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We fucking did it.

Eighteen months fighting the political establishment, big business, the media-industrial complex, the Obama administration, Hollywood, the SJWs, the 1%, the dishonest polling industry (Nate, we even tried to warn you after you so horribly botched the primaries that you should be careful with the general), the rigged system, the Pope, the lobbyists, the NeverTrump cucks!

We were spit on, laughed at, mocked, threatened, assaulted, dismissed. We suffered blood libel as the media falsely slandered us for instigating violence when it was the Hillary campaign that was hiring the mentally ill to attack us at rallies.

Trump asked for us to stand with him and pledged to stand with us in return.

Build the wall! Drain the swamp! Bye bye, Obamacare. Political correctness and self-immolating principles are out, white identity and American interests are in. Hillary, get ready for a zealous AG to crucify you for being the most corrupt politician in American history.

Make America Great Again!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Today is a good day.

  2. God bless America.

  3. How exactly did we go from "squinting and New Hampshire in hopes of a hail mary" to "a seven headed beast wearing a bunch of red hats busting from the depths of Lake Michigan to stop things dead"?

    It was really something to see!

  4. This is just the first battle. With Trump, we will have a Republican Presidency, a Republican Congress, and a Republican Supreme Court. We need to take advantage of this to destroy all the power that the left has accumulated over the past 60 years. Destroy their power in the Media, in the Colleges, in Corporations and in NGO's.

    Some ideas:
    Media: Open libel laws. Trust bust the media conglomerates. Require all news agencies to report their major shareholders/owners are and who their workers donated to and their percentages as a watermark on every news cast/article.

    Corporations: Trust bust the corporate conglomerates that pushed for globalisation. Paying particular attention to major Democrat donors.

    Social Media: Trust bust facebook and Twitter.

    Colleges: Defund the Humanities and all SJW studies courses.

    Legislation: Expand discrimination law to include belief in SJWism as racial/sex discrimination against whites/men. Meaning anyone who hires SJW's or promotes SJWism can get sued into bankruptcy (i.e. Colleges and Government Departments).

    Pass legislation to get Corporate money and special interest/lobbies out of the influence game in politics.

    Retroactively remove birthright citizenship for children born of illegals or use the Supreme Court to interpret birth right citizenship as only apply to those born of parents legally in the country.

    Also obviously build the wall and deport illegals.

    Decrease taxes paid for each child you have as a way to increase white birth rate. Focus the tax breaks on the middle class so we don't get a champagne/limousine liberal/trust fund baby boom.

    Put Clinton and her surrogates in jail and heavily investigate and prosecute Democrat corruption in media, corporations, colleges and government departments.

    Only allow immigration from culturally similar countries. i.e. UK, Australia, Canada, NZ Europe. (with a bias to the Anglo countries.)

  5. Well shit, now I can't sleep.

    Lets count the hurdles Trump faced:

    (1) The LAST THREE REPUBLICAN NOMINEES, Romney, McCain and President Bush (both of them) all going die hard against Trump.

    (2) Overcoming 20 Republicans in the primaries, who spent massive war chests, and then backed each other as they dropped out.

    (3) Overcoming the fact that the old conservative media (Fox, National Review, RedState, Weekly Standard, Glenn Beck) fought him tooth and nail, even to the finish line.

    (4) Basically no endorsements

    (5) Multiple spoiler candidates on the right

    (6) Hillary Clinton was actually massively popular! Before DT wrecked her personally, her popularity was really quite high. Look at what her popularity was like back in 2014 for example.

    (7) Obama is larger than life.

    (8) The economic numbers have been solid. Distortions abound, but no recession, low unemployment.

    (9) No terrorist attacks in the last bunch of months, anywhere in the west.

    (10) Polls that would have had a mere mortal giving up.

    (11) Difficult demographic hurdles, with minorities and women. The first woman!

    (12) Trump's recorded words from 2005 seemed like an unrecoverable disaster to me.

    (13) The pope(!) bashed Trump repeatedly including on the eve of the election.

    Look, we don't like Divine explanations around here, but maybe Someone wants to see the west survive…

  6. The pinned tweet on wikileaks right now is awesome. Team Clinton wanted their lapdogs in the media to focus on Trump to F things up.


  7. For the record, I don't want to hear a damned thing about how superior the Democratic Party's data mining and get out the vote program was compared to Trump.

    Trump activated the most important and largest non-voting segment in American politics the suburban, exurban, small town and rural white working class…and won Pennsylvania on the strength of a get out to vote effort that car pooled Amish voters to the polls because the Democrat controlled State and local governments of Pennsylvania forbid the Amish their horse and buggies to get to there.

    And now that these people Trump activated both won and did so against the footless cosmopolitan elites that at best hate them and at worse condensed to them, when they bother to pay attention at all…they will be disproportionately and gleefully inside the GOP primaries for the next two decades.

    And by condensed to, I mean passages like these two from Ross Douthat at the NY Times —

    Donald Trump is not Napoleon, but for those of us who have cast him as merely a comic-opera authoritarian, a parody of a world-historical figure, his very own 18th Brumaire is a time to reconsider. He has won a truly astonishing victory, and won it in spite of polls and experts and all the data nerds and get-out-the-vote consultants who labored tirelessly for Hillary Clinton … in spite of the opposition of the Republican Party’s past presidents and presidential nominees and most of conservatism’s intelligentsia and finally, in spite of his own acts of self-sabotage, which seemed egregious but turned out to be insufficient to keep him from his destiny.


    I retract none of the warnings that I issued about the likelihood of catastrophe and crisis on his watch. I fear the risks of a Trump presidency as I have feared nothing in our politics before. But he will be the president, thanks to a crude genius that identified all the weak spots in our parties and our political system and that spoke to a host of voters for whom that system promised at best a sustainable stagnation under the tutelage of a distant and self-satisfied elite. So we must hope that he has the wit to be more than a wrecker, more than a demagogue, and that his crude genius can actually be turned, somehow, to the common good.

    Trump's win was anything but crude.

    It was ruthless and calculating.

    Just look at all the places Trump visited — and had 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 plus rallies — in the last week before the election and look at the states he flipped Red. There is a damned near one-to-one correspondence.

    MI, PA and WI have not gone GOP since _1984_.

    And the post-credibility legacy media's inability to understand those facts is one of the reasons Trump is President-elect.

  8. Audacious,

    You and your commenters are amazing (excellent points by Dan and Mil-Tech Bard.) I'm surprised and obviously with the Senate in Republican hands, cautiously optimistic.

    If Trump sticks to his campaign pledges (in my humble opinion, a big if) we will get some excellent Supreme Court picks, excellent immigration policy, and hopefully roll-back of lots of the federal regulatory state (including Obamacare.)

    Now we wait and see.

    Anyway, congratulations on some excellent pre-election posts and again, I'm just amazed that Trump pulled it off.

  9. Chris,

    All excellent ideas. Day one should include: A logistical commission on wall construction. This is a benchmark everyone will be judging him on–were his pledges serious or bluster? It becomes a concrete (heh) reminder of how he gets shit done. And if he accomplishes nothing else in his presidency, it's still a success in my eyes.

    Trust bust the media immediately, too. Recruit the Sanders'-supporters in the process. Populism-v-elitism has to be the dynamic, not right-v-left.


    I should've kept a sort of diary-of-a-deplorable from June 2015 through election day, because your list is hitting the most major attacks but it's certainly not exhaustive. That he withstood any one of them would've seemed almost unprecedented before, well, Trump. Yet he crushed them all and as the memes had a field day with, only seemed to get stronger every time he was attacked.

    MIl-Tech Bard,

    Congrats on calling this from the beginning.

    Trump showed that relentless rallying, word-of-mouth, and fun extemporaneous speeches plus a masterful utilization/leveraging of media (both traditional and social) are more powerful than "ground game". Ground game matters in low population, state-level caucuses. Not so much in any other contests.


    He has a mandate. He needs to use the bully pulpit to pillory anyone in his party who tries to obstruct action on any of his campaign promises. The public has spoken. It wants them, all of them.

  10. We need to be humble and grateful. This was close.

    That said, Trump gets a big boost now. He has to be a vicious jerk when attacked from all sides, but now that he is in, he can take the high road.

    Everyone wished he would act better. But how could he be gracious and presidential when he was being viciously attacked non-stop? He had to fight back.

    Everybody was frustrated that he wasn't more presidential, but he couldn't be, until now.

    Today went really, really well. The stock market soared. The left conceded completely. Of course you don't concede to Literal Hitler, and suddenly it is clear to almost everyone that Trump is just fine.

    The left is vaguely despondent but not nearly as despondent as you or I would have been if things had gone the other way. The (alt) right is fighting to save Western Civ. The left doesn't have any clear idea what it is fighting for but some vague concept of progress.

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Do savor the Victory.
    Then please think coldly.

    We have our War Captain. That's all. Helps that he's President. We haven't won. We've gained superior position. That's all.

    Had this gone against us would we quit? Could we quit? Can we quit?
    My answer is no.

    You think the enemy can? Remember the traps they've laid for us all but mostly themselves. = The Dollar is a Derivative Bet of $138T

    Well done. But all we've done is gain the Executive. The enemy who will be reluctant to lay down and die – fearing actual death – won't and hasn't given up.

    Trumps "army" may well have to be exactly that. Nothing is certain but prudent now to organize.


  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    He is President in a foreign land, with all decently thinking/educated people against him.

    The only good he can do is restrain the war complex, something Obama did too (the crap we have seen done by the USA on the international scene happened againsy Obama's will. No idea what a victory of Hillary would have led to in this regard).

    Immigration, and illegal aliens, are the things impossible to fix.
    Because those need popular will, not a decree from the head of state.

    Like the Irish Savant says, California, New Mexico, and some more, are lost already.

  13. "with all decently thinking/educated people against him"

    Bah. They are lining up to kiss his ring, starting with Obama, because they have no principles but self-interest. We were told the skies would darken after the election of Literal Hitler ™. The Dow has soared straight up to an all-time high.

    "the crap we have seen done by the USA on the international scene happened against Obama's will"

    Nah, Obama is Commander in Chief. It all had to go through him.

    "Immigration, and illegal aliens"

    The laws are already there. Just need to follow them.

  14. Pax Dickinson's application to be Trumpian ambassador to the world has gone global:

  15. Dan,

    Ha, press secretary might be a better fit.

  16. > Look, we don't like Divine explanations around here,
    > but maybe Someone wants to see the west survive…

    Our ancestors. As they live in our genes.


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