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DemsRRealRapists will be about as rhetorically and polemically effective as DemsRRealRacists has been–not very.

Half the population views Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison as good guys. Calling them the real Kavanaughs just hardens things along partisan lines. It’s off-putting to a lot of people in the squishy middle. So is this:

No wedding ring–shocker!
No wedding ring–shocker!

Instead of clown world antics, how about fusing the Kavanaugh confirmation with the issue Americans increasingly care more about than any other, immigration:

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Good article.

    It is easy to counter the dems hysteria by those several arguments:

    1. Boys are the majority of victims of murder and most type of abuse.
    2. Men are the majority of victims of violent crime (murder – men, rape – women, aggravated assault – men, robbery – men, total – men).
    Men are also 97 % of recent US war victims and 91 % of workplace accident victims, in other words women in the US are less likely to be a victim of violent crime and live safer lifes compared to men. Thus heavy crime and violence in general is suffered mostly by men. So no bias against women in the crime department.
    3. Blacks and hispanics have the highest rape rate (per capita) in the US.
    4. Most interracial rape is done by blacks.
    5. Muslims and africans have the highest rape rate in Europe.
    6. Most high profile people caught by the Me Too movement were democrat supporters and a large amount of them were jews.
    7. In other words the Dem party is objectively the party of rapists, as it is the party of blacks, muslims and hispanics, and most of the elite rapists.

  2. How about just saying that we, as Americans, oppose rape in general, whether it be by our own domestic men or by "imported" men, and call it a day? But leave it to the antics by the Coalition of the Fringe Groups who continue to politicize rape for their own designs. Thankfully, the normies, aka the "Mushy Middle", sees through this charade.

  3. I'll take "posters republicans will never use (yet) because they're such giant cowards" for $500, Audacious.

  4. passer by,

    Empirically, yeah, though rhetorically I'm not sure how effective it's going to be. The DR3 thing is a joke. No one on the left is ever convinced by it.


    Because then we MUST be opposed to Kavanaugh because he is a rapist. A woman said so and we must #BelieveWomen!


    Ha, that's going to take your total to $8,500 to end the second round, sir.

  5. I simply feel that the left is not ashamed by that type of stuff anymore. It's like there Unchained

  6. Is that a chubby Milo behind the saggy yenta in blue in the first pic?

  7. krusty,

    No, they're not. But that's not who it's directed towards.


    Ha, maybe. Maybe that section was reserved for (((special))) people.

  8. AE…

    "Because then we MUST be opposed to Kavanaugh because he is a rapist. A woman said so and we must #BelieveWomen!"

    Why are you getting emotional? I thought only beta males reacted that way.

  9. Corvinus,

    An exclamation point = a shit-grinned delivery.

    And I am a greater beta (on the outside looking in at the lower rungs of alphas). I took Heartiste's test a decade ago and that's how things shook out, which feels about right.

  10. AE…

    "An exclamation point = a shit-grinned delivery."

    Shitty delivery, sir, shitty delivery.

    "And I am a greater beta (on the outside looking in at the lower rungs of alphas). I took Heartiste's test a decade ago and that's how things shook out, which feels about right."

    LOL. If you are going to self-identify with the results of a subjective test by a single man who is a biological dead end, be my guest. Listen, I get it. He is the "cool uncle" who gives you weed and lets you drive his overpriced sports car. He leads the cad lifestyle, and there is a wee bit of jealousy on your part because he has no responsibility and all of the fun. But you really ought to be taking the advice of the Z-Man, who says " If white people are going to survive, it will be in a world in which guys like Riley Reynolds [a porn producer] are found dead in a ditch. It’s a world where Roosh V lives in fear of men, not in fear of women."

    But if you find joy in continuing to lionize Heartiste, who cannot even control his base urges, rather than throwing him off a helicopter like in that famous scene in Scarface, more power to you.

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