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Senate Amendment 2237, or Amnesty Revived
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The precocious Marcus Epstein has a full-length column on the impending “DREAM Act” amendment to the pending defense bill in the Senate. The thing is going to hit the floor soon. A couple of points I couldn’t agree with him more on:

The biggest loophole: because illegal aliens often operate under the table, there is no way to prove how long they have been in the country, and how old they were when they first came. This bill envisages no upper age limit, so any illegal alien can say they came here under the age of sixteen. According to Kris Kobach, in a Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, “a 45 year old can claim that he illegally entered the United States 30 years ago at the age of 15.” [A Sleeper Amnesty: Time to Wake Up from the DREAM Act, September 13, 2007]. All they need to do to “prove” they were under 16 when they broke into this country is…sign an affidavit.

To repeat, this is to be a legislative extension of the dubious interpretation of the 14th Amendment. More than just ‘precedent’, Durbin and his open border allies (including Republicans Chuck Hagel and Richard Lugar) want to expand and codify birthright citizenship so that it becomes adolescent citizenship.

Excepting Canada, which benefits from the enormous buffer zone that is its southern neighbor, the US is the only first-world nation that grants birthright citizenship. Several of our Senators want to aggrandize that American ‘exceptionalism’ further. The public overwhelmingly opposes this, and when they tried to hastily push it through, they were bodyslammed. So now they’re going to try and slip it through under the radar.

Reiterating, many Republican Senators, in dire straits because of the continued Iraq mess and who are not really opposed to open borders anyway, will likely be willing to include these attachments in return for getting the military spending they want. Let’s try and disrupt that relationship of convenience that will be doubly-disastrous for the US:

That it was attached to a defense bill, rather than a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill, was probably intended to give Democrats leverage by conceding the Republicans’ defense agenda in exchange for support of DREAM ACT.

Contact your Senators (information here). Voice opposition to this furtive attachment. If you don’t have the time to express yourself in your own words, cut-and-paste the letter template I’ve written here.

Give an early notice to your House member as well (information here). To the extent that we have one, the House is our citadel. We need those representatives to feel our opposition as well. They passed the resolution on to the Senate without any surreptitious immigration attachment, and they’ll have the opportunity to kill it in conference committee even if Durbin and company get their way.

If those in the sovereignty camp do not remain vigilant, the inspiring defeat of the combined forces of the cosmopolitan Establishment will be but a Pyrrhic victory. Complacency in the wake of what transpired last June would be disastrous. Please, please make your voice heard and your opinion known.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Why do they hate us so? Even reading the 14th textually, without regard to the intent of Congress, it says "born" if someone comes here after they are born, they were not born here. Not birthed here=no birthright citizenship.

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