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Did Almost Missouri predict almost everything? Writing the day before the election:

Since twenty-odd states have already declared that their elections won’t be over on election night, and since the mail-in, early-voting, cyber-balloting chaos has created a fraudster’s paradise, I expect that whatever the result is on election night, the Dems will just take it as a marker for how many votes they have to manufacture over the next few days to steal the election. Indeed the entire Dem-Media-Deep-State-Industrial-Complex is openly declaring this is their intention. No media outlet will declare any election map to be final because “Every vote must be counted!!1!1!” Then as soon as they can form a “Biden Wins!” map, they will declare that to be final. They are conspiring behind the scenes to present a unified face in this. In unison, they will call anyone who dissents from this to be a “conspiracy theorist”.

If you want to do an election map forecast, you should say which day your map represents. Nov 3rd? Nov 5th? Nov 7th? … Nov 23rd? The vote-warping will continue until results improve.

The shift from “every vote must be counted” to “President-elect Biden” was instantaneous and simultaneous across corporate media organs. Fox News risibly called Arizona while people were still in line to vote, even though the state will likely end up with the narrowest or second-narrowest margin in the country. North Carolina has conspicuously put a hold on finishing its count, just in case. The Establishment has plenty of aces up its sleeve if it needs them.

I suspect Biden still would’ve enjoyed an Electoral College win without them, but if he hadn’t, he still would’ve been installed. Why go through three years of the Russia collusion hoax and four years of wailing and gnashing teeth when fixing the outcome ahead of time is so much easier? Mail-in ballots render vote validation virtually impossible. Even in the most cynical scenarios, Biden still legitimately wins the popular vote, so it’s easy to rationalize a mandate that must be realized by any means necessary.

Trump is flailing reactively but the preemptive steps to document the shenanigans as they occurred weren’t in place. It’s hard to see how material changes in vote totals come out of circumstantial evidence relayed by witnesses on the ground and statistical irregularities in the results. The upshot is social trust in yet another American institution will crash through the floor.

There’s a wholesome decadence to Halloween. Songbird:

The interesting thing about Halloween is how it is a strange dichotomy. On one level, it seems like the most superficial and fake holiday that a wide swath of people get excited about (ignoring lesser holidays like Valentine’s day). But even though it is so superficial and commercial, on some level, it is also weirdly the most communitarian holiday – the one where you are actually walking around your neighborhood and seeing your neighbors and even trusting them to a certain extent – like was probably the case with traditional holidays among rural peasants.

When it comes to childhood nostalgia, Christmas is tops with family and Halloween is tops with friends.

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  1. Here’s the sort of diagnostic tool a financial statement auditor would use to identify fraud.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Thanks: Charlotte
  2. MBlanc46 says:

    Christmas was great because of the presents. And the break from school. But Halloween was great because it was OURS! Hundreds of kids roaming the streets at night, unsupervised.

    • Replies: @Truth
  3. Twinkie says:

    Yes (to AE’s post).

  4. IMHO Almost Missouri is one of the best commenters in UR. Glad to see that his Sterling service has been recognised. He has a much better grasp of America and its politics than many of the columnists in UR.
    As was said about a British Prime Minister, Trump was in office, but not in power. His aims of normalising relations with Russia and withdrawing troops from abroad were stymied by the Deep State, the Democrats and his own party. Likewise his other initiatives.
    Above all else, he was not able to ensure that when the vote came for his re-election, it would be legal and fair. Hence the widespread electoral fraud by his opponents and his consequent defeat ( or so it seems ). If that stands, then the precedent is ominous: future Presidential elections are likely to be determined by fraud also.
    Trump has however been very instructive, particularly for those right-of-centre. He has exposed the Deep State and the oligarchs who control much of the American economy – their lies, unscrupulousness and hostility, not only to Trump, but ordinary White Americans. Also, the willingness of these groups and their Democrat sock puppets to rig elections to emplace aforesaid puppets.
    The time for Insouciance ( © Paul Craig Roberts ) is over !

  5. Leave a Reply – Your comment will appear after approval from the schoolmarm. Racial slurs, dehumanizing language, personal identifying information, spamming, the advocation of illegal activity, or excessive profanity will not be approved. Approval of a comment does not imply endorsement of its contents by the authors of this blog or by The Unz Review.

    I’ve never seen this on any other UR columns or blogs. I know Anatoly Karlin and other columnists don’t allow comments from Anonymous or Anon – all very sensible. It does limit troll traffic.
    It all seems a bit unnecessary. You’re not the sort of column to attract that sort of thing. The advocation of illegal activity ? C’mon mate, pull the other one. It looks horribly like a panicky precaution against future restrictions on internet media. Not that it will save you anyway.
    The authors of this blog? So there’s more than one of you. Job sharing, is it ? Maybe you should put initials under the various bits completed by different contributors.

    PS You need to speak to your schoolmarm. It should read ” advocacy of illegal activity “. Advocation is an archaic form. This is the 21st Century, dear. Unfortunately.
    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  6. What comment can one add? @Almost Missouri has already said it.

    Well done, Big Mo.

  7. Trump is flailing reactively but the preemptive steps to document the shenanigans as they occurred weren’t in place.

    ISN’T that really the issue? Maybe good intentions were in place: Trump complained about problems, which he knew were present.what did he do about dealing with them?

    That’s why the idea of the watermarked ballots was a thing last week. People want to believe that Trump not only believes in certain policies, but takes active steps to implement them.persistence makes reality, not just the idea. Ground game wins at football and politics. In 2012, Obama won because he got the 10% of voters who were black to be 15% of the electorate inOhio, while outsourced working class whites stayed home rather than vote for the symbol manipulator who sent their jobs overseas for 30 pieces of silver.

  8. I’ve posted this elsewhere but will post it here once again as it provides some informed insight into how Trump’s legal strategy will plat out in the coming month:

    For those who are interested, this is an analysis of the legal precedent that Trump’s lawyers are likely to use (Donohue v. Board of Elections of State of New York) in contesting election results in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, et al.:

    IMHO, Trump’s lawyers can make a pretty strong case, based on that precedent, this, and confirming supplementary materials, readily available via appropriate internet searches using DuckDuckGo.

    The nightmare may not be over. It may just have begun.

  9. @Verymuchalive

    I know Anatoly Karlin and other columnists don’t allow comments from Anonymous or Anon – all very sensible. It does limit troll traffic.

    I guess I’m a troll. Karlin has banned me from posting.

    I agree with Almost Missouri, but I have been saying for months that the 2018 shenanigans with mail in ballots was the test run, and that the COVID hoax would provide the cover. Recall in 2018, that ballot boxes just kept turning up with “found” ballots until the desired result was achieved.

    • Agree: XRay Manzarek
  10. Truth says:

    Hundreds of kids roaming the streets at night, unsupervised.

    Attend a BLM/Antifa demonstration Bro., you can re-live the old days!

  11. Rosie says:

    I didn’t see this coming, but then again I’m not surprised. Charlottesville was a decent indication that the elites are out of control and do not feel bound by traditional constitutional or democratic constraints. We now have a sitting member of Congress (AOC) tweeting open threats against Americans exercising their constitutional rights. As I said over on Sailer’s thread, I think we are ina state of Civil War already, and Lindsey Graham came right out and said so.

    • Thanks: V. K. Ovelund
  12. “Mail-in ballots render vote validation virtually impossible.”

    Is there any way to stop this going forward? Aren’t these rules made by state legislatures?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  13. songbird says:

    Christmas is tops with family and Halloween is tops with friends.

    Probably why they are both top targets for SJWs.

  14. @XRay Manzarek

    “Mail-in ballots render vote validation virtually impossible.”

    Is there any way to stop this going forward? Aren’t these rules made by state legislatures?

    This has been an Internet rumor, but it looks like it is the real thing:

    The plot thickens.

    • Replies: @XRay Manzarek
  15. @Curmudgeon

    The American voting system is a shambles, and ripe for rampant electoral fraud. Tammany Hall is part of the Democratic Party’s culture, so they’ve been doing it for a very long time. They’ve had years to get this fix in.
    As regards Karlin, he’s a rather thin-skinned individual, who takes personal offence rather easily. As a result, I very rarely comment in his blog ( about 3 times in the last 6 months ). Whilst he definitely has a grasp of matters Eastern European, it’s far from the case on many other topics. His overreaction to COVID-19 – Coronahysteria, I call it – has just made him look ridiculous. He was forecasting tens of millions of deaths which have not happened. Then there were photos of him, brandishing a sword and wearing a mask. Laugh Out Loud !

    • Agree: XRay Manzarek
  16. @Justvisiting

    This is sinister, thanks for the link. But what I mean is this: no mail-in ballots except for the disabled or elderly, and any of those that come in after election day are invalid. Federal law.

    Look, maybe the Democrats stole it, but they did so awfully cleverly. Trump just sat by and did his usual thing (tweeting, insulting, spluttering) while the Democrats went about consolidating power. They knew it would be close, and that mail-in chaos would favor them.

  17. @Curmudgeon

    Right. Mail-in ballots are the way forward for the Democrats. And the Republicans have zero answer to this. I just wish the Republican party would go away.

  18. @Verymuchalive

    A lot of fed poasting doesn’t get past the filters. For regular, reliable commenters, there is no need for filtering anything. Why not make the parameters as clear as possible?

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