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A shutdown, complete with worker furloughs, will reveal to most people how unessential everything it does is for their lives.

Normalizing life without DC doing whatever DC does is an essential step to selling political dissolution to the general public. We are headed for a breakup one way or the other. A soft landing, with dissolution done in an orderly and peaceable fashion, is preferable to the crash landing that will happen after a deep economic recession and subsequent debt crisis.

How will life be different if your state peacefully separates from the union? To a first approximation, a quarter of your paycheck will no longer be taken out in taxes each week and the deposit into your account will be that much larger. You will no longer get whatever it is you received in return for that deduction. Other than that, pretty much same old, same old.

• Category: Economics, Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Rhetoric, Secession, Taxation 
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  1. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    The richest counties in the U.S. surround Washington, D.C. These folks pulling down generous 6-figure salaries working for the federal government or a beltway bandit in D.C., Reston, Crystal City, Arlington, etc., are one or more degrees of separation from the military-security-industrial complex. And most military spending is because of the human “warfighter”. We spend the bulk of the $700-billion-dollar defense budget on personnel. Forget about all the thousands of DoD contractors making money hand over fist, within the military hundreds of billions are laid out for huge salaries, PCS transfers, housing, medical care, R & D for combat gear, nutrition, psychology of combat ops,… all for “the warfighter”. About 99% out of the millions of people who join the military will never be in combat. And the few that are add incredible extra costs for increasing VA benefits, medical care, counseling, etc. Then there’s all the federal tax dollars laid out for pay, benefits, training, housing, meals, et al., for weekend warriors (reservists) in ANG. I think you get the picture. It’s beyond obscene what this MIC jobs program costs and serving no real purpose.

    You get the picture, albeit a small one of the actual monstrosity of the MIC and the money-making scam of the human “warfighter” that we are now obliged to worship. So, the biggest threat to the obscene scam of DoD contracting and military sinecure positions of the perfumed princes is emerging technology. Robot warriors. I’m sure there will be a concerted effort to minimize the capability or even subvert development of robotic technology that will replace human personnel. There are just so many big-money players with everything to lose with this technology.

  2. Bill H says: • Website

    The military will collapse and Islamic hordes will invade, rape all our women and cut the heads off all our men.

  3. To a first approximation, a quarter of your paycheck will no longer be taken out in taxes each week and the deposit into your account will be that much larger. You will no longer get whatever it is you received in return for that deduction.

    A very crude approximation. The “services” provided by the Feds may not be valuable, or even desirable, to you, but your state government will consider them essential. It will grow itself to provide them, and tax you to pay for that. Maybe they’ll be more efficient at it than the Feds, and you’ll come out a little ahead in the end. Or maybe not–I wouldn’t bet on it if you live in, say, California or New York.

  4. The effects of a shutdown would not be felt immediately, but as savings are depleted by the millions no longer receiving a government paycheck or Social Security payments, the economic result would be the “crash landing” predicted in the second paragraph: followed by an Emergency Declaration.

    The people of this country are absolutely dependent on the wheels of commerce continuing to turn, and those wheels are dependent on the government sponsored expansion of credit. When the “hot air” of that credit expansion comes out of the economy there will have to be true winners and losers.

    Choosing who wins and who loses will demand the presence of Leviathan as long as population level is anywhere near the present.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone




  6. JLK says:

    The “critical” Federal employees work anyway during a shutdown. For the rest of them, it is a nice unplanned vacation, because they invariably end up getting paid for the unworked time in the end.

    There isn’t going to be a breakup of the USA in the near future.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  7. @Rex Little

    The example pompous jerk Peter Jennings always used was roads. How, he would triumphantly demand, will your roads get paved if the feds go away? Don’t you know roadwork is largely paid for with federal money? Well, yes. What the feds do is extract money from taxpayers, take a cut for salaries and benefits for people who don’t build roads, then give 70% or so back to us to make our roads nice. They’re the United Way of roadwork, an unnecessary middleman and money-grabber. The states would do just fine without the feds and we’d save a ton of dough.

  8. While not exactly crucial, I make use of the Export-Import Bank. Government shutdowns also shutdown the EXIM Bank, even though the EXIM Bank is not funded by taxpayers.

    I have no doubt that the marketplace could step in to offer export credit insurance in place of the federal government, but the terms would surely be less favorable.

    That might be acceptable if foreign countries also abandoned their export credit insurance programs, which obviously they will not.

  9. anonymous[351] • Disclaimer says:

    Seems overly optimistic. Can’t see any peaceful separations being very likely but would more likely be contested on a variety of levels. Conflict, chaos, confusion and violence would be the probable outcomes of any secessionist move anywhere. A soft landing is impossible as no one is capable of charting out and implementing such a year zero scenario. It would probably resemble the dissolution of the USSR with it’s plummeting life expectancies, rise of various mafias, escalated murder rates, economic implosion and so on. In fact it would be worse since at least they were able to shrink down to their core Russian population whereas our core is geographically dispersed. They won’t be taking a chuck out of your paycheck since there won’t be any paychecks. Instead of trying to leave it might be better to stay and fight for control.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  10. Renoman says:

    You’re forgetting about the lootin and the shootin!

  11. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill H

    “…Islamic hordes will invade, rape all our women and cut the heads off all our men.”

    That’s what he said, “same old, same old.”

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  12. @Rex Little

    A debt crisis leads to gubernatorial candidates running on secession platforms. Some win on it as states try to run away from an utterly unpayable debt burden (or from a severely devalued dollar, or both). The creep eventually returns, but not immediately.

  13. @JLK

    Forty years ago, there wasn’t going to be a breakup of the Soviet Union in the near future.

  14. @anonymous

    I suspect it’s going to take a debt crisis and a subsequent desire for parts of the country to get out from under the unpayable debt to precipitate dissolution.

  15. Anon. A says:

    Off topic

    The Strasbourg shooter’s been killed. by French police /army. Common criminal 27 convictions 4 years in prison. Police found rifles and grenades in his home several hours before he attacked the Christmas market.

    Police went to his home to arrest him for armed robbery and attempted murder. Apparently that set off his rampage One less life long welfare slug to support.

  16. @Bragadocious

    What the feds do is extract money from taxpayers, take a cut for salaries and benefits for people who don’t build roads, then give 70% or so back to us to make our roads nice.

    And if the Feds went away, the state government would do exactly the same thing. Maybe their cut would be smaller; in most states the odds probably favor that. But it would not be zero.

  17. @Bill H

    As a Latin American, and really anyone whi studied history of empires, I think your military will eventually take over. Not now, but eventually. Maybe when whites become the minority, if only because DC still needs to run. Idk, that’s what eventually happens in South America when order needs to be brought in. Problem is, the people who can bring order most, are withering away. I shall prefer you nostalgically to the Chinese technobureaucrats as I enter old age in 2050, maybe.

  18. @Rex Little

    It’s a give and take between efficiency and honesty. Unfortunately in America a lot gets wasted, while other markets are both cheaper and more efficient. Furthermore, do we want the lifestyle of work-enslaved Koreans? Maybe we’d like higher wages, but not so much the workloads.

  19. @Rex Little

    No one said it would be zero. In fact, I want my state DOT to get paid and do a great job maintaining the roads. I don’t want someone in DC shining a seat with their ass to be involved.

  20. America is a divided nation, but not into neat sections. I don’t have a really good analogy at hand, but perhaps a mix of India at the end of British rule plus Europe at the beginning of the Reformation is a useful comparison. Impossible to predict how it will shake out.

  21. @Audacious Epigone

    This comment from your link is spot on. What this man writes is true as well as very informative. (Sorry to the author that I can’t cite his name because I don’t understand the system of attribution)

    “They also tend to carry along complex dual wastewater systems (storm and sewer) along with potable water, natural gas, some fiber optic lines and sidewalks and signs and signals and polls for holding power-lines and lights and phone lines and 911 and other utilities near me.
    But that’s beside the point. The real point about roads is simply that they are super-complex property arrangements. I’ve worked on utilities stuff in real life. You wouldn’t fucking believe how complicated that little road right in front of your house probably is legally.
    In the US, odds are the road itself is town or county property (public property), but the drains and sewers and water lines beneath probably belong to a sewer or water authority/commission (quasi-public property, an option libertarians totally ignore), while the gas lines belong to the gas company, and the fiber optic lines might be business-only lines that some company you’ve never heard of owns. Meanwhile, the sidewalks are probably town or county property, but they are to be cleared and maintained by the residents who own street frontage (private property). Of course, on state roads, the underlying property is state property, etc.
    Meanwhile, off to the side, or (rarely) in the berm, or just off the sidewalk on the other side, one finds telephone poles. Odds are these are randomly and haphazardly owned by either Verizon, AT&T, or your power company (private property, unless your power company is public). But the land they sit on is rent-free public property. And space on the pole is rented out. So Verizon rents your power company and phone company room on the pole to string their wires. (private property). And they give 911 and other state emergency lines space for free (public property). And they rent the space for the streetlight to the power company. And the power company might charge that rent back to the city/town/county. And so-on and so-forth.
    You might want to hand-wave it away and say, “That’s just unnecessarily complicated! We don’t need that to work!” But it’s actually not. For a million reasons, it’s really not. It’s a very delicate arrangement. It’d be far easier to go the other way and declare all of it public, than to declare all of it private.
    Because once all of it is private, the ultimate consumer of streetlight (I guess people who live in the area?) would have to pay rent and get permission to be bolted on a pole, which would require rent and permission for that space on the pole, which would require rent and permission from the owner of the pole, which would require rent and permission from the owner of the underlying land, which would require rent and permission from the owner of the road, who could be anybody.
    So, at this point, you need to pay 6 instances of rent, even if you get everyone to agree to allow you to put the streetlight up, which means street-lighting is going to get way more expensive. Then you have to go and beg people to pay for it, either people who live nearby or people who use the road. You’re going to get the same problem with sewer or cable lines or power lines (why would a phone company that put up the pole even let the power company string dangerous live wires along its property?)
    Right now, besides the law, the ultimate cudgel the state has is to say, “You’re not paying any rent for the land your poles/pipes are on, so act right.” You totally lose that when you privatize it. Any incentive for all these different companies to work together goes away instantly. What a nightmare!
    That’s the big reason why “Who will build the roads?” is a valid question. Because roads bring with them all public utilities. Unless everyone in NYC is supposed to go back to heating and lighting with oil and shitting and bathing in the East River in a pre-telephone-communications era, we need public utilities and cannot live without them. And they operate along roads, based on the public property arrangements they provide.”

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  22. @Bill H

    And they will ride off on all of our horses.

  23. “To a first approximation, a quarter of your paycheck will no longer be taken out in taxes each week and the deposit into your account will be that much larger.”

    You sweet, innocent boy! You really don’t think your state and local governments won’t rush into the breach?

  24. Losing all Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid benefits will be a shock for a very sizable portion of the population. A large majority of the people receiving these benefits have no savings and live from check to check. Their outrage will be immediate. The resulting unrest will make the gilets jaune mobs in France look like a Sunday School picnic. Let the games begin!

  25. @Rex Little

    Bragadocious understates the problem. Those parasitic bureaucrats in DC don’t just collect paychecks. They also impose onerous, one-size-fits-all regulations on how the money they return to the states must be spent. That this is dictatorial is obvious but it also introduces enormous levels of inefficiency, incompetence and corruption into the processes of state government.

  26. Folks IF the USA were to dissolve (other than a secession of Cali or Hawaii or NYC) we could all expect the same decades of hardship and uber public corruption that the pieces of the old USSR have endured.

    • Replies: @Svigor
    , @Audacious Epigone
  27. Just saw a Trump tweet where he contradicts himself in a single sentence: “Let’s not do a shutdown, Democrats – do what’s right for the American People!”

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  28. Svigor says:
    @Rex Little

    That’s still a win, as the States will have widely varying tax burdens and people will be able to vote with their feet.

  29. Svigor says:

    The former Soviet Republics were a lot shittier to begin with, under the USSR, than US States are. IOW there will be a drop, but not anywhere near to the depths seen in the former USSR.

  30. @Rex Little

    He means “give me what I want and I won’t have to force a shutdown to get it.”

  31. @Anonymous

    You get the picture, albeit a small one of the actual monstrosity of the MIC and the money-making scam of the human “warfighter” that we are now obliged to worship.

    Well stated. You didn’t go far enough but there is a limit on time and space.

    You also have to include in your analysis the other MIC. The medical industrial complex funded by medicare/medicaid. Another government financed project. Bigger than your example.

    Let’s not forget the UIC. The government funded University Industrial Complex. Systems which are tightly entangled with all the other government projects. For example, Doctor production, Lawyer production and things like global warming research. All regulation and licensing.

    The original IPCC report was funded as a project by the USGOV at a British college. Since it was designed to find global warming, it should come as no surprise that it was successful.

    All this because we have a huge surplus of people as the result of using machinery to replace horses and mules as farm equipment. One tractor running on diesel fuel can replace many horses. And farmers. Unintended consequence.

    Unintended? Hmmmmm?

    Or is it Societal Evolution?

    It’s one or the other.

  32. @ThreeCranes

    No, I won’t handwave that away because I suspect you’re correct and I don’t know anywhere close to enough about it to dispute what you’re asserting. I’m not a libertarian and I do not operate on the assumption that the dissolution of the country will lead to anything like a stateless society. I’m a nationalist. The US at present is an empire. I want it to break up into something corresponding to actual nations in the historical sense of the word. So I can make common cause with libertarian rhetoric, but while they want to breakup the empire for a stateless society, I want to breakup the empire for the ability for true nationalism to flourish.

  33. @mikefromwichita

    Hardships that are better or worse than before the breakup?

  34. Anon[372] • Disclaimer says:

    “How will life be different if your state peacefully separates from the union?”

    It’s good to see someone at Unz finally broach this subject. There are strong strains of defeatism and unrealistic unionism among core Americans. Some see the suggestion and inappropriately dismiss it out of hand based on flimsy arguments like “the deep state won’t agree so we shouldn’t attempt it” or “ALL whites have to stick together”.

    The latter argument is particularly annoying because it makes assumptions about whites that are wrong – like “whites”, spread out over vast geographic areas with differing amounts of surrounding diversity, could ever come together as “white” and vote in large enough numbers to make a difference before it is too late. This is highly unlikely. It will never happen given current immigration numbers. The 2018 midterms should have made this clear, but this unionism nonsense persists nonetheless. The type of ethnic unity they propose takes decades or even generations to form and there just isn’t the time for it. Romney got a greater share of the white vote than Trump did; that alone indicates to me that he probably won’t get reelected.

    The Red State (or Red County) secession/partition answer stands the greatest likelihood of success among all possible options. There isn’t going to a be world-wide economic crash any time soon to the extent that some miraculous solution falls out of the sky and whites are restored to power. That’s pie-in-the-sky, and you see it repeated in some form across nearly all dissident right blogs. How could anyone really be that impractical? And you can forget about voting your way out of this in national elections, too. Civic Nationalism expired back in the 90s before immigration changed the demographics irretrievably. Not only have republicans lost the popular vote in 6 of the 7 last presidential elections, but even when they win they lose; where is that wall again and what happened to reducing legal immigration? What we got was a tax cut for the rich, more empire spending, and endless threats of war with Russia.

    The situation reminds me of the one Napoleon Bonaparte found himself in before Waterloo. Long before the battle, he had been offered peace terms that he could have only dreamed of getting leading up to his last stand. Obviously, he should have taken the deal when he had the chance. The same applies to the Red States. These unionists are going to have us fighting until we are totally routed and banished.

    And the benefits of partition are pretty nice: you get an enthnostate the size of your average European country and through voluntary population transfers post breakup, it remains majority European indefinitely – run by core Americans for core Americans: no wars, no SJWs, no Israel Lobby, no affirmative action, no democrat media, no hate crimes laws, no deplatforming, no social media witch hunts, no feminist weirdos, and whites are THE protected class. So how exactly is this not a good outcome? Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

  35. Christo says:

    Trump doesn’t know how little government shutdowns affect operations or how they save no money.. About all a shutdown does, is send a few non-important government contractors home, or prevent their entry onto government property, and close down access to Federal lands and public service buildings/ offices (parks, government run museums, information desks, SoS offices,Passport, etc). It also allows some non critical government employees(not contractors) the option to not go to work. However almost all government employees still go to work and get paid. Government operational expenses don’t decline at all, and might even increase, just to close down and reopen some things at the start and end. Parks may be closed but the Rangers are still working. All government employees sitting behind computers still go to work, at their own option. The military does not notice at all, though perhaps a few government stores on bases ,may lock their doors they usually still have employees inside. I have worked as government employee(commerce dept), a government contractor(DoD) and been in the military , during shutdowns, and during none of them was I told , I cannot go to work or not got paid, never had a pay check delayed or seen any government buildings locked up , with no employees or lights on. It is always business as usually, except for maybe the building/base Coke machines not getting refilled during a shutdown , about it.

  36. @Anon

    Well put, thanks.

    A debt crisis won’t be a panacea but it could serve as an impetus for the partitioning to begin. Calexit wasn’t close to the first such political movement of its kind–it was remarkable for the amount of support it garnered. Not anywhere close to a majority, but support in the double-digits. I suspect within the next decade we will see serious candidates in statewide elections running on some sort of partition platform in the primaries, and not long after that, a few of them winning nomination and eventually actual elections.

  37. Peaceful secession is simple only if the Feds allow it to be. If they don’t, you get a train-wreck like Brexit.

    The same interests that drive pointless but very expensive wars in the Middle East will fight tooth and nail to oppose the secession of states. After all, what possible interest does Arizona or Massachusetts have in regime change in Iraq or Syria?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  38. this is why obama deliberately ‘closed’ national monuments, when his administration went thru their shutdown.

    like everything the left does, it was a deliberate counterspin on normalcy. typically when the national government stops operating for a couple weeks, things are actually better. a hundred thousand useless people stop pretending to do nothing, and actually do do nothing.

    but the obamanoids went out of their way and actually put in more work to build artificial barriers so people couldn’t approach parks and monuments on foot, to deliberately try to make the ‘shutdown’ more visible.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  39. scrivener3 says: • Website

    Some day the USA will not be able to borrow unlimited sums and things will change. But if the USA split, each part would face this sooner. Perhaps the California Republic will face an empty till first, hunger, no medical care, not one to loan them money. Then the elites will invite China in and as long as the elites are spared the horror of hanging or severe deprivation, California will become a vassal state to China. China will move nukes in and point them at other US regions.

    Perhaps the New York Confederation will go bust next. Maybe Isrial will save them, Isrial will move nukes into New York . The local elites will be happy to man a Vichy government as long as it saves their skin form the utter horror of a failed state.

    Greater Chicago will invite in Canada. Arizona will invite in Mexico, Giant relatively wealthy countries with secure borders and no civil unrest domestically.

    Maybe Florida will team up with Chile, as a junior partner of course.

    All of America will become like Poland – occupied, ruled by foreign powers, forever. We may have nukes but we do not have sufficient money to discharge the monkey business we are in. No medicare payments to your hospital, no retirement to city and state retirees no money to create a military no money to pay existing debts. No US dollar but an untried currency tied to a government that owes more in benefits than it could possible raise.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  40. TheBoom says:

    A debt crisis will not break apart the country. The left wants to rule and crush the right not let them flee leaving the left without much of its farm land. The right isn’t aggressive except in buying guns so they will not work on secession until they no longer have the numbers to pull it off. Plus, the right truly, unlike the left, loves America and will have a hard time emotionally breaking the country in two.

    The one thing that could lead to a split is an aggressive gun grab. There will be a small percentage (still big in numbers) to create chaos by guerrilla warfare if that happens. We won’t know the extent the right will fight back versus simply hiding their guns until we get to that point. This rebellion will likely be crushed unless the good whites refuse to side with the left in crushing the bad whites.

    It will definitely be interesting. The right by nature are not fighters unless they are being paid to do it in the military. They like to buy guns and tell the world you better watch out because someday you’ll push us too far. They rarely fight back through citizen action to stop the advance of the left in controlling local schools for example. If the right gets angry enough about leftist indoctrination in the schools, they will simply flee the schools and home school or send the kids to private school. But fight they won’t. Aggressive action is something as a rule only a characteristic of the left

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  41. TheBoom says:

    A debt crisis or any other financial crisis likely won’t lead to the partitioning of the country because the elite probably won’t let going full Venezuela happen.

    California, Mexico and Columbia (with a dash of South Africa for whites) are more along the lines of what the US will look like in 20 years.

    As for social security, that likely will be on the table once the massive voting block of boomers dies off. When the alt right’s dream of the boomers dying comes true, the percentage of white pop will drop and move to the left with a large minority of right wing males. Then I can see the US doing south African style farm land seizures and laws limiting white employment. But as in South Africa, non farming whites don’t rebel over that.

  42. Government shutdowns are a lie.

  43. @scrivener3

    These dynamics are important to think about. The ability to stop borrowing will presage a host of other financial and economic problems and states and regions will begin trying to run away from the federal government that will be left holding the bag.

    • Replies: @another fred
  44. @TheBoom

    The nation’s low population density (relative to say, Europe) allows endless white flight. As a consequence, things never come to a head. We just keep retreating, withdrawing, retreating, withdrawing, while promising that if we’re pushed too far we’ll finally make a real stand. That even whites in South Africa have yet to make a stand is discouraging, to say the least.

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
  45. @Audacious Epigone

    Personally, I don’t believe this is simply a “civil defense” organization.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  46. @Anon

    There isn’t going to a be world-wide economic crash any time soon to the extent that some miraculous solution falls out of the sky and whites are restored to power.

    Whites are in power. They have been in power since the beginning of the country. The legal changes to the government that resulted in the current situation have all been the work of whites in the federal government. Remember LBJ, JFK, The Happy Warrior? All White.

    The fact is that a small group of wealthy friends fund the election of politicians to office and are inordinately influential and determine the course of history. But that is unimportant to the average citizen. Just as long as the supply of crumbs holds out.

    The vast majority are quite content with crumbs. The Romans knew that the serfs could be bought by providing bread and circuses. Human nature is still the same. We have bread and we have circuses. The current president makes a first class Ringmaster.

    The fact that the rich one percent have most of the wealth is not important so long as there is a plentiful supply of beer. It’s always been that way.

    After all. You can’t have a tailgate party without proper beverages. Go Dawgs. Yeeeeaaah.

  47. @Audacious Epigone

    “…states and regions will begin trying to run away from the federal government that will be left holding the bag.”

    The very serious problem that all face is that so many of the obligations (unfunded) are to citizens (Social Security and state pensions for the two biggies, with veterans benefits not far behind). Running away, or bankrupting, from, will be a serious problem. Which is why I say that when the credit expansion ends there will have to be a Leviathan to sort it out. It is not likely that anyone will be happy, but some are going to be very unhappy.

  48. @Thorfinnsson

    Agree. Saw Simon Roche speak at least year’s AmRen. He said he (not necessarily speaking on behalf of the group, I suppose) expects a civil war, for 5/6ths of those in the Suidlanders to die but for the organization to ultimately be successful.

  49. anon[260] • Disclaimer says:

    “The same interests that drive pointless but very expensive wars in the Middle East will fight tooth and nail to oppose the secession of states.”

    Like I said, defeatism – “sit back and do nothing.” No wonder these conservatives lost the culture wars: they never seriously fought them. In reality, I think these unionists still fantasize about white nationalism taking over and saving the day (it never will), so they try to discourage the partition option by using excess defeatism arguments. Sure, the deep state will try to prevent breakup just as the Soviets tried to hold their empire together, but that doesn’t mean they will prevail in the end. The way I see things are as follows:

    1. Partition = fair probability of success if tried; probably the most realistic possibility at this point, defeatism aside.

    2. Current course = continue fantasizing that a miracle will occur any day that magically saves the country somehow – the nuts and bolts of which have never been realistically explained to me – while we end up like Brazil, but possibly some halfway point between Brazil and South Africa with a police state, perpetual SJW control over our culture, and a permanent democrat party controlled government – every branch of government and the police agencies under them. Scary.

    At least with option one, we have the possibilities of spite and revenge. If the effort ultimately fails, we will have mortally damaged the Empire’s credibility abroad and at home in the process, especially if they resort to force or malfeasance as well as potentially shattering their aura of invincibility overseas. Basically, if we can’t win, we can arrange to at least ruin them on the way down. That’s a hell of a lot better than rolling over and embracing WN fantastical nonsense while they win every battle and crush our people out of existence.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. Anonymous[658] • Disclaimer says:

    Spot on. ‘Tis the reason I enjoy unz so much. Besides the (usually superb) prose, there is a wide variety of comments shining the light on very different but nonetheless informative perspectives. I am from the tech industry, which is choc-a-bloc with virtually signalling POC, specifically the Hindus and the Chinese. The former is quite conversant in English and likes to talk down to us in a snarky manner, mocking how (most) of us are tobacco stained hill billies and how they came to save the day for SV. They say it in a snarky indirect way of course as most of them are cowards and fear we might give it back to them and more. Most “token whites” [as they say] are mostly some white women in short skirts and knowing about the Indians, you know why she is there!

    ha! never-mind the fact that white men built this industry from scratch but now these permanent visa workers will soon become citizens and the caste system becomes established here in an unofficial way. Nevermind the fact that their own nations are not so virtue signalling, (esp India) where ethnic and religious riots occur from time to time, featuring much blood, gore and rape to show the minorities their place [since democracy makes it difficult and India is putatively a democracy]. China on the other hand doesn’t need all that bloodshed since it a communist dictatorship and “law” flows down from the supreme emperor president.

    I think we are too far down the path of immigration, both illegal and legal to vote ourselves out of it now. If you have a white sounding name (as opposed to Asian Indian, currently the most preferred or Chinese) you are at a disadvantage at getting a tech job and not just in cali but all the major tech hot spots. Even Memphis seems to be “inviting” these pagan dot heads by the thousands [FedEx HQ]. Shame that even FedEx cannot seem to find enough native born US citizens that it has to resort to this. It is one big lie. And our lawyers are at the forefront of helping US companies save a couple of shekels by bring them in [and shorting the US tech worker in the process]. Not to mention these people will become the putative second tier elite after replacing the WASP. Having worked with them so closely for so many years, it makes me shudder.

    So manywhite folks are regular at non profit hackathons. They really love the thing yet they have a disadvantage in their name (Andrew Baker as opposed to say Anand Balkrishnan). Is this the “privilege” I’m supposedly carrying around in my pocket? California whites are at the forefront of the culture war and can see where it is headed. Not outright South African style mass murder (and rape) yet, but marginalization, scorn and mockery at the hands of an arrogant, cunning sly brown elite while being pushed to live with the low tier browns as poverty increases among the whites.

    Call it the “gift” of democracy but this is where voting will take us to, no matter who comes at the helm. They all server the same master. On their vision, Idaho becomes just another California except without the weather

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