever getting solved but it is a huge setback. Even if Trump's presidency doesn't get it done, it is still a huge marker in history. We didn't go quietly into the night.

    There will be a massive immigration crisis that will have to be solved by the Democrats in the future. They have no idea. THEY HAVE NO IDEA.

    Just like how Merkel in German said they can all come, never imagining that they all really would come.

    Average American wages will come down in a really noticeable way and action will need to be taken. There will be budget crises. Huge unemployment of urban blacks. Really noticeable stuff.

    I think it may be like how Obama engaged in immigration enforcement while pretending he wasn't.

    Remember how Democrat mayors and electorates across America were the ones that addressed out-of-control crime. This will have to happen with immigration. The immigration problem must be solved. It is not like gay marriage for which there is a limited market. This immigration thing has no limit.

    I wish Trump would speak softly and carry a big stick instead of speaking loudly and carrying a small stick.

  57. Trump will ultimately be proven right by history. The smirk will come off Schumer and Pelosi's faces when they see. And the millennial generation, even more so, has time to see.

    It is like I have said repeatedly in the past. The left usually defeats the right in the political arena. Then GNON, who bats last and bats 1000, takes a Louisville Slugger to the lefty establishment's carefully constructed world.

    Then the left must become conservative, while never admitting such.

    We know the numbers. We know the truth.

    There is some genuine consolation in knowing like the sun comes up in the East that history will prove us right.

    If being proven right can provide satisfaction, there will be quite a lot of that. THEY HAVE NO IDEA! And there will be redoubts, in Eastern and Central Europe and Russia and some other places. History isn't over yet.

    Life expectancy in Russia has been increasing rather sharply. Life expectancy in America has declined for three straight years, including 2017. They are a ways from crossing, but they could one day cross. The left HAS NO IDEA. All their beliefs of HBD are wrong and all dissent has been crushed. But it is all stuck fucking true.

    The left thinks they are battling the right. But GNON is waiting for when the right falls, bat in hand, the muscles of a million 'roided Mark McGwires and Barry Bonds.

    There is not enough popcorn on Earth for what is coming. <>

  58. "I'm legitimately curious as to why. As far as I can remember, I don't recall anything particularly happening in the summer and early fall months to cause the deplorables to stop voting but something clearly did happen because enthusiasm has waned to the point where Democrats are racking up victories they have no business in getting."

    Parties out of the White House develop a siege mentality. The party out of the White House invariably tends to clean-up in the mid-terms. The Democrats did pretty well in 1986, and that was after the 1984 "Reagan Revolution" and before the Wall Street troubles of late '87 and before Iran-Contra was well known.

    Moreover, many voters are pretty casual about many elections. There's only a certain minority of political addicts/ideologues who think it's that big of a deal to vote in non-presidential elections, and these people tend to be higher income anyway, which bodes ill for a populist like Trump. In the recent Virginia election, for example, many rural and working class whites didn't even bother voting for anyone; it would've been tough for any Republican candidate there to recreate the enthusiasm that drove up Trump voting in that state. Think of it this way: in 2012, many of these voters showed up to vote against the Dems because they thought Obama wanted to take their guns and was on the verge of mandating that MSNBC broadcast gay porn at least one hour every day. After Obama left and Trump took his place, that kind of urgency just isn't there. Like it or not, the Alt-Right-sphere in which we dwell hasn't translated to a clarion call "to save our people" among that many people. I think it takes severe economic problems and/or engagement with a well-organized and threatening enemy which controls a state (e.g., Nazi Germany, not Moslem goat fuckers) for more people to latch onto nativism. The huge surge in nativism that happened in the 1920's and 30's was a consequence of severe economic inequality and poverty. Thus far there hasn't been enough grinding poverty among prole whites to drive them to seek accountability among the elites. Boomers whining about co-pays isn't the same thing as the Dust Bowl. IME, the most white Boomers have written off the system as corrupt and are much more fatalistic than they are actively fighting the culture of what we've got. Gen X-ers aren't much better. I think it's going to be Millennials and Gen Z who feel so chastened by corrupt elites that they will eventually take to the streets and demand better leadership. Right now it's SWPL crap like gun control, but hey, we did have occupy Wall Street not too long ago and we're being naive if we think that SWPL elitists will control the youth mob for the rest of the future.

    We certainly are nowhere near the middle class paradise of the 1950's, but at the same time, we're doing better than we were in Depression era America.

  59. "Elements of the Republican caucus spoke out against it, but they had already failed to stop it making its way through Congress. Having his veto overridden by the Uniparty would've set a lethal precedent for future action against the president. Given the near-certainty of impeachment should the Democrats make further gains in the House and Senate, that's not a peril that one should hastily dismiss."

    Right, the naive thing to do is to ascribe every political thing that happens to Just One Guy. To make progress, we need institutions staffed by people who don't have their head up their ass. Though it does start at the top; the highest elites need to set a good example, and hire good people for the next class; in turn this class highers good people for the next lowest class, and so on. But it's overwhelmingly clear that due to various cultural and generational factors, that elites have been getting more corrupt, creating more chicanery and cronyism, since at least the late 70's. There were missteps here and there in the 1950's-early 70's (Korea and esp. Vietnam were not net positives for America, Gas shortages/lines, Civil Rights causing insane and dangerous people to run free by the late 60's, etc.), but elites back then did what they thought was in the broad popular interest. Since the late 70's however, many elites have quite openly behaved on the basis of arrogance and greed, heedless to the long-term consequences of ignoring what The People really want.

    It started with super elites in the late 70's/early 80's attacking unions and finance regulations, and the like (Jimmy Carter busting air line unions, and pursuing minor forms of deregulation), and thus began a descent into cynical and irritating behavior among elites. Such as telling us not to complain when we lose good jobs, because off-shoring gives us lower priced products. Or telling us that polyester is an adequate replacement for natural fibers in clothing and upholstery (it isn't; polyester is scratchy, full of static, and looks artificial and cold), when in reality manufacturers are just cynically cheaping out. Furniture has been getting progressively shittier since the 70's, too; if your looking around for used furniture, typically the most sturdy stuff was made before the 70's; 70's and 80's stuff is decent but not as good, and when you get to the 90's is when you start to see a lot of light-weight and ugly Frankenlumber horse-shit.

    In the late 80's and 90's large numbers of middle class people also lost their way, becoming more interested in their bank accounts than in fighting the good fight to keep society fair and equitable. And it's just gotten worse, and I have hunch that the only thing that'll halt the moral and social slide is people born since…..Wait for it…..The mid-70's gaining more power and prestige. That's if the older generations let that happen, and sheesh, turn on TV news and watch how many elite level Boomers and early Gen X-ers are still full of themselves and full of shit. Don't "you" (as people under the age 40) want to live in an America in which there is a broad middle class, in which we once again make a lot of things of value, in which public displays of emotional hysteria are considered shameful, and so forth? And maybe Don Jr. and Steve Miller, and Tom Cotton, and Tulsi Gabbard, can be the tip of the spear that finally gets thrust thru the highly status-conscious era that's been dominant for decades.

  60. "Why did he allow the co-opting, though? That's the fatal conceit, I think. He'd already shown he could win by breaking with the Pentagon ("your brother lied us into war" in the South Carolina debate). He showed he was well aware of how bad Bush's warmongering was for the country and for Dubya's legacy. He should've kept these people at arm's distance."

    Remember, the elites didn't think Trump would win. Both sides went out of their way to destroy Trump in the primary season and in the lead-up to the full election. And that's why there was so little track covering done by elites. They figured HIllary would win, and la-de-da , everything Trump related would get flushed out and be totally inconsequential. The reason I bring this up is that none other than the GOP power-brokers at the Pentagon didn't even bother to do much grooming of Trump, which is why he so easily broke with the Pentagon on the campaign trail. The Pentagon figured that it all was just meaningless blather, and we're awaiting the crowning of Queen Hillary. But then….Trump wins. The Pentagon freaks out, aside from a handful of exceptions (like Mike Flynn), and they then realize that to undo the damage of Trump's rhetoric, and to prevent Trump from making good on his war against the Neo-cons, they need to give him the full-court press RE:info dumps about "national security" (AKA perpetual war, spying, and strategic destabilization) and using several generals to babysit Trump. They "allowed" Mike Flynn to be appointed, presumably so as to not give the appearance of an immediate coup against Trump's wishes. Flynn had a little while to strategize and make a difference, but when the Pentagon realized that they couldn't bend Flynn back to GOP BAU, they felt threatened to the point that they set him up. And thus the coup began. Jan-Mar 2017 bore the fingerprints of Flynn and Bannon, with stuff like the travel ban being enacted. But that was the full extent of the campaign Trump that we'd ever see in the White House.

    The Pentagon might be the most utterly arrogant institution in America, seeing as how their ability to make a positive difference has been declining since Korea in the 1950's; yet if anything, their appetite for maniacal excess has only grown as the decades go by. America is right now at it's greatest risk of internal conflict (due to too many foreigners allowed in under the aegis of the Pentagon) in the last 70 or so years. America's finances and logistics have been stretched thinner and thinner by military excess over the last 20 years. Our sense of who to fight and how to fight them is as incoherent as ever. We started to see this problem in the Cold War, when we vastly over-estimated the strength and danger of the Soviets, leading to an excess of military investment by the US, but at least we agreed that the Soviets and the communists in general were the enemy. These days Americans have widely differing views about who the enemy is, and what should be done about them. The American elite now has people who are openly sympathetic to nasty strains of the MENA , whereas in the 1940's Americans all (publicly) agreed that Nazi culture was horrible. Similarly, virtually all Americans in the early 1980's agreed that the Soviets had created a monstrous society.

  61. Either we can be Westerners, or we can be Arabists. We can't be both, but there people even in the Pentagon who disagree these days. That's akin to foreign policy elites saying in the 1940's that America can be both American and Nazi, or foreign policy elites in 1980 saying that we can be American and Soviet at the same time.

    Due to growing influence of mush-brained people, Boomers especially, even the military/intelligence community is no longer comfortable with the idea of the US smashing entire ethnic groups and associated ideologies. That's why we hear bullshit about "cutting the head of the snake", and "nation building". Pax Americana is basically the (foolish) notion that as many nations as possible be allowed certain religious and political "quirks" as long as they kiss Pentagon ass. Wouldn't want to be "insensitive" by telling Mohammedans that they are primitive barbarians that most Judeo-Christain Westerners abhor. As long as the head of the snake is in good with the Pentagon, hey, what's the big deal about Muslims blowing people up and running them over? The Flynn/Bannon faction wanted to banish as many Muslim/Arab sympathizers as possible from the Pentagon, and that's a big reason they got booted so fast. The Pentagon has many people who are openly sympathetic to the malignant force of Islam.

  62. Cleon,

    The question seems to be how much of an appetite for a fight Trump had for this. He'd have had to pick off around 30 congress critters to have the veto sustained, all of them of course facing reelection later this year.

    Hard to tell how they'd play out–a lot would depend on the perceived public reaction to the veto. Among Republican voters, it'd be popular. It'd be easy work for Team Trump to find especially egregious spending provisions and trumpet them as reasons for why the bill was unacceptable.

    Less ambitiously, he could've trapped Republicans by simply saying, "we need $25 billion for the border wall. I don't like the rest, but I'll accept it. The wall funding I'm asking for, not even 2% of the total bill, has to be there." On the one hand, that'd have every Democrat lining up to override the veto. But it have a similar effect in the opposite direction on Republicans. If all Democrats voted to override, Republicans would be even antsier about trying to override because of how blatantly it would look like they were siding with the Democrats against the president–not something many want as reelection approaches.

    Random Dude,

    I participated in a couple of rallies in my area designed to support the MAGA agenda in the Spring of 2017. The first one drew several hundred people, the second maybe 100, then they fizzled out after that. Best guess is people were pumped by the way Trump came out of the gate swinging, but since then it has turned into a slow grind where rather than casting himself in opposition to congress, he has been putatively trying to work with them and has been frustrated over and over again (except for with taxes, which is congressional R red meat–congress hasn't given him anything he's 'uniquely' wanted).


    It's worth thinking about what the course of action is if the answer is "no", at the least.


    The Bolton appointment is hard to wave off. Who could he have tapped who would've been a more salient gesture towards neoconnery? Doug Feith?


    The difference now is that the country is 60% white now. Baltimore is a wasteland and it's still allocating money it doesn't have to defend illegal invaders. If the crack back in the other direction comes, we should see it in California at some point. We're not even seeing it in South Africa now, with a farmer being murdered every day and the government giving itself the right to rob those who aren't killed without even the pretense of compensation.


    I think it takes severe economic problems and/or engagement with a well-organized and threatening enemy which controls a state

    Agree. The impending crash for which the Fed "QE#X" option will require enormous money creation, isn't going to open a lot of things up.

  63. Feryl,

    Right, the only enemies now are the political leaders of enemy regimes, never the populations they rule over, who are always victims and also our friends. It's a formula for perpetual warring (viewed as a feature, not a bug).

  64. That "American Century" fantasy will not be abandoned by the neocon chickens. They have no care or stake in America. America is NOT their homeland. They see the US Military as their Golem. A creature made to fulfill their fantasies of World Domination.
    Even now the Really Rich in the Club dig deep underground bunkers. They call me a "nazi", but they have Much More in Common with the Bohemian Corporal than I ever will. He was a vegan, animal fetishizing egalitarian with fanatical beliefs of a New World. Like him, they will keep going IRREGARDLESS of the loss of life or damage. They even have an Underground Bunker to go to when it turns out badly.
    Do not expect Sanity. I see none in the Mass Media or the Lunatics that deny reality and cling bitterly to Their Mad Dreams of Global Hegemony and POWER…

  65. Anonymous [AKA "svatahpramanya"] says:

    My one comment I guess would be on his continuing reference to DACA – he does that more to mock the Democrats in their oscillating preferences and the fact they don't really care about the DACA idiots, and just use them as a political prop, more than anything else. I never put much faith in Trump, so I'm not too surprised or disappointed by this. We are far beyond a political solution at this point.

  66. I doubt that the DACA statements are aimed at Democrats. DACA people CANNOT VOTE LEGALLY. Its another betrayal by the old fool Trump.

    You don't make a Deal with the Devil and have anything your own way. This "Billionaire" is up to his head in debts. They do not have to BUY him, cause they OWN him. That porn star apparently has a video on disk. So much stupid.

    Politics is not this fool's forte apparently. He's an accidental beneficiary of White people still expecting "The System" to be "fair" or something. Its all identity. Based on Race. Always has been, boys. You are just NOTICING IT NOW.

  67. "Right, the only enemies now are the political leaders of enemy regimes, never the populations they rule over, who are always victims and also our friends. It's a formula for perpetual warring (viewed as a feature, not a bug). "

    Eisenhower's generation waged total war against Japan and Germany; they were existential threats to human dignity in all countries and the territorial integrity of the "free world", and we couldn't stop at anything to stamp out their ambitions. But imagine if Jane Fonda's generation was middle aged in the 1940's; think of the Japanese and German Children!

    Wahhabist Islam is profoundly antithetical to Western Civ., and is widely popular in numerous countries of the MENA. Eisenhower's generation gave us elites who spared no sentimentality and gave their enemies no quarter; Fonda's generation has wet dreams about all cultures living in perfect harmony, where "human rights" are always esteemed and respected. Being genuinely good at defending one's people and culture requires making "value judgements" of other cultures (and thus, other ethnic groups). The cult of multi-cult non-judgementalism has of course annihilated the ability to take the proper course of defensive action (and make no mistake, we are always on the defense against enemy tribes; to think otherwise is to be out of step with the nature of human conflict, which is and always will be tribal).

    The world is much closer to Conan than it is to Mother Theresa, whether we like it or not.

  68. Its all about MONEY Feryl. Pushing the narrative by saying Germany and Japan were antithetical to life on Earth is ludicrous. FDR was fighting a "Secret War" against Japan and Germany LONG BEFORE PEARL HARBOR. FDR was actually using US Military troops in China. Pappy Boyington of CBS TV show "Baa Baa Black Sheep" fame was a member of the US Marines who was recruited with many others to fight the Japanese in China with Chenault and the "Flying Tigers". This is AGAINST US LAWS. Fighting for ANY OTHER COUNTRY is considered TREASON by the US Legal Codes. FDR was also engaging German ships long before War was declared. The T-34 tank was Made in America. He sent them to The Soviet Union BEFORE Germany declared War on them. The American Troops got the INFERIOR Sherman Tanks. Some of those T-34s killed Americans in Korea, during the Korean War. Korea was divided by FDR and Stalin at Yalta EVEN THOUGH NO RUSSIANS WERE FIGHTING THE JAPANESE.
    All Wars are Banker Wars. General Smedley Butler was CORRECT. We are in Afghanistan for Heroin. That heroin hits the streets here and kills AMERICANS. This Failed State NEEDS THE MONEY. Oil from Iraq and Syria are being sold illegally. Guess who gets the money there?

  69. Hmmmmmm. Trump just invoked the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985. What do you boys make of that? This could make things very interesting.

  70. "Dan,

    The difference now is that the country is 60% white now. Baltimore is a wasteland and it's still allocating money it doesn't have to defend illegal invaders. If the crack back in the other direction comes, we should see it in California at some point. We're not even seeing it in South Africa now, with a farmer being murdered every day and the government giving itself the right to rob those who aren't killed without even the pretense of compensation. "

    Europe has significantly clamped down at its border. Migration has subsided dramatically. Many actions were taken behind the scenes to get things under control. Look at the leadership in Hungary, Poland, Austria. Heck even Sweden shut down the pipeline. Hungary erected a huge wall at its border and overland crossings are basically zero.

    In 2015, it looked like illegal migration was going vertical and Europe was cooked. Instead, it was dramatically less in the last couple of years. And that is before Austria takes over the EU later this year with plans to secure the external border.

    As for California, California's unemployment rate is 4.3% right now, down from 12.2% in 2010. That is extremely low. The GDP of California alone is on par with the GDP of the UK. They are running a budget surplus. Calfornia's GDP per capita is $58,000, far above the $50,000 United States national average. California is uniquely leading the world because of Silicon Valley which has conquered the world. California might have a per capita GDP north of $100,000 if Anglos alone were considered. They are actually quite conservative in ways that aren't related to immigration: strong property laws, taxes that are low, spending that is very austere in relation to their wealth.

    There haven't been any big terror attacks in a long time.

    The main arguments against migration are economic (since lamenting the decline in hu-whiteness is not something that you are going to have success with) but with unemployment the lowest basically in history, this is just about the worst time to make economic arguments. Wages could be much higher, but that is something hypothetical and not clearly visible.

    Americas curse is basically too much awesomeness. Trump doesn't help this by causing the GDP and economy to soar.

    As for South Africa, well let's see. If the whites do flee, the economy will collapse. Right now, whites earn 40K per year there while blacks earn 8,000, and whites own 73% of the land. Since HBD is not known, this does in fact appear to be exploitative and unfair. Jewish median income is less than 2x the US national average and that has been enough for plenty of resentment, so 5x is a very large gap.

    At some point in America, recession will come and unemployment will soar. This would be a far easier argument to make in a recession instead of in the midst of a tremendous boom. That time will come. The tide will go out.

  71. Is this another "Summer of recovery"? I do not see any economic improvements. Last Christmas I went to Wal-Mart for a grocery run on Black Friday. It was a ghost town. 1600 stores closed last year. Thousands will shutter this year also. There is NO RECOVERY. This Failed State is running on fumes. The Dow is propped up at balloon levels of bubble.
    Amazon isn't a retail titan at all. Most of the profits are made by third parties using it like a portal similar to ebay. Bezos is lying about it to keep stock values up. His "Billionaire Status" depends on his overinflated profit reports.

  72. Why is he "alluding" to anything? He's the Commander in Chief. He issues the orders. Why do you have to theorize? The Corps of Engineers is not a black op. Everyone seems to be reaching for ANYTHING positive from a train wreck. Why do you need to hypothesize about the Government? They have responsibilities and duties they have to fulfill. This shouldn't be a mystery…

  73. "The main arguments against migration are economic (since lamenting the decline in hu-whiteness is not something that you are going to have success with) but with unemployment the lowest basically in history, this is just about the worst time to make economic arguments. Wages could be much higher, but that is something hypothetical and not clearly visible."

    People (including just limited to white males) born after 1972 are much less likely to:

    1)Be married
    2) To have ever been married
    3) To have reproduced (the horrifying numbers of early Gen X-ers having teen pregnancies in the ghetto and in trailer parks scaring off younger generations from sex)
    4) Self-identify as middle or upper class, and those born from 1952-1972 are less likely to self ID as these things than people born before 1952.

    These things are all getting worse as time goes by (1990's births will likely be delaying milestones more than perhaps any Western generation ever). It's been fashionable for Boomers and early Gen X-ers to dump on Millennials for "not growing up", but being that we're almost at the point where a degree is required to be a WalMart greeter, and we're at our highest point of foreigners working both above and under the table since the 1920's, and most male oriented occupations have been hollowed out in the West, it should come as no surprise anxiety-ridden Millennials (and their pre-cursors born in the 70's) no longer have the same life experience that young Americans took for granted before the 1990's.

    While outright poverty is not as common as it was in the early 20th century, we are light years away from the America of the 1950's, in which people frequently married and had children almost immediately after High School.

    The reported unemployment numbers are a joke. Go to The US gov. started fudging econ. statistics in the 1990's to cover up the fact that the middle class was shrinking, good jobs were getting scarce, and many living expenses were rising. Many Boomers and Gen X-ers stopped looking for work years ago. Black Gen X-ers became the most incarcerated cohort in American history partly due to the fact that so many trad. black jobs either disappeared or were now being done by Mexicans. So what else are you gonna do? Back in the 80's and 90's, it wasn't playing a GTA criminal; it was being an actual street criminal.

  74. The number of people filing unemployment claims and collecting unemployment benefits is the lowest in more than 40 years. This is an absolute number, not rate. I tried to hire someone to finish my basement and nobody was even returning my calls. The guy that did my master bathroom is now unavailable even for a quote. Eventually recession returns but it is hard to make this argument right now. The economy is goosed by tax cuts and deficit spending but the fact is people are not hurting economically these days.

  75. Gee, Dan, you must live somewhere. Not around here though. I saw a White guy sleeping in an ATM enclosure at my City. Record numbers of homeless are now being reported.
    Low unemployment. Did you know that only those who are ACTIVELY RECEIVING UNEMPLOYMENT ARE COUNTED? What is that?


  76. svatah,

    Agree. The more Ds are forced to talk about immigration, the worse off they will be. There's nothing they'd like more than to have it like they did in Alabama, where their candidate doesn't have to say a thing about immigration (and then proceeds to relentlessly push for open borders).


    If there was a video, we wouldn't only be hearing about it now, would we? They scoured the fruited plains but missed that slattern? Otoh, they are incompetent, so maybe.


    Being genuinely good at defending one's people and culture requires making "value judgements" of other cultures (and thus, other ethnic groups)

    Being a thinking human being requires this. How miserable would it be to be surrounded by SJWs all the time?


    What Jim is talking about, I hope. The congressional uniparty will do everything in its power to stop the wall. He'll have to go around them to get it built.


    Good time for a white pill, thanks.

  77. "It would be so easy to veto…"

    No, because the voters don't like the government shutdown, and it would have be blamed on Trump. The approval for the veto would be 30-40% initially, declining as the shutdown drags on. And what's the end game? If the voters don't like the shutdown, and blame it on Trump, do you think he would be able to make the Congress blink first?

  78. SJWs do brashly judge people…..They judge the people who say true things about all groups, whether it offends anyone or not.

    And of course, liberals do habitually judge everyone to some degree; they just do it privately and/or subconsciously (good schools) so that their image isn't blown.

  79. Yeah, the simplest explanation is that he didn't want to look like he was leaving the military hanging. Stefan Molyneux alluded to the fatal conceit in his reaction video. That money for the military matters more than anything else is Trump's fatal conceit. This isn't 3rd century Rome. The soldiers aren't going to overthrow you if you don't dole it out without interruption, but the plebs will.

    I don't think that was his fear re: the military. I think it was the perception that he would be jeopardizing troops "in harm's way" overseas.

    Of course, had Trump stuck with his instincts last year, there wouldn't be any troops in war zones now.

  80. Yeah the economy is roaring right now but it doesn't seem sustainable in the long term. A lot of it could just be pent up from the Obama years where it seemed like nobody knew who was "next" in terms of crippling regulations that he was going to inflict. However there are a lot of people I know who aren't looking for work right now and are still on the gibs. I think there is a pocket of people who were unemployed/underemployed who really were looking for jobs and now they're getting job offers. They will eventually hit a wall and that's when the government will have to start turning off the gibs spigot. Unfortunately I suspect that we'll start hearing more whining and crying from the Chamber of Commerce set about how we need to start importing more third worlders because of this "labor shortage."

    I always feel recession is around the corner but it's not a guarantee either. Australia has gone nearly three decades without a recession so it isn't a 8-10 year cycle like what we've been told. I'd say Trump easing back on regulations and corporate tax cuts (read: corporate gibs) is probably enough to delay any recession for a few more years. Just my speculation.

  81. Jamie,

    Congress is less popular than Trump. Few Republicans would want to go into their primaries at odds with their party's president over spending (they wanting to spend too much, he wanting reductions/reallocations). The congress cucks are all being given a free pass. How is this bill any different than the one we would've gotten under Jeb?



    Random Dude,

    Your speculation is as plausible as any other. The volatility index in the markets is off the charts, though–at a level (almost?) unprecedented.

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