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As we enter day six of the three-week long funeral, remembrance, visitation, and worship of the deified John McCain, I find my spirits lifted by revisiting Trump’s plausibly deniable shiv from a little over a year ago:

As I wrote at the time:

My first reaction was that it was one hell of a troll–the prognosis for McCain’s aggressive brain cancer is poor. It’s highly improbable he will “get well soon”. He’ll likely die soon, within the next couple of years.

That the cancer was progressive and that McCain’s prognosis was terminal was well known. Trump was surely aware that McCain would not “get well soon”–unless that referred to permanently getting rid of all the pains and stresses life entails!

Seeing every member of the Inner Uniparty gathered in the Cathedral–Trump himself conspicuously and explicitly uninvited–was clarifying. Ted Kennedy’s death didn’t even generate one-tenth this amount of Establishment masturbating. It’s gratuitous and gross.

It has renewed the vigor of my support for the president. And it made me think of that scene from Mars Attacks!. Yeah, you know the one I’m referring to:

In a figurative sense, regarding their political careers, of course. Nothing more. Nothing!

McCain pushed more amnesties, started more wars, and bankrupted more future generations than anyone else in US history. Through the course of his dreadfully long congressional career, he never missed an opportunity to stab his party, his people, and his country in the back, whether it was throwing the 2008 election to Obama or saving Obamacare after promising for years to repeal it.

It’s hardly surprising then that even in this putatively hyper-partisan age, his approval rating was higher among Democrats than it was among Republicans:

Think it’s uncouth to express relief at another man’s passing? Fine, I’ll admit there is one thing he did in my lifetime that I approve of. It happened the Saturday before last. Good riddance.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Good riddance indeed. It says everything that he invited Dubya and Obama to his funeral, people who used every dirty trick in the book to smash him, but not Sarah Palin, someone who never said a bad thing about him and was one of the few people who tried to actually win 2008.

    McCain was a politician who was there to absorb support from the opposition to Open Borders and then take the dive. He ran on strong borders in 2010 and then did everything he could to make sure they'd never remain. He promised to repeal Obamacare but torpedoed it at the absolute critical moment.

    I'm not exaggerating either. He wanted Hillary to win in 2016 and passed around the Steele dossier to see that happen. He was never in it to win.

    Most cucks are just cowards who will vote for tough borders and America First policies if they think it will benefit them. McCain was controlled opposition, meant to make genuine pushback against the left impossible.

  2. He was dishonest, disloyal, devious, selfish, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, petty, vindictive. He should have died in Hanoi.

  3. I fear Mitt Romney is gearing up to be the next John McCain. He is elitist, has scorn for the GOP base, is mainly good for shooting at his own side and unfortunately in good health.

    No matter. Trump has delivered enough good to wind up the biggest political punch to the establishment in world history.

    That punch is this:

    Those who are to come after cannot sustain the heights that have been attained. And delivering the goods (rising prosperity and life expectancy and income and GDP etc.) will become the left's problem and they will have nothing but failure to deliver. The RESISTANCE(tm) now has to find a way to prove Trump isn't great by making things even better. But how can they possibly do that? The task would be difficult as it is from a rational government. But the left today reflexively favors the dumbest, the ugliest, the least capable, the most mentally ill, the most economically worthless to rule over us.

    On another note:

    Trump has awesomely flipped the script in South Africa with just a few words. Trump points out that things aren't going well in the rainbow nation. The global elite rise up in unison to… say there is no problem in South Africa and that racist Trump is clinging on to the worst conspiracy theories. Now Trump can move on to the next thing and not give another thought to South Africa for a while while the global elite desperately tries to shore up South Africa to prove Trump wrong. Now it's their gigantic problem. Teresa May and the UK have taken responsibility for South Africa now. I mean she went there and danced and reported everything is A-ok. Everyone is watching intently. Your move, global elite.

  4. There must be a statute of limitations on the old Roman tag "speak only good of the dead". The hagiolatry of St. John of Forrestal has run that statute long since. McCain was a nasty, petty piece of human waste.

    Nice catch on the get well soon by the way.

  5. Dan,

    There's no doubt that Romney wants to be the next McCain, appealing to both conservatives who dislike Trump while being respected by the left.

    The problem is that everyone knows Romney doesn't believe in much beyond what could benefit him over the short-term. During the election he openly bashed Trump and tried to sabotage him. Trump got back at him by dangling Secretary of State in front of him… And Romney took the bait! Now people just groan and roll their eyes when he speaks against Trump.

    McCain, on the other hand, may have been dishonest in a number of ways, but he was ultimately Invade-the-world, Invite-the-world incarnate.

    Romney is hollow, whereas everyone knows what McCain was about.


    In contemporary American culture, it's generally considered acceptable to criticize people when they're well, in poor taste to criticize them when bad fortune has befallen them or when they have recently died, and acceptable to criticize their legacies after some time has passed after their deaths.

    I think that McCain and his family truncated the amount of time we're supposed to withhold criticism of McCain by making his funeral such a transparent attack on Trump and praise of the Uniparty. As such, I don't feel any guilt in expressing a largely critical view of McCain's legacy at this point in time.

    Of course, it's sometimes considered acceptable to feel relief or even joy if a truly evil person has died.

    Did McCain reach that level of evil? I personally think he may have "meant well" from his own extremely distorted perspective, but at the same time, I don't judge people who have concluded he was just plain wicked. I'll split the difference and just say "good riddance" that he's not involved in shaping policy anymore.

  6. My conservative but occasionally cuckish boomer friend yesterday, telling me how he came across the McCain motorcade yesterday, with all its pomp:

    "Nothing in his life became him like leaving it."

    Oof! I would expect that from a cynical shitlord but not from a polite churchgoing grandpa. I cheered his shiv.

  7. that quote is Shakespeare, btw

  8. Macbeth (Malcolm says it).

  9. Mitt Romney's time in the Senate is going to be utterly useless because it is unlikely that he will ever be the spoiler vote, which is his sole reason for running. He's just going to be there to virtue signal and vote against E-Verify, the wall, etc. but will never be able to make a difference except to be a punchline in some of Trump's tweets.

  10. I actually know a few people who actually like McCain. They're all commissioned officers in the Navy who has friends and family in high places (seem familiar?) However even one of them was like "alright, enough" when it came to the Kim Il-Sung-esque funeral and rage over who wasn't grieving enough at his death.

    For reference:

  11. Sid/sykes/Steve,

    Some people constitutionally incapable of disloyalty. A lot of people put a price on it, but can be turncoats for the right price (not necessarily monetary). And then there are the miscreants like McCain who seemed to receive a sadistic glee from screwing over people he was putatively on the same side as. He deserves Dante's inner circle.


    Romney may try to step into the spot vacated by McCain. He has a safe electoral base from which to do so. But he doesn't have the historical momentum McCain did. And the party is becoming Trumpian. In Kansas, Georgia, and Florida Trumpian candidates rejected by the McCain/Romney wing of the Uniparty were beaten even though they enjoyed much better media coverage and had a lot more money.

    And though I don't relish saying it, Romney isn't as despicable as McCain. Romney's a squish on invading the world and inviting the world, but he's not a berserk zealot for it like McCain was.

    Great point re: South Africa.

  12. Random Dude,

    These self-fellating displays are great for reminding the Dirt People of the Uniparty's unity against us. I've heard the same–even people who say they respected McCain blah blah blah still cringe in reaction to how over-the-top it has all been.

  13. Why the (((Media))) is pushing the anti-Russia narrative.

  14. Meanest reaction was my wife's innocent "wait, so it wasn't facial cancer that he had?"

    I think we should finish the danged fence as the man said. John McCain Border Wall sounds wonderful to me.

  15. The most disturbing part of that chart isn't his 75% approval among Clinton voters, but his astoundingly high 55% approval among Trump voters.

    This little corner of the internet is full of people who get it, so it's easy to forget just how awful the normieverse still is.

  16. Ape Arms

    The pictures of Michael Obama testing its wingspan betwixt the crotches of the Gay Mulatto and Cuck Bush are almost worth the interminable misery of the funeral-that-never-ends.

  17. The mainstream left is intellectually worthless. They almost uniformly embrace the biggest warmonger in history. Antiwar was supposed to be, you know, their thing.

    They are intellectually worthless groupthinkers who's only useful output is carbon, which helps plants grow.

  18. chris,

    The perception that Russia is becoming more Christian (and remaining quite white) drives them insane.



    Stole that idea for social media, btw. Brilliant!

    Lance E,

    Yes it is.

  19. Joe,

    Surely there is a twitter shitlord account with a name like United Resistance! that has that as its profile pic. If there isn't, there should be. Somebody get on that. I'll follow and RT!

  20. O/T

    Our people keep taking the bait here. The Nike marketers knew exactly what they were doing.

    Pat Tillman was left-wing, a follower of Noam Chomsky, had he survived the war he would almost certainly have been a supporter of Kapernick. A simple five minute Google search would confirm this, but yet people keep repeating these Dinesh-tier ideas.

    Kapernick is not anti-military per se, he's anti-white, a Castro sympathizer and probably a Muslim (his adoptive white parents are also leftist). Every time the Right attacks him he basks in victimhood status, while his real views are actually ignored and portrayed as more moderate than he really is. It sets up a rhetorical contest between "his right to protest vs. the hurt feelings of conservatives", but call him anti-white watch the real sparks fly. Any claims about "protesting" are laughable when you think about what would happen to any white player that voiced Alt-Right ideas and made "Roman salutes" before the anthem.

  21. NKE is trading at a P/E of 60, seems high for what is a clothing company, Adidas (28), Under Armor (46).

    They are an excellent populist target, as they have nil US manufacturing, and the CEO (GOP Donor Class) is worth 30 Billion off an army of slaves. But Trump's off the cuff comments today seem to indicate this is all so tiresome for him. I have to agree considering that inflaming this issue does nothing but piss off blacks for no appreciable gain.

    I hate to be in agreement with this 2%er, but he's right. Our people are tone deaf.

  22. New Balance is the official sneaker of /ourguys/

    Has a big "N" on it for Nationalist. Preferably a big white "N"

    Michelle would not approve


    Student demographics, New York City Public Schools
    White students: 15 percent
    Black students: 27 percent
    Hispanic students: 41 percent
    Asian-American students: 16 percent

    Low-income students: 75 percent

    Yeah, and just remember…….NWNBs (Not white, not black) have no relevance or influence on the present, or even the future.

    How long do we maintain this literal black and white charade? Even though liberals make token references to non-blacks, it's still blacks who dominate, who always come front and center. Because of course, they're the loudest and have the greatest historical roots, esp. in The Sixties ™ which is always being played up no matter how irrelevant it's becoming or how much they mischaracterize the period (homophobia only decreased slightly in the late 60's and early 70's, then shot back up in the late 70's and 80's). But give Latins, Asians, and Arabs enough time here, let their 2nd/3rd/4th/5h gen. descendants have enough time to study the black and Jew written script about how to play the victim while simultaneously pulverizing the dignity and tradition of whites, and well, we'll see what happens. We can only cater to the generations who are now over 50 for so long. At some we have to transition toward the mindset and demographic realities of those born since 1970, and away from the insufferable Boomers who either can't correctly judge our past, present, and future, or simply have a glib and indulgent attitude no matter what we're going through. A couple months ago I saw a conversation between Milo (b. 1984) and Alex Jones (b. 1973) where Milo said that PC really became a problem in the late 80's; how refreshing it is to see a decade (ANY decade) be given prominence and care besides the 1950's, 60's, and 70's. The older generations are still often fighting the battles that they started many decades ago. It's time to move on.

  24. Guys, Nike has always been HQ'd in Oregon. In other words, they're subjected to the self-loathing depressive culture of Pac. NWern whites.

    NIke Founder Phil Knight is a sportsball fanatic, and one of the biggest donors to the U of Oregon's athletic department. Knight is a native of….Portland, who've sustained an NBA team for decades (and "sister" NBA team the Seattle Sonics, who existed from 1979-the late 2000's, were also quite popular).

  25. "Pat Tillman was left-wing, a follower of Noam Chomsky, had he survived the war he would almost certainly have been a supporter of Kapernick. A simple five minute Google search would confirm this, but yet people keep repeating these Dinesh-tier ideas."

    Tillman seems like a cool Gen X guy. I read a detailed article about him once, and he had the crazy intensity that most good foot ball players seem to have (he'd climb up tall structures on the U of Arizona campus in street clothes, usually alone, to boot). Tilman was beloved by coaches and team-mates for his work ethic and toughness; not a prima donna at all. After 9/11, he, like many American's, felt moved to do something (a sentiment that no one had in the 90's), so he joined the service (he also felt, as did many Gen X-ers, that he hadn't been grateful enough in the 80's and 90's for the privilege of growing up in America). In the service, he was a great soldier but he started to question the war and our leaders, which is what drove him to Chomsky and so forth. This was the 2000's, before the Left went totally SJW berserk (and Chomsky himself hasn't really changed, which is why the media still has a blackout on him). Tilman's suspicions were confirmed when his own inexcusable death by friendly fire was used as pro-war propaganda, to the horror of his family, esp. his siblings.

    In modern sportsball, the vast majority of whites feel obligated to pay lip service to SJW's in order to keep the racial peace. Basketball and football have tons of blacks, while baseball has tons of immigrants (the Houston Astros got heat in the 2000's for having successful teams that were heavily white; perhaps the Twins or Mariners could've gotten away with that, but hell na was the vibrant shithole of Houston going to be represented by "anglo" whites. If you play sports as a white person, what are you going to do? Publicly be an Alt-righter? These guys have careers and endorsements to uphold. There were "rumors" in 2017 that Tom Brady (in concert with conservative team owner Robert Kraft) had given signs of supporting Trump, and perhaps had even spoken to Trump or someone in that realm. Since then, Brady hasn't made, as far as I can tell, any political statements at all, or attended any events.

  26. Feryl,

    Perhaps just my unfounded opinion, but I see Tillman as another John Kerry. During a time of evangelical revival, he was vocally anti-religious, perhaps a sign of independence, but I see it as a sign of resentment. Heroic to be sure in that he wasn't compelled by economic circumstance into the military, but I'm not one to celebrate the other side's heroes.

    It is galling that Stan McChrystal was in charge of the coverup and was subsequently promoted. But perhaps not surprising considering that Afghanistan is a "Fake War" that we deliberately don't win, in order to serve the geopolitical goal of regime change in Iran.

  27. 216,

    It's almost 70. It shed a few percent over the last couple of days, so that'll push it back towards 60, I guess.

    Is it tone-deafness or boomerconnery? I think the latter. The knee-jerk response is for Nike to have picked somebody more rah rah patriotic. There is no instinct to go after Nike even though it's a great opportunity to skewer the left. The left putatively used to be about protecting from exploitation, but nothing is more exploitative than what Nike is trying to pull off here–use slaves outside the US to push grotesquely overpriced garbage to the bottom of the social order (blacks and browns) that cannot afford it, and they do it by sticking it to white middle class values. The whole thing is despicable, despicable in a way the old left would easily recognize but that the cultMarx left loves.

    Joe Suber,

    Nothing but on these feet.


    Is this photo doctored? I remember hearing about it when it came out and Trump tweeted about how great Tom Brady was. It wa more than just a rumor, I think.

  28. AE,

    Problem with hitting Nike on labor standards is that its a weak point for the Right. The anti-sweatshop movement has always been rooted in the left, and our concern will be easily portrayed as inauthentic. This is the problem with the Boomercon response of "muh veterans", the Right always argues for higher military spending, but is uneasy with the socialist VA system. And the Right bought the lies of the wars, making us responsible for the veterans. And you have the further problem that an increasingly non-white military is trending leftist.

    The anti-consumerism angle is a better tactic, as it gives us an opening to morally shame the conspicuous consumption of POC. The Right is no longer pro-CEO, so counter-attacks about corporate executive jets and yachts seem less germane than in the days of Bush. The problem here is that our people go for the visual statement of burning, rather than the virtue signal of donation (40% of Americans don't have $400 in emergency savings, how well is burning $75 sneakers going to play with them). "Black Twitter" is unfamiliar to us, any racially insensitive act is spread worldwide in seconds. Most of the social media reaction is black twitter dunking on white conservatives.

    Whataboutism is tired, but no one in Conservatism Inc responds to Kapernick's "free speech, right to protest" by mentioning Alex Jones, James Damore and Richard Spencer. No one has tried to buttonhole the left into admitting they want criminal penalties for hate speech. Tim Wise has publicly admitted this, but you never see any cuckservatives calling for him to be deplatformed.

  29. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    The photo of Brady with the MAGA hat in his locker is authentic. However, the photo, IIRC, was taken either during the 2015 season or during training camp in 2016.

    In my view, Brady is a cuck who is beholden to his ultra-progressive skanky super-model wife. My evidence?

    (1) six or seven seasons ago, Brady, during the week before a Sunday home game with a 4:15 start, exhorted the fans to be enthusiastic, declaring that "they should have plenty of time to get lubed up." He later apologized for making the statement. Gosh, I guess he did not want to offend the PC public safety crowd;

    (2) the MAGA hat soon disappeared from his locker and he has not been seen donning it;

    (3) during his regular Monday morning interview with WEEI Boston (the premiere sportsball talk radio outlet in New England)a couple of weeks before the 2016 election, he promised Gerry Callahan (a normie conservative who supports Trump, but is very much a Dinesh D'Souza on race relations) and Kirk Minihan, the morning drive time hosts, that, after the election, he would reveal for whom he voted. Guess what? He reneged on his promise; and

    (4) He has joined the chorus of progressives calling for an end to plastic straws. To be fair, he has not advocated a ban; rather, he has urged people to stop using plastic straws because "they hurt the environment."

    His wife is not a fan of the Donald and she does support a ban on plastic straws.
    She sure keeps Tawmy in line.

    Liberty Mike

  30. 216 –

    Donation would also be a much better strategy because it'd create an association between Nikes and homelessness with their customer base. "You so poor a white man gave you those Nikes!"

  31. On the other hand, making homeless people a target for shoe robberies by yoots might not be good for the homeless.

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