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Scramble for America
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Running a search engine query for NumbersUSA immigration grade cards, here is the first result returned:

Higher approval rate than for a car loan, a mortgage application, or a payday advance.

Profiting on the corpse of a country is good business. Oh, object will you? On what grounds? Ha, because you live here?! Go take another opiate hit, loser.

• Category: Culture/Society 
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One Comment to "Scramble for America"
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  1. I think that rapidvisa, the company whose website is your first hit, is full of it, though, A.E. They are much like the used car loan and payday-loan people you mention, a bunch of crooked bullshitters that you’d be better off not dealing with. Per this Center for Immigration Studies page (a quick easy read by a guy named David North), 82% of initial K-1 applications get accepted by USCIS. There is some more weed out later, bringing the success rate to 56%, including those who don’t marry and become illegal aliens that way.

    That is probably still way too many with all the fraud that goes on, but the K-1 process is a long and complicated deal, and Mr. North thinks lots of the fraud goes on with easier processes to break in here. There are around 40,000 K-1 visas issued yearly, from only 12,000 or so back in the 1990’s. I’d guess that a large majority are for women, so that’s sure better than the refugee racket, at least.

    Though David North seems to know his stuff, I believe he is missing one major step which is an interview at the US Visa office or consulate or whatever in that foreign country. There is a significant failure rate, and others are given slips to come back later with more documentation.

    As to your main point, yes, there are way too many people who’d take short-term profit over a better future for their country.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone

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